happy birthday!

…to my man,
best friend,
love of my life,
partner in rockstar crime,
and dear sweet husband.
i love you so much, josh!
happy 27th!

little letters.

dear baked and wired,

pretty sure you make the best cupcakes, brownies, pies and cookies in DC right now. why are you so awesome?
dear radio station,
isn’t there something besides lady gaga to play?
dear josh,
i’m still sad you refused my brilliant birthday party idea for your big day this saturday. i will continue to bring this up for months.
dear ladies of the world,
do we really have to shave our legs so often? i’m tired of feeling guilty about rarely shaving. let’s stop this madness.
dear pneumonia residing in my puppy,
leave. forever. and never come back.
dear readers,
thanks for being kind about this blog turning into a kingsley blog. and for being so supportive and kind while he’s been so sick.
dear readers (again),
have you checked out the mini DC guide yet? my post about things to do in the district here, places to eat in the district here, music venues here and a few of my favorite DC shopping spots coming tomorrow.
dear pet insurance,
it’s such a shame we didn’t meet a few days earlier.
dear fondant,
you are very hard to make. and you make me feel like i have zero skills.
dear weekend,
thank you for finally getting here. hopefully i’ll enjoy you while catching up on all my missed zzzzzzz’s from the week.
photo of me holding a baked and wired cupcake
taken by the lovely rebecca reed.

i’ve noticed…

that this face keeps showing up when a picture is taken of me.
what am i doing?

…and because my eyes disappear when i laugh,
there are far too many photos of me like this too.
oh, such a rockstar.

kingsley update.

it breaks my heart to see kingsley hooked up to an IV, isolated in an oxygen tank receiving breathing treatments with some stupid cone on his head so he won’t pull out his IV. but the good news is, he’s eating again and finally responding to us when we visit. we can’t wait to bring him back home from the pet hospital.
also, thank you thank you thank you for sending good thoughts and positive energy his way. it means a lot.

such a brave little king.
kingsley, i love you.
*and these were taken with my iphone so sorry for the quality.