bff’s. (or lovers.)

since we spent new years day in new york city, kingsley got to have a playdate
with his new bff, dear natalie’s precious stellie (whose haircut i adore).
they hit it off nicely…
until kingsley got on stella’s nerves and took over her space,
her toys and even water bowl like a king.
(he really likes living up to his name.)

here is stellie thinking, “what’s wrong with you–spaz?”

and here is kingsley really getting on stellie’s nerves.
he was just so excited to have a female friend!

dear stellie ( and nat), thanks for playing!
we love you both.
  1. They are destined to become bbf :) They are both sooo cute!!

  2. jen

    Oh my gosh! Kingsley is the cutest thing ever! Congrats!

  3. Heather

    So cute! Wanda (our Westie) loves little play dates!

  4. lahmode

    OH my gosh they are so CUTE! :P Wrinkles and curls everywhere. It would be perfect of Kingsley just stayed that small.

  5. Meg Fee

    this is melting my heart right now. sorry i was mia while you were here. what do you think about me coming to visit dc for a day and a half soon?

  6. I've officially melted into a puddle of moosh! I don't know how much more my heart can take I adore Kingsley!!! I am so excited to see him .. please keep the updates coming… even if it kills me I'll die smiling ;)

    Happy New Year!

  7. Meghan

    He is just too adorable for words!

  8. too much, he is one of the cutest nuggets EVER!!!!!!!

  9. ♥♥♥ love is in the air ♥♥♥

  10. keli *

    These pics are funny – a great way to start monday!! Thanks :)

  11. Oh he is SO cute! They're darling together!

  12. he is simply too cute for words and i can tell you two are such great parents!

  13. Is his name Kingsley because of the Life Aquatic? What a little sugar fluff!

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  15. your little man is quite handsome. :)

  16. Awwww! Those pictures make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy!

  17. They are so cute together! My little pup argued with family dogs all throughout the holidays. They really do like their space!

  18. Sum

    Definitely lovers! Oh so cute!

  19. ashlina

    oh boy! how cute are they?
    puppies playing is like fresh air, there is nothing better….

    kingsley is way too cute for words…

  20. Seyma

    my, i die die die die die die die for those two :))))))))


  21. Hanako66

    gasp! she looks like my bailey…what a darling pair those two are!!!

  22. Rose Red

    The cuteness is overwhelming! I could look at pictures of puppies all day long.

  23. Jenni

    Oh lovers for sure. So cute these two pups they are. Loves these photos.

  24. I love everything about this post.

  25. Awww…this is adorable! I think the name "Kingsley" suits him very well. He has a royal air about him. Love it!

  26. Lehua

    kingsley is adorable!!

  27. Our 15 week old black lab played with her "Aunt" 3 year old Cocker Spaniel this weekend and although our pup wanted nothing but to play, her Aunt wanted nothing to do with her and her hyperness! Puppies are so fun (and hard), but enjoy him! He's super cute! :)

  28. Fawn

    this little puppy is adorable! where did you find him? thanks for sharing :)

  29. oh emma

    i got back to school today (i'm 14) and the first thing me and my best friend did, was talk about your little puppy! haha, we both follow your lovely blog and are also both in love with kingsley! you have inspired my scrapbook (future pets you see). so thank you! haha, love love love
    emma :)x

  30. i mean, isn't it so fun when your pup has bffs?

    my little fluffball may or may not have a bigger social life than i do sometimes..

  31. Those pups are a riot! I'm thinking about getting a dog and this just proves that a dog will make my life that more amusing! All hail THE KING!

  32. I don't normally like bull dogs, *gasp* I hear! But your little puppy is unbelievably cute!! I think you've won me over!

  33. i. love. kingsley.

    he's adorable.

    can't handle it.

  34. Naurnie

    that is one cute pile o' wrinkles. i am also happy to see that we aren't the only couple in the world who is obsessed with our dog…

  35. Exteena

    This makes me miss my little dog in California soooo much! I just hate apartments that aren't pet friendly right now. Cute pictures Naomi

  36. i love the pic where kingsley is rolling on the couch and stellie is just staring at him… so cute!!
    happy new year :)

  37. ali

    cutest darn this ever.

  38. emma

    Aw, cute pics :]

  39. Brie

    Oh my word, I love your blog. It's so dang cute! You have excellent style. I'm totally into fashion but I don't have the resources to make the clothing I like! Haha! Oh well. But ya. I love your headbands too! :) Ahh, you are defiantly an inspiration.

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  41. la

    i {love} red couches!! absolutely beautiful!!

  42. Jenae

    Your little king is absolutely Adorable.

    Now I want one!

  43. Celeste

    so adorable! makes me wish i had a puppy of my own.

  44. that third picture made me lol. Stella seems *quite* taken aback by Kingsley's uncouth behavior.

  45. I just have to say that your little Kingsley is so precious! I have been trying to talk my husband into getting a bulldog and I'm constantly making him peek at your blog. I'm happy for the little addition to your family. Have a great Monday!

  46. Emma

    how fitting that they would be the best of friends. what darling pics!

  47. lula


  48. These pictures make Monday more bearable.

  49. Mara

    this is so so cute! Kingsley has such a great totally comes through! You guys must be having such a blast with him!

  50. My bulldog always thinks everything is his!

  51. Maddy

    Oh he's so cute with his little friend/girlfriend… how fun!! He looks like he's already grown a lot!

  52. Amanduh

    they are so adorable!!

  53. i almost spit out my diet coke on that third picture. hahah i love it so much.

  54. Riley

    My Shih-tzu is just like him! She thinks everything is hers and demands attention.

  55. Oh Naomi I *heart* Kingsley! (& you too of course!)

    This pics are too precious. The contrast of their white coats on the bright red couch is just awesome.

    Keep them coming – I mean seriously who doesn't love puppy pictures?!


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  57. Your puppy is so adorable! Lol…i've been trying to make my bf buy us one too. No luck yet, but persistence is key right? ;)

  58. Mikaela

    this is the cutest thing ever!

  59. my husband is going to be mad when i come home with a bulldog lol…..yours is soo dang cute!!

  60. CAPow

    I'm dying from all the cute!

  61. My goodness, I think I just died.

  62. Drea

    Awww. That is so adorable. I love puppy play dates! :) Viva, our pup, would love Kingsley.

  63. oh my gosh sooooo cute!!!!
    kingsley needs a playmate!!

  64. Ahhhh so adorable!! Kingsley is so handsome.

  65. Amanda

    please, please, please tell me that you'll be submitting some of these adorable photos to desire to inspire's weekly pet's on furniture post! (

    sir kingsley would be a great addition to them – he's just so precious :)

  66. G

    Those pictures made me smile. Thanks for sharing. Kingsley is adorable.

  67. I wish Stellie would have been in a box under my christmas tree! Well, a box with some breathing holes and food and water.

  68. I wish Stellie would have been in a box under my christmas tree! Well, a box with some breathing holes and food and water.

  69. Kaylie

    Adorable! The white dog totally reminds me of our miniature schnauzer Izzy.

  70. Belle

    so sweet! Haha i love how kingsley look such like a little baby in the "what's wrong with you–spaz?" photo! Adorable xx

  71. Carolyn

    These are too cute! I love seeing animals have friends. You're right too, that haircut is perfect for Stellie.

  72. alexia

    aww. best buddies! how precious is kingsley?

  73. kingsley! he's such a cutie! and i love the name! you're going to have so much fun with him!

  74. INKY

    Aww. So adorable! I also looove the Red couch :)