valentines day. who and what do you love?

i really love this holiday.

because i love love.
all kinds. it’s good for you. it’s healthy.
i love josh.
because he’s my best friend. he loves me for me and we’re a little family.
i love my mom and dad.
because they continue to be there for me. and support me. and still love me even though sometimes i pretend to know it all.
i love kingsley.
i know he’s not a baby. he’s a dog. (no kidding! –thank you to everyone who has pointed that out). but he’s a pretty cute dog and he’s going to continue to be a main topic on this blog. so incase you missed it the first time, i love kingsley.
i love my sisters. and little brother isaac.
because we are family. and they are pretty rockstar.
i love my friends.
i have the best of them. they are really good to me.
i love D.C.
even on the days i say i don’t.
i love key lime pie.
it’s just so delicious.
i love my life.
so grateful to be alive. to have free agency. to be me.
i love where i’m at in life.
because i believe i’m making progress each and every day. even if i’m no where near where i thought i’d be at this point in my life.
i love seeing the sun rise.
even though most mornings i’m still sleeping when she rises.
i love snacking.
life is just so much better with FOOD.
i love being a woman.
it’s so much fun.
and i love my heavenly father.
sometimes i think he’s forgotten about me. but that’s just silly talk.
i am a child of God and he loves me.
however you celebrate this holiday, i wish you the very best valentines day weekend ever!
i hope you’re loving everyone and everything around you, too!
  1. souljane

    God is BIG!

    so is the love one may have with their K9's. no need to hamper your love. silly bloggers.

  2. Happy heart day!

  3. Juliet

    I love my dog Hemingway! And I hate it when people remind me that he is not actually a child! To me he is… he's my child! I love valentines day too! Have a great one!!!

  4. I love my boyfriend, Ricky, because no one understands me like he does.

    I love my family because they love me unconditionally, no matter what — even on days when I don't show it as much as I should.

    I love hot chocolate because it makes me warm from the inside out.

    I love reading blog posts like these because it reminds me to treasure all the lovely things I love. :)

  5. happy valentines
    i love my family and friends and doggie and life and san francisco and being able to walk everywhere!

  6. what a perfect post. love is perfect in every way. and you talk about Kingsley all u want lady, he's IS like your little baby right now and there is nothing wrong with that. keep being an inspiration love:)

  7. Liv

    Great list!!

  8. ♥Lola

    I LOVE this post! And I think it's perfectly normal to think of your pet as your baby :) My dog is like my baby :)

  9. Yay so sweet. Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Anna

    I love you, Naomi. You're a source of optimism for me. Don't ever stop.

  11. ashlina

    i LOVE that you love God!
    i love that you love LOVE.
    you are a rockstar princess!!!!
    and i love to LOVE your blog
    AND your fur baby!!! bc i love my furbaby too

    happy valentines weekend

  12. Kelsi

    "sometimes i think he's forgotten about me. but that's just silly talk.
    i am a child of God and he loves me." such a lovely reminder. thank you!

    happy valentine's day!

  13. LOVE this post!

  14. Whitney

    Valentine's is one of my favorites too!
    (heck. i'm single and still love it!)
    I love God, my friends, my family.
    I love music and art.
    and I love, love, love me some food :D

  15. Celeste

    ἀγάπε – love in ancient greek. my favorite word :)

    and i love love as well and i think it's wonderful that you stop and think about what you're grateful for!

    hurray for valentine's day!

  16. Meghan

    I love YOUR love for life! What an awesome post. Hope your weekend is just fantastic!

  17. Rhianne

    Noami you are lovely and I love your blog (and Kingsley :D) and I especially love snacking, I am with you all the way there. Hope you, Josh and Kingsley have a great weekend x

  18. Janssen

    What a delightful post. Isn't life wonderful?

  19. just discovered your blog – it's lovely. thanks for writing. and I agree – life is better with food. one of my favorites: too much chocolate cake. find the recipe at super easy and perfect for valentine's day.
    and again, thanks for writing. I read your blog from start to finish throughout the week and fell in love with it. you're a peach.

  20. Emma

    Such an adorable post. I love that love is all around us this time of year, it makes you realise who and what's important in life!

    Love your blog and your cute pup.

  21. Meg

    you are allowed to love your dog that much! and i love hearing about him, so keep the stories and cute photos coming! you are so blessed to be able to have so much love in your life, and to be able to reflect on it and appreciate it. happy valentine's day :)

  22. great post! love is so fabulous! and no worries about the whole puppy lovin situation, kingsley is adorable! and he is your child!

  23. I thought about posting a simmilar msg this weekend:)

    Great post.
    I agree with everything you said!


  24. Carolyn

    My dog is like my child so you KEEP ON loving Kingsley and blogging about him!!!

  25. carly

    hey there is nothing wrong with your pup being your baby :)

  26. This is beautiful… and inspiring.

    MY dog is my baby too… there's nothing wrong with that… I love the Kingsley posts!!

    Happy Valentines day to you and your little fam fam!

  27. chesca

    exactly what valentines day is about – celebrating love :)

  28. I love GOD and He never forgets His children. He promised to never leave or forsake us, He is always there. God is good, all the time even when we don't feel Him.

    Have a wonderful Valentine!!!!

  29. happy valentine's day to the davis family! you guys are so precious and i love your little blog of love. <3

    even when we think he's forgotten us, God is still there. always. and he loves us beyond words. we are everything to him. isn't that amazing?!

  30. Maddy

    Glad you have so much to love! I love that little heart you made there, very cute. I hope you three have a great Valentine's Day :)

  31. I love my nieces and nephew more than I ever thought possible.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your cute wittle dog…. (And your husband too, but I'd feel uncomfortable calling him cute like I did with Kingsley)

  32. :) erin

    nothing better than a good love list…

    come by my shop ladies and enter in my heart day head cozy giveaway!

  33. aw, my dog is definitely my baby! and my kitty. don't know what i'd do without them.

  34. taylor.

    what a wonderful list! sometimes i wish you would do a q&a; with your readers so we can ask you questions! maybe that will be something to think about in the future…because we readers love your blog (and all of the pictures of kingsley too!).

  35. i love love. i love being in love. :) love this post. it inspired me.

  36. I love God, my mom, being in love and my life. and I LOVE your blog :)

  37. megan

    my cat is a member of my family! animals make life so much better. i can't wait until i get a dog of my own, too. :)

    this is such a great list! xoxo, happy valentine's day!

  38. such a perfect post. i love reading about kingsley. he is your baby. have a beautiful weekend.

  39. I love God, first and foremost..
    and family :)
    and the best church friends in the entire world!

    I also love creative inspiration which makes me want to improve myself in the artistic area, which then inspires me to make myself better in all areas.

    Love the blog too!

  40. I love God, first and foremost..
    and family :)
    and the best church friends in the entire world!

    I also love creative inspiration which makes me want to improve myself in the artistic area, which then inspires me to make myself better in all areas.

    Love the blog too!

  41. INKY

    A rockin' Valentine's day to you and your husband, Taza :D

  42. Astrid

    You know, you really inspire me. Sadness is easy, I've learnt over the years. Happiness is difficult, but you make it seem worth it whenever I forget.

  43. Amen. Kingsley IS your baby and there's nothing wrong with that. This is YOUR blog. Clearly, some people aren't dog people. :)

  44. Alison

    huzzah, pretty lady! keep on lovn'.

  45. Kari

    A note about loving Kingsley:

    How could you not love Kingsley?

    He is pretty much
    in the world.
    at church,
    you know when everyone stands there in the hallway
    with their babies
    on their hips
    and talk about motherhood
    and all that great stuff
    I walk up to the group
    –and I try to join the convo:
    "OH MY GOSH!!"
    I interject…
    "My cats do the SAME thing!"
    Then my husband gives me
    It's the look
    that says,
    The cat talk?
    You're weird,
    I love you."

    And I love him, too.


  46. i treat like my dog like a baby he loves it and i don't care ;)

  47. Just wanted to say thanks! With all of this snow I have not been feeling very valentinesy and this post gave me that boost of happiness I needed. Woo! Thanks

  48. I love that you are not afraid to say what you love. AKA: your dog;) and your faith!
    thanks for writing!

  49. Monika

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Mclndesm

    I love your blog! It puts a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart. I also love God, My Partner of 14 years and our 2 gifts from God our Lhasa Apsos..Henry and Madison. They are our babies and are such pure beings! Remember Dog is God spelled backwards LOL. I love Valentines Day too, I love those Valentines that come 45 to a box and I want to give them one out to everyone in my little town and I just might!

  51. Beautiful post! :) And who cares if Kingsley is actually a dog? He's your baby and I love the pictures of him!

  52. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Kingsley is amazing!!
    Also, as for your last post, I know you're sick of the snow, but thanks for the pictures :) because here in Switzerland we have none and I miss it!!

  53. beckie

    happy valentine's day! great list of loves

    p.s – i love being in love

  54. Love this list. And yes, God is good! Have a great weekend:)

  55. I <3 your Valentine's Day list! Happy Valentine's Day in snowy DC! :)

  56. Natalie

    key lime pie; so much good. key lime cheesecake from cheesecake factory = divine.

    and i love D.C, too. soon enough i will be taking weekend roadtrips; that gets a napoleonic {dynamiye} heckyes.

  57. MrsKinne

    I love this list and my wonderful husband and our big, orange cat and peanut butter,

    Also, I recently attended a training where a couple older women asked me if I had any kids. I asked, "Does my cat count?"

    They said no.

    Some people just don't understand.

  58. Excellent post- Valentines Day is a day to think of the things and people you love.

    So happy to know you go with the flow and celebrate this day!

    Thanks for sharing,
    - Shannon | Confessions of a Loving Wife.

  59. All very good things that deserve your love. Happy Valentine's Day!

  60. oh and i love your blog!

    You write and post super cute things, and i love 'cus you share things from your personal life and not just fashion.

    I also like the idea of doing hearts with journal paper, i'm going to try it today. Have a happy VDAY!

  61. Naomi-
    Thank you for blogging.
    I love you.
    Happy Valentines.

  62. I love Valentine's Day, too. Thanks for sharing your loving view of life with us!

  63. i mos def love my new(ish) husband!! can't wait to have such a romantic holiday with him this weekend.

  64. I feel so blessed in my life…. love so many things. But especially my husband. And.. we're off to din din to celebrate! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

  65. Chloe

    I love the sound of my heater kicking in to keep me cozy (even though sometimes it annoys me)

    I love (and miss) my mom's spaghetti

    I love my fiance for being so self motivated and teaching me how to be so

    I love "Modern Marvels" on the history channel. Who knew watching wonder bread be made in a factory could be so interesting?

    I love the snow piled on the lawn chairs in my yard.

    I love Rockstar Diaries. I stalk it everyday. <3

  66. Hi Taza,
    I have been reading your blog since your Dad told me about it…I LOVE your family, your sisters baby sat my kids and they are so lovable. I wanted also to say that i know that people have been writing mean things about you guys and to remember that you write for the people who love you. Love you and Happy Valentine day. Come say hi! xoxo

  67. Michelle

    I love
    living somewhere with a beautiful winter
    my boyfriend who cares so much about me and does whatever he can to make me happy
    my family, who I miss
    and God, who always fills me with joy

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  68. Betsy G.

    I discovered your blog this week and just wanted to drop you a note to say that it is inspiring and so much fun to read! I so appreciate your love for God, your little stories and snapshots, and that you make modesty stylish! So fun!

  69. Nina

    I hope u guys have the most sweetest day!

  70. Funny how I thought the sun was a "he" :D

    Joyeuse Saint-Valentin !!

  71. SJ

    I love that you are such an inspiration! As another girl in her early twenties trying to become a proper grown-up, I love that you always see the positive side of things, give thanks for your blessings and write it in all down in such a lovely blog. :)

    Hope you and Josh are having a very happy Valentine's!

  72. I love my daughter, my perfect early Valentine. Even though this is a world brand new and completely overwhelming to me… it's love.

    And I love Zeus, because he likes to play her second father. Every time she cries Alex and Zeus are right by her side.

    And I love Alex, and love seeing him as a father. I love that he reads the bible to her when she's upset.

    So much to love about life. But I'll stop there to avoid writing my own little blog in your comment area. ha.

    Happy Valentines day!

  73. Dini

    hey Taza! nice post…

    what i love now is my holiday in my quite hometown and i love to walk to my life in the future..
    and i also make a very quirky valentine post too in my it's been ridiculous!

    hahahha have a nice day Taza

  74. lynnette

    this was a lovely lovely post. :D i love what you said about loving life. and improving each and every day. Hope that will always be the case!!

    happy vday!!!

  75. Lovely Taza, i recently find your blog and since is Valentines Day i've featured you in my blog for the real couples that dress good. So if you wanna check it out i'll be extremely happy, and of course i hope you don't mind!! HAPPY V DAY! Greetings from Mexico.


  76. Thanks for such a positive message!
    It's very refreshing to see someone so happy with their life.

  77. cute newspaper heart! :)

  78. Jilleun

    i dont comment very often but…
    i love valentines.
    i love the boy i get to marry in 5 months.
    i love my parents.
    i love my little brothers, they're so funny.
    i love temples.
    i love my camera.
    and i love cuddling.

    happy valentines

  79. Valentine's isn't my favorite day, but I do love love.

    I love my husband, who is my partner-in-crime and who is incredibly silly when I'm the only one looking.

    I love my pups, all 25 pounds total of them. I love the way Rugby always opts for my lap while Lucy perches on the back of the couch against my neck.

    I love my parents and sisters who are much too far away.

    And, I love carrot cake and cream cheese frosting, just because.

  80. i love this holiday for the very same reason. thank you for spreading the love today :).

    oh…and you can always call kingsley a puppy. my dog is almost 2 and i still call her a puppy!

    hope you have a lovely v-day!


  81. Sum

    Naomi! You are the cutest! I love your creations. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you had a lovely one!

  82. Carissa

    happy valentine's day to you too!

    and as for kingsley, he is adorable and I think he and my hazel should be friends. that is, if we lived closer :) but really, I know that my lil Hazel isn't a child but I still treat her and love her as such. because until I have a baby of my own… she IS my baby!! :) and that's just fine by me.

  83. lovely list! love the puppy pics on your blog too- no shame in sharing them :)

  84. kate.

    such a great post!!! i don't have a valentine this year but i love this holiday too!

    keep on rocking our worlds.. you are so very good at it. happy valentines day!

  85. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you guys enjoyed :)

  86. HOORAY FOR LOVE!!! I love this post – it's what this day is all about! (Well yesterday) and everyday! Love is what make the world go round! ox

  87. wow. i'd have to say to have a lot of the same loves. :)

    i love my mom & dad.
    even when they have to discipline.. i appreciate that they care enough to train me (and my siblings) up right.

    i love my pooch.
    seriously, i can totally understand why you obsess. i do too. sometimes my friends say, "can we talk about something else…." ;)

    i love my life.
    it's a journey.. sometimes fun, sometimes rough. i've heard, "life isn't a tea party… it's a wild adventure! hang on!"

    i love food.
    yum, yum, yum. why is it so good?! help! my hips do not thank me. :/ my tummy does though. (there's always constant conflict i guess..) ;)

    i love my Abba (aka God).
    He is good even in the bad times. (trying to learn that one.) so God is good no matter what. if you look hard enough you can find good in everything. everythinggg.

    loved this last post. just lovely.

  88. i love.. your blog!! added you to my roll love your blog xoxoxo – daisyy

  89. M.

    I really love this post! Thanks for sharing!

  90. shaney

    I love your blog and style! Check out LVCmag online to enter the AvenueDebutGirl search, where you can be entered to win a $1000 shopping spree!

  91. let me just say…
    in'n'out is my very favorite fast food. hands down.
    i appreciate that you like it too!

  92. even though im a little late i just loved this post!! valentines day is the best!!

  93. What a fabulous celebration of a holiday that gets such mixed feelings! Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love (or the lack thereof). If you choose to use it to celebrate LOVE itself, absolutely anyone should be able to find something to be happy about!

  94. Rach

    Hi taza

    thankyou. You{your blog} has allowed me to dream again.


  95. Lovin' your list! Writing those lists is such a great way of seeing the good, the great and the fabulous in life and not give too much weight to all that is not (yet) well.