here’s to happiness {by chanel}

i am bringing back the happy lists!
mostly because when i receive one, it makes me feel so happy.
and i kind of love that feeling, very very much.
hope you enjoy them as well…
i loved this one my dear friend chanel emailed me today.
we studied at juilliard together and she’s in her second season
dancing professionally with trey mcintyre.
i love her dearly.
10 things that make chanel terribly happy:
  1. yogi purely peppermint tea…mmm.
  2. laying on the grass, nuzzled in the shoulder of someone you love.
  3. laughing. uncontrollably.
  4. disney movies! especially the little mermaid.
  5. crepes. preferably with bananas and nutella.
  6. watching the sunset.
  7. sending and receiving lovely things in the mail.
  8. the indescribable feeling you get after performing for a loving audience.
  9. sweet, stolen kisses.
  10. bacon cheeseburgers. with fries.
thanks for sharing, chanel!
love you girl. xoxo
photo via papertissue.


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snowboarding in sundance, utah (a very beautiful place)
with josh, my little brother isaac and sister hannah.
someday i will be able to keep up
with these three people on the mountain.

Kingsley. And other pets we know.

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josh’s parents have a pretty adorable cat named hopi.

she wears pink bows in her hair!
she is one big ball of fluff.
such a big ball of fluff, that you can’t really find her eyes unless you lift up the fluff on her face.
i don’t exactly care for cats (well, marci’s cat maude is pretty adorable)
but before we got kingsley, i tried to talk josh into letting us adopt hopi from his parents.
i really love her look and temperament.
but josh is very allergic to cats (and… he hates them.)
anyway, kingsley lOVED chasing hopi around.
he was just so curious.
she liked running away, hissing and trying to paw his face off.
kingsley also loved trying to become bff’s with ben (josh’s parents dog)
and buster (my family’s dog) but with no luck.
older big dogs dislike him so much that they ignore him.
and my mom’s chickens were so scared of him. they just hid under the coop
the entire time he was outside.
i’m proud of his many attempts to win other animal’s hearts though.
he makes a valiant effort to befriend a new dog (or squirrel)
everyday on our walks.
someday, he’ll find a best animal friend.
until then, he’s stuck only winning the affection of humans.

cute little video.

i was browsing nate pickett’s blog the other day
and maybe watched this video of his three times in a row.
he shot it in california using only natural light, at night!
and in black and white.
this couple is absolutely adorable. (so is her pregnant belly. i love it.)
and this video is so rockstar.

in collaboration with gideon photo.
this is NOT a sponsored post.


when i was a little girl living in utah,
my dad would take us girls out to tommy’s hot dog in provo
for daddy-daughter dates.
i think i fell in love with tommy’s when i was 6 or 7 years old.
it is probably my favorite little place to grab lunch in utah county.
i was so glad we made time for a run by on our trip last week.
my family is originally from chicago so everyone always gets a chicago dog!
even though i was born there, i still eat my hot dogs with nothing but the bun.
haha. i love it.
and how cute is this little man reading the newspaper outside tommy’s?

if kingsley wasn’t getting such a big tummy
i would have shared. (at a moment when josh wouldn’t be looking….of course.)
*and i just realized its proper name is tommy’s burger,
but we have always called it tommy’s hot dog at my house.
we don’t go for the burgers….we go to stan’s in provo for that.