hi hi hi.
we’re off to celebrate memorial day here in d.c.
but i just wanted to say quick hello and wish you all a happy memorial day!

pinwheel love.

late last night, josh helped me make what felt like a gazillion pinwheels for one of the dance classes i teach. i am particularly grateful because i know he very well could have just watched that movie he wanted to watch, or have gone to the gym like he usually does, or read his book on the bed beside me as i made the pinwheels. but no, he stepped in on his own to help, sawing and cutting and glueing and pinning for many hours. it was something so simple (and to be honest, not out of character for him at all) but still, it meant a lot and i am thankful.
next time he wants to drive with the convertible top down on the highway, or asks me to go with him to an alumni bbq, or needs a shirt ironed with extra extra starch, i am his girl.

candi’s candies.

oh my. how did i not know about this place sooner?
salt water taffy lovers (or any candy lovers for that matter),
there is a place in oldtown where there are buckets of taffy.
BUCKETS i tell you.
we stopped by candi’s candies with my sisters
on saturday afternoon and stocked up on our salt water taffy supply.
it’s been a good past couple of days.
cause we’re on a sugar high.
oh yeah.

from 7 weeks to 7 months.

in a few short days, kingsley will be 7 months old.
HOW does he already look like a cranky old man?
and he’s not even full grown!
i thought you might like to reminisce with me for a minute
and look back on when he was just 7 weeks old….
this video was taken the day after we drove
all the way to ohio to pick him up.
{kingsley, 7 weeks old, playing with a pigs ear from the pet store}
he was pretty cute back then, huh.
we’re still smitten today.
we’ve never met an animal
with so much personality.
seriously. we laugh all day long at him.
he certainly does NOT live up to the
“bulldogs are lazy and just sleep all day” myth.
nope. i think our friends the eyre’s put it best
when they said “is he on crack?”
he is one crazy fun pup.
can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!

giveaway winner!

hello, hello!
sorry i am just now getting around
to announcing our giveaway winner!
the past few days have been a little crazy.
here she is:

congrats! please email me your contact info!
have a sweet weekend everyone!