rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a giveaway for you by the lovely artist samantha kelly!
the winner will receive a custom 8×10 painting
on a premium stretched canvas from a photograph of their choice!

sam is an art therapist and artist based out of utah
whose shop, can you hear me? offers both fine art prints and originals.
i think her work is rad. this print is my favorite.
if you aren’t the lucky winner, don’t fret!
email to get your very own painting!
and leave a comment below by friday, april 2nd to enter!
good luck!
  1. Jayne

    Wow, these are GORGEOUS! I would love to have one made for my mother – Mother's Day is fast approaching! :) You always have the best giveaways, Naomi. Keep it up!


    those are so cute!!!

  3. Mark

    I love love reading your blog! All the way from Auckland, New Zealand! I have two bulldogs, Frank and Beau, they would love a play date with Kingsley so if you ever need a babysitter send him down teehee. Would love a custom painting of me and husband!

  4. Alison

    fun! i know just the photo i would choose.

  5. Megan

    Wow these are awesome! The redhead prints my favorite too. The hardest part would be to choose just one photo for the painting.

  6. Lovely giveaway. I already added the shop to my etsy favourites, love her collages.

  7. Your taste in everything is fantastic, Taza. I would very much like to win one of those lovely paintings

  8. Lucy

    lovelove it!

  9. Krystal

    What a very cool artist! I love the idea :)

  10. RAღ

    Amazing contest, I'd love to have my favourite photo painted! (",)

  11. Larissa

    they´re great! would love to have one with my family!

  12. Caitlin

    so beautiful!

  13. The redhead and balloons is my favorite too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Amanda

    What a cool concept!!
    Art = LoVE
    I'd love to win this! :)

  15. Wow, those are so cute!! She's very talented.

  16. These are so adorable! I want!

  17. oh oh oh! this is just beautiful!

    i recently graduated from university, and now i'm shifting around homes in hawaii while i look for a job. it would be so so wonderful to have a lovely piece of art for the wall!

    thanks for sharing how fantastic these are!

  18. Lydia

    I am in love with the idea of turning a photo into a painting. Her interpretations are just delightful.

  19. kez

    What a lovely idea for unique prints. Love Love Love!

  20. aurele

    This painting are very colorful and interresting! Lovely! Thanks for discovered us this artist!

  21. These are such great pieces of artwork.

    x, ash

  22. this is beyond awesome! i love it!

  23. i love these! this style would be perfect from one of my tandem bike wedding photos!

  24. JenRem

    Oh my gosh – this is an amaazing giveaway. Hopefully I win! :)
    :: figers and toes crossed ::

  25. Claire

    1st to comment… I hope that's lucky because these are GREAT!

  26. Krissa

    wow….this is awesome!!!! i love it!!!!

  27. This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I would love to own one!

  28. Lina

    Wow that´s cool! Pick me please. I already have a photograph in my mind for this.

  29. KDub

    how awesome! I need some art work for my place…this would be perfection!

  30. Awwww… I love the second paiting! (and the first one too but there is something about that second one!)

  31. I never would've guessed that she is an art therapist, but after you mentioned it, I noticed her art has a surprising soothing effect!

  32. Lindsay

    Very cute! Great idea.

  33. Jenny

    i NEED something like this for my dorm room!!!


    Thank you for sharing all this great talent- what a lovely idea.

  35. Katie

    We've been looking for some new art for our place. This would be the perfect addition! What lovely illustrations.

  36. How divine. I imagine a composition of autumn leaves, books and patchwork squares! Wishing for a win!

  37. jess

    wow her stuff is divine!
    i am keeping my fingers crossed!

  38. Steve

    Fantastic work! I would love to win my very own painting.

  39. oh goodness! This is great. I'm an artist too and I love love love her work. I can't wait! <3

  40. Josey

    Ohhh those are so pretty! I love the colours and the patterns in the background.

  41. lynette

    Love! Though faceless, they capture the perfect emotion. Awesome :)

  42. FIRST! YAY!!! Maybe this will bring me good luck….;) Thank you, Naomi, for introducing me to new fabulous artists!
    Taylor Anne

  43. her work is amazing ahe is super talented!!!love your blog too :)

  44. Lydia

    Hey Naomi, I'm sad you're not feeling too good at the moment, things will get better and you should NEVER beat yourself up about stuff, people make mistakes and mess up all the time – you are only human!
    I only discovered your blog not that long ago and I read it the whoooooole way through over 2 nights (yes, i realise it was about a squillion posts over 3 years) because I couldnt get enough of your lovely photos and funny writing.
    Have some snuggles with the gorgeously cute Kingsley and remember – you are a rockstar!
    Hugs and smiles all the way from London, England
    Lydia xxxxx

  45. jordan

    I totally agree – her work IS rad! I love it! :)

  46. Morgan

    Such an amazing giveaway. I think my favorite yet! Oh please pick me!

  47. Jamie

    i love sam's work and would love a print! -jamie

  48. Jamie

    you have the coolest giveaways!!
    fingers crossed i get this one!

  49. i LOVE THIS!!!!!

  50. Maddy

    wow this might be my favorite giveaway yet! I might have to suggest this as my birthday present to my boyfriend…

    thanks Naomi, this is lovely!

  51. Wow, these are awesome!! Thanks for giving us this chance… you rock! :)

  52. Juultje

    Absolutely brilliant. Still looking for something to on the wall in our bedroom and this one is just amazing.

    I love it!! Hope I am lucky:-)

  53. kendall

    These are lovely!

  54. Anne

    Awww. I can think of a couple of pics I'd love to have her work on! How do you choose just one! I might look better her way than in real life. What a dream.

  55. This looks AMAZING!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  56. Meg

    What an awesome idea! This would be a wonderful gift for my boyfriend and I's 4 year anniversary. Something so special and we can admire for years to come!!

  57. SOOOOOO!!! CUTE!!!! Since I'm a redhead LOVE that one!! Would go nicely in my house. THANKS!!!

  58. SOOOOOO!!! CUTE!!!! Since I'm a redhead LOVE that one!! Would go nicely in my house. THANKS!!!

  59. wow, those are amazing!

  60. I love these artists you've introduced me to! I would love to have something like this.

  61. Wow. very cool talent! These paintings are awesome.

    cassiday proctor at aol dot com

  62. K

    Those are beautiful! What an awesome idea!

  63. Alex

    This is sooo neat! I would love a custom painting of me and my lover boy!

  64. JLR

    her work is so cute. thanks for sharing. would love to win one of these!

  65. Jessica

    Oh my this is so cute! I would love this. Our walls are quite bare after our move!

  66. oh wow! so pretty! please pick me!

  67. D&D

    i would love to win this for my newly engaged friends and their new home!!!

  68. Very cool! I hope I win!

  69. Tia

    Wow! She is amazing, these prints and paintings are so gorgeous!
    I would absolutely love to have one to hang in my bedroom…

  70. Jenny G

    Super cute!

  71. Anne

    this would be an awesome anniversary gift!

  72. Jamie

    So cool!

  73. Those are lovely! One would look so nice in my house.

  74. Those are beautiful! :) Love!

  75. Holy Crap! These are totally me! I love the style and the whimsy. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I just hope my fingers will be okay until Friday!

  76. She is so talented, I'd love to give one to my mom for her birthday!

  77. Elyce

    Oooooh!! So creative and gorgeous!

  78. Andrea

    If I won I would give it as a wedding present to my newlywed friends!

  79. Meg

    Oh! I love those. How creative and beautiful!! I hope I win!

  80. precious! such a cute idea!

  81. Wow! She is super talented. I love the colors she uses!

  82. These are amazing– so much fun!

  83. Jessica

    Awesome! I would love a photo of either me and the hubby or my kids done!

  84. Birdie

    What a lovely idea. So crestive. Fingers crossed!!! (literally)

  85. keep your fingers crossed !

  86. Jen

    Oh, I love this giveaway! It's such a lovely idea, and executed brilliantly! I hope I win! :)

  87. I love the "you are my love language" and how she translates the photos to the canvas! Great giveaway!

  88. what a fun giveaway! :)

  89. Jamie

    what a fabulous giveaway!

  90. I love these!! And reppin' the beehive state?.. also very cool

  91. Taylor

    What a great idea! I love it!

  92. I love it, and I love that she is in Utah

  93. Lisa

    So fun! I am dying for new art. Love her stuff! Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  94. Wow these are A-Mazing!!

    I would have never found this artist if it weren't for you. Thanks!

  95. Lyss

    Well thats cool. I like.

  96. tappens

    this would be great for my new apartment and new city!

  97. These are such great ideas! I can already think of a handful of photos I'd love to have a painting of. :o)

  98. carmen

    Those are lovely!

  99. lovely giveaway!! :fingers crossed!:
    sarah r.

  100. Rach

    oh wow, this would beyond awesome!

  101. these prints are AMAZING!!!! i'd love to be able to offer these to my photography clients. :)

  102. These prints are lovely. What a beautiful way to change the life of a picture.

  103. STUNNING! I think i'd want to get a picture from my grandparents' wedding.

  104. My boyfriend and I are getting ready to move into a new house at the end of the week. This would make the perfect housewarming gift. Fingers crossed!

  105. Jordan

    pick me!!!! i never win! sad face.

  106. Oh my goodness, those are beautiful! I am selfish enough to say I would love one!

  107. amanda

    an art therapist? what a neat thing! i didn't even know that existed. her work is so cool.

    i like the "here try these on" print. but they are all dazzling!

  108. marie

    i love the redhead and the balloon!

  109. Lainey

    What cuteness! I love this giveaway!

  110. Sabrina

    Wow — these are beautiful!

  111. love! Please pick me! I already have the perfect picture of my husband and I in mind!

  112. I just checked out her shop, and I love it! Thanks for sharing such a lovely artist–great giveaway!

  113. These are gorgeous; I've never seen anything quite like this!

    P.S. I'm having a little giveaway on my blog, and I'd love if you could stop by…!

  114. Jean

    Wow! I would love to win one of these! She is so talented.

  115. Min

    How beautiful.

  116. amanda

    I like the spin through the stars one and it'd be awesome to have one from my own photo!

  117. mena

    would love very much :)

  118. These are great! I would absolutely love one!

  119. Caty

    I love custom artwork! My fingers are crossed!

  120. Erin

    These are so cute! I would love one.

  121. love it! these are awesome! If I win, I'll have trouble picking just one picture for her…. crossing my fingers!

  122. Sarah

    Beautiful paintings! I would love one!

  123. Shannon

    I love these! This would be great gift.

  124. holy moly so many comments! sam and I were roommates in college and i love her art! I miss it hanging on the walls of our room/apartment. She is inspirational and I love her work! I have a print of redhead with balloons ( i like to think she painted it becuase she was inspired by my hair… haha wishful thinking) I love the art and would be so happy to have a samatha kelly of my own!

  125. Jilli

    I would love! The apartment's bare walls would too…

  126. Kayla

    These are fabulous, I love them!

  127. This is amazing!! I love it. I hope I win!!

  128. one of these would be AMAZING for our new apartment, i hope i win!

  129. Molly

    whattt this would be the perfect wedding gift (for myself)! naomi, you're invited to the wedding you know. so if you pick me, there's no need to stop by target before the ceremony.

  130. Gwyneth

    this is so wonderful!

  131. love

    Beautiful! Please pick me!

  132. i love them both!! pick me, pick me!
    your blog has changed my life.

  133. that is incredible! I've never seen therapy work like this- how beautiful! Yes, I would most likely choose a print with the hubby and me :)

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.

  135. Wow..just beautiful.

  136. Allie

    This would be a wonderful gift to myself for my birthday this week! ;) Thank you!

  137. These are so amazing!! I hope my hubby and I get one! I don't even know you but I loveeee reading your blog. You and your hubby are so cute, and I'm also kinda obsessed with your dog.Thanks for doing fun giveaways!

  138. Hayden

    pick me, pick me!

  139. Dian

    This is such an amazing art. Very creative, original and beautiful. Thank you so much for a great giveaway.

    christra at gmail dot com

  140. Stacie

    Just found your blog & I'm loving it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  141. Very cute! Such a great gift idea. Good idea!

  142. Ashley the art. I would love a custom painting of my pregnant belly!

  143. love the art and your blog!

    once I get my wedding pictures back I am going to see if she can do a custom artwork for us :-)
    super cute!

  144. Sherry

    LOVE this times 10! I hope I win…this would be SO FUN!

  145. O my god, these are beautiful!! I would really really have one od these for my bedroom… Its so hard to find pictures and paintings fof the walls without beeing to in live with oneself… Please pick meeeeee… Ps i am from france, can i even partcipate?????

  146. Oh my – these are lovely.

    The colors just cheer me right up on this super rainy day here in Oregon.

    I'm going to visit this shop all day!

  147. Sharon

    Fabulous! Would love one of those!!

  148. beautiful work. so inspiring.

  149. Erin

    These are so amazing, awesome talent.

  150. Lindsay

    those are ah maze ing.

  151. Wow these are neat.

  152. Oh my gosh. THIS is an amazing giveaway! I'd love to have one of these for my home!

  153. I love it! Art therapy is such a beautiful thing. And her prints are gorgeous! xo

  154. Those paintings are soo awesome and unique! I'd LOVE to win one so we can start putting some "art" up in our house. Married over a year now, and still no art or framed pics on our walls – can you believe it?

    xx Vivian @

  155. very pretty prints, I hope to win one :)

  156. So gorgeous! Seriously… I'm in love.

  157. teehee, you always have such awesome artists on here. you are great, and we all do dumb things and have to move on and just take a deep breath and give ourselves the same forgiveness we give to others we love. :)

  158. jackie

    wow! i love her work! i would love to have one!

  159. Katie

    Please pick me! I want to win a giveaway…just once!

  160. Pamela

    This is completely AWESOME! I love the way the painting look like simple doodles but you can tell how much care went into them. Fingers crossed! Thanks for showing these artists to bus Naomi :)

  161. Megan

    Beautiful! Fingers crossed!

  162. Is she using water color? So creative and beautiful. And I love her profession, so admirable!

  163. Kris

    Wow! You always have the most creative, fun art options on your blog! I love these. So cheerful and personal.

  164. Anna

    oh my….amazing giveways lately….I absolutely love these prints.

  165. miriam

    I love those!!

  166. what great style this artist has!
    i'd love to display a piece in my apartment!
    pick me!

  167. C&L

    umm in love.

  168. heather

    what beautiful prints! you always find the most talented people!

  169. i love that she custom paints to your picture. so cool!!

  170. what an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  171. Thanks for showcasing such great stuff on your blog! These are so fun and different!

  172. I love your taste in art
    I would LOVE a piece of her artwork for my apartment

  173. Wow! Those are so unique and cute! I know the perfect picture I would use, too!

  174. Sarah

    pick me! i love you naomi! -sarah roberts

  175. Absolutely wonderful artist and give-away! Thank you so much!

  176. Ashley

    Wow! What a cute idea!

  177. oh wow these are awesome!! What a great gift idea! I know exactly which picture I would pick!

  178. Kelsey me some of this!

  179. I've been following Sam for awhile and am so thrilled to see her featured here. Heck,yes, I would love a personalized painting by her! My 3rd wedding anniversary is coming up and this would just be perfect.

  180. wonderful (: such a cool giveaway!!

  181. Anna

    These paintings are great!

  182. ck

    OMG how cool.

    like wayyy cool.

  183. rachael

    amazing giveaway! hmmm, i wonder which picture i would choose!

  184. {jane}

    omgosh. i am currently working on my BFA in graphic design, and right now have a painting class that nearly puts me over the edge at times. i have come to appreciate painters-artist on a whole new level, and loooooove sam's work! please, please, please choose me! i also just made myself an art room in my home and would just LOVE to have a custom-photograph on display in there! please. please. please.

  185. how great are these?! i love this giveaway!!!

  186. Tracie

    These are SO pretty. I would love, love to win one!

  187. Rose

    My Big Sis is such a big deal! Love sam's art…. love her more!

  188. camie

    yes please

  189. Merrick

    Best giveaway ever. I love Sam.

  190. hiya!! how awesome is she!!? i would love one of these!!!! thanks lady!

  191. G

    Amazing. My conputer had been down for a while, and I needed a little Rockstar pick me up. What a nice giveaway to come back too. Love.

  192. Oh I hope I win! I have the perfect picture in mind!

  193. Erin

    These are fabulous! What talent!

  194. Melissa

    These are gorgeous, and so so cool!

  195. Naurnie

    oh my gosh, how lovely! these are super cool.

  196. those are beautiful! :)

  197. pick me! pick me! this would be gorgeous for our upcoming wedding!

  198. Megan

    Pick me! Pick me! I already know the pic I would choose!

  199. tjt

    wow. such a generous give-a-way! i would love to win this one!

  200. Leanna

    I would love one of these!

  201. Katie

    Too fun!

  202. Kristen

    Love it!!

  203. Shannon

    Oh! I am in love!!! What amazing art!!! xoxoxox

  204. Alisha

    I love this! A custom painting would be perfect!

  205. Wow these are so beautiful and such a truly original idea. Lovely!

  206. These are beautiful! I'm going to research her, since I aspire to be an art therapist too!

  207. Hopin' I win :) good luck everyone!!

  208. Oh my word these are fantastic!

  209. rbandj

    this would be such a good birthday gift for my husband.

  210. Jessica

    how sweet!

  211. Tori

    these paintings are wonderful.

  212. awesome idea! problem is I don't know what picture I'd pick yet… too many to choose from!

  213. Gibbons

    Love her work, pick me please :)

  214. Oh how I could picture this hanging in our new living room! Too too cute!

  215. Oh how I could picture this hanging in our new living room! Too too cute!

  216. I love these pictures, so personal and fun! You have such a fun blog and you are so generous with these giveaways! Thank you!

  217. i love this artists work!

    this is such an awesome giveaway!

  218. abs

    Those are gorgeous! I would love one :)they're so amazing

  219. i love your giveaways. so interesting! these paintings are fabulous. it would be a great mother's day present! but what picture would i choose…??

  220. L.O.V.E! How cute and special would that be to have…adorable

  221. Hello!!!
    I'm a reeder from Brazil!
    I love your blog!congrats!

  222. Kelly

    So beautiful and creative. I hope I win!

  223. What a cool giveaway! I love the idea of transforming pictures (art on their own) into another art form. It makes those memories a bit more special, doesn't it?

  224. Your giveaways are the best! Can I just say, "I'll take one of everything?"

  225. ZooNam

    Cool idea :)

  226. mandy

    I love these!

  227. Amy

    these are extraordinarily lovely. i'd probably sell my soul for one. gimme gimme i need i need!

  228. oh my gosh. beyond adorable. i would love love love one.

  229. My favorite is the girl in the pink dress. I would love to win :)

    Sarah Yvonne

  230. these are so amazing. I wish I could afford one.

  231. Jackie

    Wow! What an amazing artist- I, too, am an artist and this type of thing inspires me! I would love a painting of hers! :)

  232. this is absolutely amazing and innovative art.

    it seems impossible after a time that anyone would come up with anything new, or anything that could be out of the box, but she achieves it! i'd love to have one of these for my very own!

  233. Paige

    Those are so great!! Awesome addition to a College apartment…

  234. art! i love art! sign me up

  235. i just moved to a new house and my walls are BARE! this would be the perfect start to our new place :)

  236. I love her art. She takes a photo and makes it so much more with her words and other images. I hope I win!

  237. Sara

    Totally adorable!She is a brilliant artist! Perfect gift for my sister for her birthday! This type of creativity defines her!

  238. Vanessa

    So cute! I would really love some new art to put up in my apartment. Very Spring forward as well :o)

  239. These are really powerful. And lovely.

  240. Mckenzi

    I love art and art galleries. It's so interesting how different personalities come across in different art mediums. It'd be out of this world to have a photo of me and my new hubby turned into custom art.

  241. Tai

    I am a new reader on your blog and I am also a new fan of Sam's. Her work is amazing! I have already found a few of her paintings I would love to have in my home. If I win I would love to have a painting done of my love and I!

  242. I came across your blog from my sister-in-law Mary's. Love it! Love the paintings too. I love that people can find art in all forms.

  243. Ooooh these are AMAZING! I love them!

    Naomi, thank you so much for hosting these giveaways!


  244. Ah! These are so cool and perfect for new apt in NYC. I'm moving to NYC in July and this would look so cool in my new room!

  245. bleh

    I love love love Sam's paintings! She has a way of capturing the individual's personality in her work. My hubby and I would love to win this contest! ..We are hoping! :)

  246. bleh

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  247. I love your blog.. I stumbled upon and it on a bad day and looking through it made my day some what brighter.. Hope you have an amazing day..

  248. Holy! These are absolutely incredible. Gosh, I would LOVE to win.

  249. I would love this! It would look great in my new place!

  250. Jessica

    Love the concept! Would want a pic with me and my puppy, Ponce! :-D

  251. katie

    ooh this would be a perfect birthday present for my boyfriend – and we definitely need more things to hang on the walls in our apartment!

  252. JKreids

    So cool! I'd love one done of my bf and me kissing. It's my favorite picture of us and would be super cute done by her as a painting!

  253. Katie

    these are amazing and i love how personal they can be! i need one!

  254. Cassie

    I would love to have a custom painting of my man and I!!! I'll be crossing my fingers!

  255. bradee

    Oh my goodness these are sooo awesome!
    Beautiful pieces!

  256. Alie

    How unique! Sign me up.

  257. Ria

    Oh I would LOVE a painting done by her! She is extremely talented and her view of the world is truly through an artist's eyes.

  258. wow! these are AMAZING! I would love to own one. It would be perfect in my room!

  259. Emily

    cool! :)

  260. Woah! Amazing work.

  261. Love the Embodied series. Beautiful work!

  262. Sam is one of my favorite local artists, and such a sweet soul too. I would love to have one of her masterpieces as my very own!

  263. Katie

    How neat! I would love to win one of these!

  264. Minta

    Cool! I love that idea!

  265. Minta

    Cool! I love that idea!

  266. Mallory

    so so cute! i already know which photo i would choose! :)

  267. J.Dimps

    this is so fun! i love when art is personalized :)

  268. Carly

    this is a cool idea. i really hope to win. some beautiful new art in my apt would be PERFECT!!!

  269. Sarah

    I totally need some art therapy. I would love to win this amazing giveaway. I know exactly which photo I would choose. This work is so beautiful.

  270. Wow! Beautiful work! Hope I win!


  271. Suzanne

    Truly rockin' paintings!

  272. silvana

    what an amazing idea! would love one of these! <3

  273. these are so beautiful! my boyfriend and i accidentally started a tradition of only having drawings and paintings of ourselves hanging in our apartment. this would be perfect to add to the collection.. and even if i don't win, i think i'll be sending her an email. :)
    <3 katie

  274. What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to have a paiting done from a photo of my husband and daughter walking away from me…would be just lovely and capture the 2 of them so perfectly! Adrienne

  275. Ali

    This is so unbelievably cool.

  276. These are amazing! I would be very lucky to win this one :-)

  277. I would love an original and personalized piece of art! Now I just have to dig up a non-embarrassing picture of the hubs and me…

  278. Papapick mamameeee!!! :)

  279. Caitlin

    I would love one of those! I have a lot of great pictures to choose from…

  280. Erin

    these are so, so beautiful. wow.

  281. Janssen

    I love Sam – she does such fabulous work.

  282. Her paintings are amazing. My husband and I would absolutely love one.

  283. Pick me! Pick me! I'm obsessed with these!

  284. Tara

    So fun and whimsical! Sign me up! :)

  285. Melissa

    what a wonderful way to capture a memory :) i love this!

  286. Arti

    is this the right way of entering the contest? those pictures are adorable!! i would love to win! :) it would be a great anniversary present for my boyfriend

  287. Seyma

    omg!! this is my favorite giveaway so far Naomi!!!!

    i'd love to have that :)))))))

    hope i will..

  288. oh wow! these are adorable! i would love one :)

  289. I would love to win! I am about 20 weeks prego and would love to have a print of my growing belly to have forever!

    Such an awsome give away!

  290. i love these! and i love art. hope i win!

  291. I've just spent the past 20 minutes on Samantha's site, and each image was more intriguing than the other. I'm particularly taken with Two Mary Janes, Spin Through the Stars, and the Ballerina and Embodied series. I am keeping all fingers crossed…

    Thank you!


  292. Dennise

    I've always wanted to have a custom portrait of me and my honey made! I've tried many times to make my own but alas, no dice. xoxo

  293. Emily

    the stress of picking out the right photo is already killing me, and i haven't even won! yet… ??

  294. dej

    such a perfect gift!!! I love her work :)

  295. Heather

    What a cool idea! My grandmother just passed away so this would make a great gift for my Mom :)

  296. Erica

    ohhh i would love one of these of my little family of three.

  297. kelly

    LOVE these!

  298. Larissa

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  299. GOSH!♥ I LOVE these so much!!! She is a very talented artist…these paintings are incredible but what always mesmerize is the fact that the artist pictures these things. And owning a painting like this makes me feel like I borrowed a little bit of creativity form a very talented and artistic person!!!…. I really hope I win♥!!!!♥!!!!!!♥

  300. the series of ballerina collages are magnificent-fingers crossed for something to spruce up my walls!

  301. Rosa

    WoW! These paintings make my heart sing. How lovely and beautiful and so vivid! What a wonderful gift this would make.

  302. I love this idea of painting from a photograph, it's so beautiful. Please pick me!

  303. jessica

    Wow! So fantastic! What a treat that would be.

  304. so beautiful! I love it!

  305. EVA

    ooh, very cute. i'd like to join the throng of hundreds here and enter!

  306. What a great idea! If I won I think I would choose a picture of my Mom, she passed away 5 yrs ago and I so want a special picture of her on our wall, one that my daughter can point to and say Grandma Paula. Love your giveaways and the talented people you introduce us to…Thank you!!

  307. This would be perfect for me! I just got married and we have a bundle of pictures to chose from. It would fit perfectly in our little place. Please oh Please!

  308. Emily

    Love it. I think art therapy is amazing and I love that she's sharing her talent with the world! I think my husband and I would look pretty swell on one of these…

  309. Ashley

    I love her work!!! so amazing and so personal. I would love to have one of these to give to my boyfriend for our one year anniversary together <3

  310. becca

    wow I am blown away. would LOVE some art up in my apartment! what a great giveaway!

  311. Jessica

    This is such a cool giveaway!

  312. Shann

    What an amazing and lovely give away! Such beautiful art work!

  313. candace

    yes yes yes of course I want one!

  314. anna

    i love this idea! so cool!

  315. Heather

    Lovin' the style of these illustrations :)
    One would look lovely in my bedroom!!! I can picture it now

  316. stace.

    ohmygoodness, yes please!!!
    and thank you. :)

  317. Britti

    Wow, what a lovely giveaway!!

  318. Kelly

    I LOVE these…..what a great idea! I hope I win!

  319. M

    I would love this!

  320. Ali

    How lovely and creative!

  321. This is such a good idea Sam! I love it, you know I do. :D Miss you!!!!

  322. Pick me! Pick me! :P:)

  323. If only I could be so lucky! Let's cross my fingers and hope!

  324. love them!

  325. So creative! I love her talent!

  326. what a great idea! beautiful.
    she has the best name too! aha <3

  327. Rebecca

    yes yes yes please!

  328. Amy

    These are beautiful! I would love to have on of our wedding pictures done. I know just the one, too. Thanks for the chance!

  329. Anny

    This is so awesome…My best friend is going on a mission this summer and I would LOVE to give this to her as a going away present! Pick Me :]

  330. Elle

    Her work is totally amazing!! LOVE

  331. oh my goodness! This is so lovely! Thank you for introducing us to such great artists!

  332. Livia

    To turn a treasured photograph into a whimsical print would almost be too much! (But this lady aims high!)

  333. Toni

    I hope I win, I hope I win!

  334. she's an art therapist? how cool! this are lovely prints….what a great gift!

  335. oh my goodness this is incredible!!
    i love love love her artwork!!

  336. danica

    what a great artist! i've actually been searching for a new piece of art for my home and something custom would be even better! :)

  337. Beautiful! I'm getting married and would love to have one of these for my new home.

  338. beautiful!! please let me win :)

  339. bk

    ah genius! thanks for always bringing such great finds to our attention! My husband and I have been looking for a non-traditional,cool, non-cheesy way to display some are of the two us… this seems perfect to me!

  340. wow, Samantha's paintings are fabulous!

  341. how cool! i would love one of those!

  342. Jillian

    I'd love to have one made from our engagement shoot. So cool!

  343. i would love to see her transform one of our photographs!

  344. This is RADICAL. I'm going into Art Therapy! Wicked.

  345. Chelsey

    She is so talented! I LOVE her work! One of these would look so good in my house ;)

  346. You have the best giveaways! This would be so neat to have.

  347. Beautiful! I love them!

  348. beautiful…it would be amazing to own one of her artworks and a personalized one will be something you can treasure…

  349. Lara

    Goodness brilliant! This work is amazing!

  350. i love this! I am getting married this spring and this would be a perfect addition in our new cute little apartment together :)

  351. gigi

    As always, a lovely giveaway!

  352. Mallory

    What a clever idea for a painting! Sam keeps the painting personal for you but adds a bit of color and life into the portrait. this would be a great gift for my mom for mother's day since i'm getting ready to move out!

  353. Greta

    Lovely giveaway! So whimsical and fun!

  354. wow… photography AND painting, two of my favorites in one! Amazing!

  355. Ah how did you find this girl, her work is amazing!
    If I won it would be on birthday! Exciting.

  356. these are AMAZING! You always have the best giveaways.

  357. This is an awesome giveaway!! So glad to have a chance to win!

  358. Jennie

    I'd love to have an original painting! Sam is awesome!

  359. Parker

    Count me in.
    Fritzi Marie

  360. I love Sams Paintings!! I want one!

  361. Lyndsee

    There's nothing left to say except, my, how cute! I would like one for my own!

  362. Kerry

    such a great gift idea!

  363. oh wow these are so vivid…i love them!!

  364. seriously rad! i love her work.

  365. Jessica

    how fun! it would be hard to pick just one picture…but i'm sure i could do it :)

    thanks for another great giveaway!

  366. I would absolutely love and cherish this give away! I'm crossing my fingers!!

  367. Ashley

    These are just beautiful. She captured the couple and their so obvious love just perfectly. I think art therapy is also such a fantastic way to help people in a theraputic setting. Love love love.

  368. Ooh! If I win this giveaway, I'll be the luckiest girl in the world wide web!

  369. oooooo I would love this! They are so very lovely!

  370. Lauren

    I absolutely love ALL of them! Such a talented woman.

  371. Barbara

    wow, just discovered your blog through a friend, and now want to be a groupie! :)

  372. Valerie

    Please pick me, I love these portraits!

  373. Maggie

    These are AWESOME! Such a cute idea.

  374. Zuzuli

    Wow. She is a major talent!
    I'm glad you're feeling better :) I airdrum in my car and my b/f is only just getting used to it now!

  375. So, crazy story, I had a class with that couple. Small world. I know I probably am out of the running but i had to comment on the couple and say I love the artwork!

  376. those paintings are amazing! so beautiful.

  377. winning this would make my whole year!

  378. Julia

    ooooh, would LOVE one of these!! what a sweet idea, I would definitely get one of our travel pics done

  379. Katie

    wow such a neat giveaway! I would love this! :)

  380. Katie

    wow such a neat giveaway! I would love this! :)

  381. These are wonderful! I'm about to get maternity pictures taken with my husband and it would be amazing to have one of them transformed into a painting.

  382. Amy C

    I'm moving from DC to OKC, sad day, but for a good reason. His art would look awesome in my new apartment!

  383. Estee

    These are lovely! I so so want one!

  384. love this idea. thanks for showing her to me :) kinda in love.

  385. just came across your blog and i love it!! i absolutely love those paintings!!

  386. I would just LOVE to have a painting like one of those! Sooo lovely!

  387. Nicole

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  388. oh! Oh! OH!!! I am hoping SO HARD that I get picked!!! Those paintings are truly divine. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Did I say LOVE??? LOVE!!!!

  389. always love the new artist you introduce me too! Thanks again, Taza!

  390. This would be such a great engagement gift to give my future hubby!! I hope I win!!

  391. Nicole*

    oh how fantastic!! I would love one :) and I'm already think of some pictures that would be fun to use!

  392. carmen

    Such an beautiful concept. I would love to win this.

  393. carmen

    Such an beautiful concept. I would love to win this.

  394. carmen

    Such an beautiful concept. I would love to win this.

  395. carmen

    Such an beautiful concept. I would love to win this.

  396. Faye

    so inspiring! what a beautiful creative mind :)

  397. mommara

    Yes please these are just amazing.

  398. Hey, this is so great and original idea one of those where you think ''why I never came up with something like that?''.
    Simple,but oh so gorgeous!

    Wish I could have one of these made of my best friends picture ( as i am moving far, far away from them soon :S)

  399. Maria.

    super super cool!!

  400. Carolyn

    It never ceases to amaze me the things people come up with to make original art! What a sweet idea :)

  401. Tillie

    Oh My goodness this is so cool! I think if i won i would chose a photograph of my mom and i! yes, a perfect birthday present. Ohhhh fingers crossed.


  402. B

    Wow…this would be perfect for a portrait of our new baby!!

  403. B

    Wow…this would be perfect for a portrait of our new baby!!

  404. B

    Wow…this would be perfect for a portrait of our new baby!!

  405. Just wonderful! gosh i wish i could have talent like that…and then the time for it. (sigh)

  406. Laura

    Absolutely amazing!!

  407. so cool!
    I wanna win :D

  408. Awesome! Anything customized makes it much more special. :)

  409. jb

    woot woot! these are awesome!

  410. tess_a

    oh! these are so beautiful
    love love

  411. I love it! Definitely dreamy.

  412. Ooooo I love it! I have the perfect picture in mind!!!


  413. These are wonderful. Absolutely love them. What a neat gift this would make

  414. Great idea! I would like painting with my (almost) Husband and my furry children!

  415. lauren

    here's to hoping you'll pick me! :)

  416. taylor

    this would make an amazing birthday present for my boyfriend!!! fingers crossed! thanks naomi!

  417. love the adorable whimsy of these prints. would love to win one!

  418. nicole

    I would love to surprise my fiance by turning one of his photographs of us (he's a photographer extraordinaire!) into a work of art by Samantha Kelly. I could unveil it at our September wedding! How cool would that be?! Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

  419. Alicia

    This just might be my favorite giveaway ever! I love it!!

  420. Andie

    All I can say is WOW!

  421. Britney

    Wow, love the creativity of it. beautifully done.

  422. I'm definitely not surprised there are so many entries. Her work is amazing! What an AMAZING giveaway! Thanks for doing it whether I win or not (fingers crossed though!) =)

  423. Those are amazing!!
    I LOVE that style..
    really, they're great :)

  424. Kate

    Pick me! I love art therapy!


  425. love these!! would love to give one to my fiance for a wedding gift :)

  426. Belle

    What a beautiful concept!! The hard part is choosing which photo you would want created! xx

  427. Shanna

    these are amazing. i love.

  428. What a talented artist!

  429. So cool! What a great giveaway!

  430. Love these!! What a cool thing to have on your wall.

  431. beth

    ooh! those are so cool!! i really like them. a lot.

  432. this is amazing and beautiful! i would love to win this!

  433. Bridget

    very cool. i'm in.

  434. Wow! This is so beautiful! I'll be moving out in a bit and I'd love to have something to start my "grown up life" with. :)

  435. wow…her work is very impressive! How fun to find a photo for her to turn into such a fun creation.

  436. Estee

    and i know just where to hang it.


  437. Brooke

    These are so much fun! Love them.

  438. This is such a fantastic use of creativity! Who doesn't want a painting of their favorite picture?

  439. Thao

    You have the best art giveaways, I swear! Thanks for hosting such a cool giveaway!

  440. UHmazing! What a great giveaway!

  441. this is totally rad! i would love this. :)

  442. What a great giveaway!

  443. this is great! yes, please!

  444. These are simply lovely! Husband and I just got married recently.. how incredible would it be to have Sam print one of our wedding pics like this?!

  445. Katie

    please pick me!! i love this!

  446. miss p.

    I would love one of these, they're absolutely gorgeous!

  447. andrea

    this looks so awesome! i hope i win :)

  448. katie

    way cool! pick me pleeeaaaseee!

  449. keleldu

    I have just started reading your blog and really enjoy browsing through your current and past entries. You have a great aesthetic. Pick me for the print! Sam's art is so cool!

  450. these are beautiful!

  451. Lizzy

    This is the coolest giveaway you've had! love it.

  452. Brittan

    this is amazing! please enter me in the giveaway!

  453. What amazing paintings! I'm already trying to pick a photo *blush* :)

  454. Melissa

    I love it! I'm an art therapist too, so this is so neat =)

  455. love love love!
    i hope i win!

  456. yes please! wow, these are beautiful and so unique.

  457. Nanda

    I love love this art, and how creative to use art as therapy? Wow. Please, please, please pick me!!!!!

  458. Nikki

    This would make a lovely gift for my sister on her birthday…or my mom for mother's day…oh the possibilities for giving this as a gift. :)

  459. this would be so amazing to win!

  460. Pick me! Pick Me!
    I've always thought being an art therapist would be such an amazing career. It's great to hear about a fellow Utahn following the dream.

  461. Sofie

    lovely work, very talented

  462. i would love to surprise my boyfriend with an "us" piece of art like this…amazingly beautiful!

  463. these are absolutely lovely. love!

  464. Lyndee

    please some art for my bare apartment walls!!

  465. Blurp

    Oh man! My new husband and I would love this in our sweet new abode! It is neat to the greatest degree.

  466. Adore her work. gotta get working on my photo pick!

  467. Chelsey

    So BEautiful and unique! *Fingers Crossed*

  468. Megan

    this is so cute! i hope i win :)

  469. Malsi

    i love the little sayings and things she adds! cool give-away!

  470. Kelsie

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  471. I love them! I would have one done of my little family, my husband, my puppy and me!

  472. Lyndsey

    What a great giveaway. And art therapy is such an amazing thing. I wish more people knew about it and utilized it! Anyways, love your blog and I hope you are feeling better!

  473. meg.

    for the record, you inspire me.
    as well as that artist.

  474. Lisa

    i think those are so beautiful!

  475. Katy

    Would love one! Beautiful art

  476. Dara

    he is SO fetch! i love it!

  477. kylie

    these are so pretty! love them! :)

  478. lexan

    gorgeouuuuuuuuus…….love it so much!!

  479. Becca

    Man I love creative people! This is so neat!

  480. So beautiful!
    Her prints would be awesome for wedding invites or programs.

  481. Stunning work! I'd love to win this!

  482. Katie

    this is a really neat idea.

  483. brat9

    I would LOVE this! Always great giveaways~

  484. Angela

    This is adorable. I want everything her etsy shop!

  485. bob

    love love love love love! i want one.

  486. wow she's amazing! i love these paintings. i'll be serving a mission soon and i'd love to have a painting of my family to bring along with me! =)

  487. Casey

    Wow how amazing is this! I love it! I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and I just really enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your life with us :)

  488. oooooooooo! Iwant!!! oh so very cute! :)

    xo, stefanie

  489. I loooooove this!!! Pick me!!!

  490. I absolutely love those! What a great inspiration for a room.

  491. This comment has been removed by the author.

  492. This comment has been removed by the author.

  493. i would love to win! how cute and personalized!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  494. meeeeeeeee!!!!!

    please oh pleaseeee :)

  495. Joy

    how beautiful! a picture of my babies would be perfect for springtime!

  496. one word! talented!

  497. Jessica

    These are both great! I LOVE the first one and it would look great in my place ;-)

  498. Holy moly! What a fantastic giveaway!!! :)

  499. Allison

    These are GORGEOUS! She is amazing. No lie.

  500. April

    I would love to have a picture of my boyfriend napping with my kitties!

  501. April

    I would love to have a picture of my boyfriend napping with my kitties!

  502. Melissa

    Wowzas. They're all so beautiful. I love every one of them.

  503. This may very well be the most fantastic giveaway ever! I already have the exact photo I would use in mind! What a talented artist!

  504. Mel-Bod

    Oh these are so tender. I would love to have one of my husband and i!

  505. these are FABULOUS!!

    i'm thinking that since it's my birthday on april 2…i deserve to win! :)

  506. This comment has been removed by the author.

  507. how very unique! xx

  508. bekah

    great giveaway!
    what a hard (&fun;) choice of what picture to pick!

  509. Yes por favor!!

  510. these are so cool. i love!

  511. Katie

    Oh my word, those are too gorgeous. I love the colors!

  512. kwistin

    well, sure. :]

  513. Shay

    These are quite possibly the cutest custom prints I have ever seen.

  514. This would be so PERFECT in my inspiration wall I hope to put together. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  515. i want to be coloured up! her stuff rocks!

  516. MegRuth

    How fantastically generous of her! Lovely work!

  517. I am revamping my apartment this month,and this would be PERFECT. I have so many photos that would work so well! I love it, I love it, I lovvvee it! Thanks Naomi!

  518. ah! this would be so great! i think i'd choose a friend's photo and gift it to them!

  519. Kimba

    Ohmigosh, this would make a fantastic gift for our 5 year anniversary tomorrow!!

  520. jill

    these pieces are so great… such a creative spin on original paintings! i absolutely love her style

  521. Bethany

    I would love to surprise my hubby with a picture from our wedding. So unique!

  522. ♥ love love love ♥ you find the coolest stuff, thats why you rock!

  523. autumn

    Oh I love this! Such an awesome piece of art for a home!

  524. awesome! (from over here in Queensland AUS)
    I love the first couple, is that at their wedding? Her dress is gorgeous

  525. I need some gorgeous art for the wall above my couch. Yay!!!!

  526. I need some gorgeous art for the wall above my couch. Yay!!!!

  527. Naomi!!
    I just started reading your blog, but am quickly falling in love with it! I am a photographer based out of Calgary Ab Canada and you are a huge inspiration to me!! Thank you Thank you Thank you
    Stay positive and keep smiling that beautiful smile of yours!

  528. Such an amazing talent. So beautiful.

  529. Randi

    I love the creativity!

  530. Krista

    here i come out of hiding! love this

  531. oh my holy awesome giveaway batman!

  532. Maren

    I would love love love this! I have a photo in mind already. xoxo

  533. oooohhhh man i need one soo bad! maybe ill just order on when i get paid! now only which picture should i choose?

  534. How lovely would that be? I already have a picture I took at an Amsterdam flea market in mind. I can only imagine what she could add to it. Crossing my fingers! I LOVE the second one and the first is just too adorable.

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  539. This comment has been removed by the author.

  540. I would have to pick a picture of my boyfriend and i, this is such a cute give away!

  541. Brit

    Wow, how fun!!

  542. M

    what a fun and lovely giveaway! the redhead and balloon print is indeed gorgeous.

  543. carly

    such beautiful artwork!

  544. Jenn

    I would love a painting! Samantha Kelly is so talented! What beautiful paintings!

  545. wow these are soo cute!!! i want one so badly please pick me!!! these are so awesome! :)

  546. It is so cool that the artist can take a photograph and interpret it into something thought provoking.

  547. these are fabulous. and so much fun!

  548. Chylie

    how cool! hope i win!

  549. Astrid

    Whoa, these are seriously amazing. I might have to discuss this with my parents …

  550. this is such an amazing idea!

  551. those are darling! I'd be proud to own one!

  552. april

    Awesome. I would love to win!

  553. Ursula

    Lovely! I know just what picture I'd choose :)

  554. one of these prints would look gorgeous on our (currently empty) bedroom wall! pick me, please! :)

  555. pen.ny

    Super Super Amazing work:)

  556. i would LOVE to be able to give this to my hubby for our anniversary in june!! so fun!

  557. Kelly

    i love! i love!

    pick me. pick me.


  558. Kelly

    i love! i love!

    pick me. pick me.


  559. Meaghan

    So pretty and unique!

  560. Absolutely darling! I found your blog through Everyday Musings (olivia ray's blog) and always love seeing your name highlighted in my google reader.Adore! •besos, Jennie B

  561. Alicia

    would loove to give as a wedding gift

  562. Beautiful work!
    Love the simplicity of the sketches and the colors.
    Would be elated to win this giveaway!


  563. Emily W

    Wow i would love one of these!

  564. Emma

    i love her work!! pick meeee.

  565. this is one of the most amazing giveaways ever!

  566. kelly

    fingers and toes crossed!

  567. beautiful. If I win it will be incredibly hard to choose a photo!!

  568. These paintings are completely amazing. Wow.

  569. This is awesome! I know exactly where I want to hang it! :-)

  570. I'm posting this comment only to truely commend the artist on her amazing God given talents. Breath taking, creative work.

  571. Oh my God. She's fantastic.

  572. kylee

    me please… i love art. i want one for me…

  573. kylee

    me please… i love art. i want one for me…

  574. kylee

    me please… i love art. i want one for me…

  575. how perfect.
    love it, i have the perfect pic for it.

  576. Thank you for introducing this artist, simple and beautiful! Fantastic giveaway, I would love a customized painting.

  577. So pretty! Pick me, pick me!

  578. This is fabulous!

  579. nikki

    Well she is my sis in law and she is pretty amazing. I would buy one of these prints even if I don't win.

  580. This comment has been removed by the author.

  581. mpierce

    This could be such a great gift for the sweetheart!

  582. Oh my, I would LOVE this to hang on the wall of our little apartment! I love this so much.

  583. LPT

    I'm loving the "Redhead and Balloons" and the "When a door closes…"

    (…probably because I'm a redhead!)

    Awesome giveaway!

  584. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  585. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  586. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  587. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  588. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  589. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  590. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  591. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  592. Tiff

    My fingers are crossed! This would be a great gift for my brother!

  593. this is pure amazingness…


  594. Unbelieveable! This girl has such talent. I have no idea what pic I'd get yet, but I'm sure it eould be amazing and well loved…

  595. hattie

    Thank you, once again Naomi, for introducing another brilliant artist! It would be a dream to have one of her pieces on my walls!

  596. this is such a wonderful giveaway! I like the idea of getting a painting made for guitar hero… hmm, that would make a great a bday gift.

  597. Annie

    ohhhh they're so lovely. I'd love to get one for my sister.

  598. Mara

    oh how pretty! I'd love to win!

  599. oooh. i'm in love with her prospective. these are so unique. i could think of hundreds of photos i'd love to have her paint.

  600. Dominic

    So darling!

  601. Awesome!!!

  602. I would love this for my new place!

  603. Wow! What a killer giveaway! Man o man! Pick me! (I even have my toes crossed)

    Thanks! Sendin' my blog love from Cali to you!!!

  604. erin

    seriously love! shes awesome!

  605. these are just amazing. I am from utah so that is a plus.. your dog almost has the same name as my son… that is a plus too. I really want to win. :)

  606. Amander

    These are lovely! I'd love to get one of my beautiful niece. I'll say I'm going to get it for my mom for mother's day – but I'll probably end up keeping it for myself.

  607. i'd love one of those!!!

  608. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!! i have the perfect picture in mind!!!

  609. Kelsey

    what brilliant paintings! My great grandma's birthday is in a month, and this would be an adorable present! Pick me, pick me! I hope I win (:

  610. Lindsey

    Hey I know those people that picture. How cool!

  611. Kat

    Custom artwork is awesome!

  612. wow, another great giveaway! count me in!

  613. megan

    Wow! Love them!

  614. Beautiful!!

  615. These are so beautiful, I would love a custom one!

  616. jenny

    this is absolutely AMAZING!! i would be thrilled (duh) to win! ahhhh!!

  617. Vanessa

    would make a perfect gift for my mom for her birthday! fingers crossed!

  618. great giveaway! I'm crossing my fingers. Those prints are great.

  619. S+S+S

    I'm in love. I would LOVE to have her work in my home.

  620. Sara

    Love this! My fingers and toes are crossed!

  621. I love these paintings so unique and cute!

  622. Gabby

    This is amazing! So cool. Crossing my fingers!

  623. Ronise

    i adore the first one!

  624. that is so neat! what talent! would love one of me & my hubby :]

  625. rach

    Cute! Cute! Cute! I HEART this artist!!!

  626. Meghan

    Love this. Please, pretty please, let random number generator pick me…

  627. Sarah

    I love how wispy they are.
    My husband Daniel and I are searching for creative things to do with our wedding photos — this would be so neat.


  628. That is the coolest painting I have ever seen!

  629. Amy

    these are soooo amazing!

  630. Gabi

    this is amazing!! I totally want one!

  631. LOVE this! Oh, to be artistic…

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