rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a giveaway by ciao chessa!
the winner will receive a print of their choosing
from ciao chessa’s open edition line of prints in the shop.
the talent behind ciao chessa is the corporate dropout
turned professional NY-based photographer monica shulman.
monica left her career as a corporate lawyer to focus on her photography.
chessa is her childhood nickname, and monica says it’s also
her much bolder & less shy alter-ego!

so go head over to ciao chessa and start dreaming of
which open edition print you’d love to win …
then leave a comment below before friday, august 28th!
good luck!
  1. Jayne

    absolutely gorgeous prints! i'd love love love to place this somewhere. :)

  2. Sher

    so hard to choose, I love spring 1!!

  3. omg, those photographs are so pretty! I can't choose only one! =d I love every pictures about spring and violet… ooo… it's a very had thing to do; decidision, decision…

    my first love… it's the spring I, I think =) *crossed fingers

  4. I adore the third picture. :) M

  5. this was such an incredibly hard decision. every single one of the prints are beautiful, but if i had to choose one i'd choose the paris vintage print. it's absolutely stunning and exactly where i want to be right now instead of waking up for school.
    please, please pick me for this giveaway!

  6. I'm having trouble picking between "Shadow of Ourselves," "The Wheel Series," "Walking from the Past," and "Prelude to Summer." Great work!

  7. Belle

    Lovely giveaway!!!
    i adore "On the Way Up, On the Way Down" xxx

  8. kailee

    i just took a photo class this summer and have been in love with prints ever since. this is coming at the perfect time as i am redoing my room!!!

  9. Jenni

    What a great story and great photography! I'd love to hang almost every print she has on my walls. Great giveaway.

  10. Lydiia

    Paris Vintage is soooo pretty!
    Great photo's!

  11. Rhianne

    I love Vivo – I'm going to the beach at the weekend but this print makes me wish I was there right now!

  12. Pearls

    oh my, these are cool! My walls are bare and need some joy to hang on them! Hope I win!

  13. Janssen

    Oh, that is so awesome. I would love to win!

  14. My favorite print is "In the spring II." Spring is my favorite season with everything coming awake again. This print would match my office terrifically! Thanks for the contest!

  15. Mariele

    The red bicycle photgraph caught my eye at first glance and i fell in love. It reminds me so much of my younger childhood and makes me excited for new adventures. Pleae pick me!

  16. bec

    i would love to have The Little Red Bike.
    i am so completely in love with this and italy :)
    i love how i can look at this photo and almost feel the rough concrete wall behind the bike, the coolness of the bars on the windows and almost hear the whir of the wheels. its as close to italy as im going to get, at least for now.
    and im in the processs of redoing my room and this would be most deffinetly the highlight of it.
    and i dont have anything else thats red in my room.
    and i know just the place to put it :)
    and also its my birthday on friday. im turning 17 and this would be a lovely surprise :)

  17. i wish i was brave enough to leave my job to do somethiing i was passionate about. these prints are stunning :)

  18. valerie

    ooooohhh. Very nice.

    Count me in!

  19. emma

    ohh, i really want to live inside their photographs, they're really great :]

  20. Maria


    I love your blog and would love to have the print "Sea sea sea" on my bedroom wall!

    Greetings from Maria in Norway

  21. Those prints bring back memories of my trip to Paris and my parents house by the beach – they're lovely :)
    One'd certainly brighten up my college room in the city!

  22. Kiki

    Wow, all those photos are stunning! I'm having such a hard time deciding on my favorite.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. Love love all those prints !! Really beautiful :)

    Would love to hang one of them in my bedroom . Loving the Violet I and have a seat prints !

    Real classic <3

  24. Amy

    Love cuai chessa's photography. captivating.

  25. So love that middle photo. Reminds me of summers of long ago.

  26. Anna

    these images are all so incredibly beautiful. it would be difficult to choose one to bring into my home, but I think I could do it!

  27. noella

    woow.. i love the print 'walking from the past'.. makes reality seem so surreal!

  28. Shea

    Oh my gosh! All her photos are so pretty! I don't know which one I like the best! I love all the black & white ones the most.

  29. Rileigh

    oooooh! I like so many, but "shadows of ourselves" speaks to me.

  30. k.

    it's a tough one! but i would have to say Sea Sea Sea.

    pflater at gmail

  31. ///

    yes please! her prints are gorgeous! its good to know too that people are still able to escape the grip that is the corporation to pursue art forms. right on.

  32. My goodness so many BEAUTIFUL prints to choose from! LOVE the water pics though. Reminds me of Southern Ca, which is home!

  33. wow! Changes is amazing!! i would be thrilled to have this! it's my birthday on the 30th, and i just got diagnosed with possible swine flu. :( i cannot even get out of bed, doctors orders. this would be so lovely to look at while i am sick!! xoxo

  34. these are fantastic! they would look so cute on my bare walls!

  35. Maddy

    These pictures are amazing! Such a pretty thing to brighten my mood on the first day of classes!

  36. what talent! thanks for sharing this artist's work!

  37. RAღ

    I'd LOVE to receive one of those paris vintage prints. So pretty! Keeping fingers – and toes – crossed. :)

  38. boots

    These photographs are wonderful, and if i could have any one i would pick the house on the water. it reminds me of late summer in cape cod. i can imagine getting married in that very spot.

  39. I know just the spot for almost every photo. Ohhh lala!

  40. Ooooh, I love pretty pictures. I'd love to have one of these hanging on my wall!

  41. tlr

    Decisions, decisions. I love the whole Paris series and the Italy ones but I think my fave is "Walking From The Past". Thank you for the chance!

  42. Katie

    these are so lovely!
    I just moved into my very first apartment and am dreaming of how dressed up my bare walls would look with one of these hanging from the currently boring pallet in my living room :)

  43. loupita

    Oh my! They're gorgeous pictures.

    My favourite is Green in Tuscany. Love the earthy simplicity.

  44. Alivia

    Beautiful! How could anyone chose just one? I'd have to close my eyes and point.

  45. wow, i hope to acquire just an ounce of chessa's talent! beautiful!


    ~un bel oiseau

  46. Andrea

    I love them! I also love that chessa left her corporate life to do what makes her happy!

  47. i love the 'air dry' and the ones of the sea! gosh so beautiful. reminds me of my mom :D what a lovely giveaway.

  48. Andrea

    I love them! I also love that chessa left her corporate life to do what makes her happy!

  49. KLBK

    I think I'd like air dry…but I really like THe New Yorkers :) :)

  50. I LOVE beautiful photography… it gives me a bit of light and vision as I work away on my dissertation.

  51. I'd love to own any of the photos from the Wheel series. I have always had a fascination with Ferris wheels. Gorgeous.

  52. Naomi

    Mmmm, I would go with the "green in tuscany" first or "walking from the past." Love these prints.

  53. ohh i love the paris vintage one, or the On the Way Up, On the Way Down one..either one would look great in my place! :D

  54. Sarah

    I'd love to win one of those prints! Choose me!!

  55. What a beautifully inspiring story!! And her pictures are stunning! I WANT ONE!

  56. Tara

    So gorgeous! I would love one!

  57. katie

    i love, love, love Take a Seat!

  58. Jessica

    WOW! Fabulous pics…in pursuit of passion. It's so refreshing. I love "Your Wild Horses."

  59. Julie

    Lovely! I love the old soda bottles! I have one from Argentina.

  60. Sawyer

    oh my gosh, her prints are gorgeous! especially the third print :)

  61. yogak8

    lovely and inspiring. thank you for the opportunity.

  62. Susie

    Ohhhhhhh, one of these would be perfect for my new house!

  63. Those bottles are amazing!! :)

  64. Just lovely. It would be amazing to win one!

  65. Nat


  66. Meghan

    i love monica's work! my favorite is her "rain" print. so so pretty.

  67. Morgan

    Wonderful giveaway! Prelude to Summer is beautiful…

  68. Kim

    Her work is wonderful! I just left my job as a teacher in Indiana to pursue wedding photography in Chicago! So not only can I relate, but I also have tons of wall space to fill with inspiring photos! I wish Monica all the best!

  69. Carrie

    they're all so pretty! i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i'm moving into a new place soon and i'd LOVE to have one of those prints hanging on the wall. :)

  70. Cameron

    You pick the best giveaways! I love all of them!!!

  71. I always get so inspired when I read people who are in my line of work leave to pursue their true passions. I'm working on finally being one of those people. Her work is gorgeous!

  72. Suzanna

    I like!

  73. Jamie

    I would love a print! They're darling!

  74. Tierney

    Oh wow, those are gorgeous! <3

  75. Allison


    What fabulous prints!

  76. Emma

    So lovely. I would be delighted to add "History in some Bottles" to my currently barren-looking sun room!

  77. nifer

    I would love to hang "History in Some Bottles" in my kitchen or bathroom. So unique!

  78. Esther

    I'm in love with "On the Way Up, On the Way Down" and "Abstract Spring II." Would love to see either adorn my bedroom wall:)

  79. Claire

    gorgeous! one of these would be perfect for my currently-bare bedroom walls!

  80. Absolutely beautiful prints!

  81. Kaylen

    Ooooooh. I love all of them! And can I just say that how AWESOME it is that she dropped out of lawyer-world to do what she really, really wanted to do. Very inspiring.

    I think I like "Air Dry" the best. Yay!

  82. I love the old seltzer bottles! I have a spot directly over my bar that this would fit perfectly in. Thanks for the giveaways. These are fantastic! : )

  83. Oh! Her photos are just lovely! After studying several of her prints, I'm in love with "Plates for Sale." The fun, bright colors would look amazing in the home my husband and I just bought (our first!) and work with my Bohemian themes perfectly!

  84. Shannon

    Those are beautiful…The colors are amazing!

  85. Jalene

    I love photography. These are beautiful and simple.

  86. These are gorgeous! I will have to study them to decide which is my favorite.

  87. I love abstract spring 2! She is a wonderful photographer. It's all beautiful! PICK ME!


  88. Pick me! I'd love a print!

  89. what a difficult decision it would be. they are all wonderful.

  90. Sarah

    Wow, so hard to choose, but I love both the "Hanging In" and "Paris Vintage"! I'm moving into a new place next week and this would be so perfect to win. Going through a divorce and I don't have a lot of stuff right now. Thanks as always!

  91. Laura

    I love how her photographs have a timeless quality. The one of the little girl and dog in Paris is my favorite!

  92. tawnya

    Oh, beautiful! I LOVE good photography…

  93. Natalie

    Okay, so I LOVE the picture of the red fold up bike! I used to have an old yellow fold up bike that I bought when I was in college, so the red one reminds me of biking around Rexburg! I also loved all the ocean prints… I love the beach!

  94. Shiloh

    i love photography. beautiful prints.

  95. Amazing! I'd love to hang one in my newly remodeled family room..

  96. I think I'd like all of the New York prints, please. :)

  97. KiMnRoB

    Wow, it's so hard to choose! All the images are beautiful!

  98. omgsh! Monica's work is amazing and would look really cute in my apartment! :) lol yesplease!

  99. jen

    They're all so beautiful, how would I ever choose?

  100. ohmy, every single one of her works is absolutely incredible!
    My favorite's "Air Dry"
    It makes my dryer look so cold and unfeeling! :]

  101. Jill

    'Abstract Spring I' would make a fab bday present for moi (8/28)!!!

  102. Emmy

    Oh, I would love to win! She has a lot of great pictures. I think the bike one is my favorite also.. though my heart is also drawn towards "The pair", my niece adores horses.

  103. Kylee

    Oh such lovely photographs. I hope I win :-)

  104. Love them all. I thought for sure the red bike one would be my favorite but there are so many amazing ones.

  105. So beautiful! Love it!

  106. Beautiful! I'd love one of these.

  107. I love them all. I thought for sure the red bike one would be my fav. but there really are so many beautiful pictures that its hard to choose.

  108. i'm absolutely obsessed with her pictures! this is a fantastic give away!!!

    sign me up for sure!

  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. AlexisH

    I would love to leave the corporate world for photography. How fantastic. These photos are beautiful and would look perfect in our loft. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  111. Paulina

    ooooo, we are moving into a new apt in september and would love to hang this on our new walls!!

  112. I love the image of the colourful old soda bottles. Fantastic! I'd like it on my wall, please…

  113. Andrea

    One of this prints would look beautiful in our apartment :)

  114. sayacate

    ahh, so lovely! I just moved into my freshman dorm and one of thee would be the perfect addition to my semi-bare white walls. I love "sea sea sea" and "vintage paris". wonderful works!

  115. sayacate

    ahh, so lovely! I just moved into my freshman dorm and one of thee would be the perfect addition to my semi-bare white walls. I love "sea sea sea" and "vintage paris". wonderful works!

  116. Wow such beautiful Prints would love to win one…!

  117. Beautiful photos. I would love to win this giveaway!

  118. Ali Tong

    My wants it bad!

  119. Kate

    I am really drawn to all of her work, but the History in Some Bottles is amazing.

  120. Just moved to Seattle last week. "Rain" would be perfect for my currently blank walls. I love them all!

  121. Emie

    Her work is so gorgeous. :)
    My favorite is 'my wild horses'.
    Something about it caught my eye right away and I adore it.

  122. OH MY GOODNESS! I really love these prints! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  123. I love the old house over looking the lake. It would look devine in my bedroom!

  124. JKreids

    I love Abandon! Reminds me of home in PA.

  125. Sara

    I LURVE, not just love, LURVE un petit jardin. And who doesn't love to say the word "jardin" in an over-the-top French accent? It's just good clean fun.

  126. so gorgeous…would be a great addition to my husband & i's new house :)

  127. emily

    How wonderful! They are ALL just lovely!

  128. i think monica made a good decision in changing her career. these pictures are really pretty!

  129. Wow! Thank you for introducing me to ciao chessa. Her work is gorgeous! My three favorite (because it is too hard to pick just one, for now) are "Plates for sale", "un petit jardin" and "Air Dry" (because it reminds me of my recent trip to Rome). All of her prints would look great in my new apartment!!!

  130. Grace

    Very nice prints. I particularly like the hot purple lips and prelude to summer.

    Thanks for hosting so many fun giveaways!

  131. Diane

    gorgeous! i love the bottles. i just moved into an apartment at school and it would look awesome in our kitchen

  132. Danya A.

    Oh these photos are beautiful. She is extremely talented. She has an eye for unorthodox photos and angles.
    Great work!

  133. Laura

    I would LOVE one of these for my sad, bare little walls in my living room.

  134. love the prints. especially the little red bike. =]

  135. Linka

    I have been on a fruitless search looking for art for our home. I love photography, but as you can tell from my blog I'm not the best photographer :)

    I would love the Your wild horses print…it makes me think of the hubby and that's always a good thing :)

  136. Daniella

    What a beautiful addition that would be to the big white wall sadly starring at me in my apartment!! The colors are so beautiful and vibrant!!

  137. Gorgeous photos! I'd love one!

  138. Wow, those are absolutely breathtaking compositions! I love having other people's beautiful creations adorning my walls! :)

  139. Kenna

    Love her photos! They're great!

  140. OH MY GOODNESS! I love looking these pictures! WOW! Thank you for sharing and hosting the give away!

  141. Jaime

    So lovely! I really like many, but my fave as got to be the bottles one you featured!

  142. Lizzi

    Monica's work is amazing! It would be so hard to pick just one of her wonderful prints, but "History in Some Bottles" would match my kitchen perfectly!

  143. these are beautiful! I love the little red bike and shadows of ourselves!

  144. Lindsey

    Oooh I love her work! Would love to have one of her prints!!

  145. Kelsey

    Beautiful work. I would loooove to own one of those :)

  146. Emma

    all are fabulous, my apartment is screaming for one!

  147. Valerie

    I love "plates for sale", the colors make me happy :) And i also like Abstract, Spring II, beautiful work! I hope I win!

  148. Mollie

    LOVE the rain print! All of them, actually. Beautiful, beautiful work. So inspiring to hear of someone who chased their dreams.

  149. Candace

    I would love one of her prints in my house! She does beautiful work.

  150. Gabi

    How beautiful! I'd love to win "The New Yorkers – Limited Edition Print"

  151. Gabi

    How beautiful! I'd love to win "The New Yorkers – Limited Edition Print"

  152. Amy

    They are all so beautiful…..I really like the second one you posted…so peaceful!

  153. mic

    i love "Air Dry." sort of makes me wish for a clothes line…and clean laundry! very pretty.

  154. Dreamy! How to choose?

  155. Sara

    Wow – love her work!!

  156. I really hope I win this one. They're all beautiful.

  157. Thank you for the giveaway. All her work was beautiful but I love "un petit jardin" the most. Flowers always make me smile.

  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. LAM

    Hi Taza, I would love one of those pictures! My favourites are the little red bike and abandom, something very tranquil about them. I am just about to move to France and find a place with my boyfriend and we have nothing… one of those pictures would be a lovely way to start! I know the chances are probably quite slim seeing as there are already 148 posts!

    Your blog is brilliant, I am new to blogging and your site has inspired me to create my own, so thanks and a bientot! Love Laura x

  160. all of those would be perfect in my house! Please pick me! I love them!!

  161. Suzanne

    Oh what a dream come true it would be to have one of these gorgeous photos! My sweetheart and I are getting married in January and it would be the perfect additions to our new bungalo!

  162. stepanka

    i would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these!! I so badly need to decorate my apartment – but my very un-creative roommate refuses to split any of the cost of decorating, she would rather have white walls then spend a dime on a painting! I just can't afford expensive art on my own. Hope to win so we're not stuck looking at white washed walls all winter! :)

  163. Pick me! Pick me! How beautiful are these?!

  164. oh. WOW. they all take my breath away. i lOVE that she quit being a lawyer to do what she was really meant to do. greg and i would be thrilled to have one of these gracing our living room!!!

  165. Kforce

    Those are so great! I love them!!

  166. They are all so pretty! My favorites are Spring 1 and Violet.

  167. Jackie

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. Shelley

    I love love love "History in Some Bottles." The colors are perfect! I would love to win this!

  169. I just love them all!! So beautiful!!!

  170. dixie

    so so pretty! I love them all.

  171. J.Dimps

    all of her photos are gorgeous! but i love love LOVE "hot purple lips." It would look perfect in the apartment i plan on moving into in the next few months :)

  172. molly

    i love the "hanging in" print.
    crossing my fingers!

  173. Karla

    Beautiful work and my walls are bare…
    Love the little red bike…

  174. wow, chessa has an amazing talent! my favorite picture is 'Paris Vintage'. I'm passionate about Paris, but I live in Mexico and it's really hard to find here any French type art, so i would love to win it!

  175. Beautiful work. I love them all!

  176. Katie

    Wow! Amazing prints. Way too hard to choose just one!

  177. I LOVE these prints. So simple and beautiful. Really inspirational for a young photographer looking to learn. :)

  178. Oh these are fabulous! I could so use a new print in my home.

  179. Love, Love, LOVE her work! Just beautiful!

  180. Oh goodness. I love print giveaways! I would love to have a beautiful print in my new apartment :)

  181. annie

    Such beautifully creative prints! My favorite just might be the Prelude to Summer… Normally I'm a sucker for anything black and white, but that color makes me want summer to last forever! Love it!

  182. the bottle one is my favorite. i just love pictures.

  183. Heather

    Beautiful prints! I'd love to win one.

  184. Echo

    I would be delighted to put ANY of these up in my love nest. It's so inspiring to see someone following their heart

  185. Sandy

    as a creative spirit turned lawyer (er, third year law student), i applaud monica's movement in the other direction. i love the barn you featured, as well as the ferris wheel at her etsy shop.

  186. There are many that I really like but my favorites have to be "In New York Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices" because of the pop of red and also "Paris Vintage" because of the old, classy, movie-like feel. Either one would look awesome in my new apartment :). Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  187. Brittany

    Huzzah for rockstar giveaways! There are so many beautiful prints to choose from. I need new art for my new apartment! Thanks lady.

  188. Alessia

    gorgeous photos! I think my favorite is the little red bike.

    Fingers crossed!

  189. Stonez

    Her prints are fabulous and her talent is inspiring!

  190. Eliza

    oh, i am definitely dreaming!

  191. Dasha

    These prints are beautiful! I would love to own one.

  192. Katie

    I love "staring at the sun" and "your wild horses". Great giveaway!

  193. Kylee

    I would love to have ciao chessa art all over my walls!

  194. Danielle

    What gorgeous photographs. They all make my heart jump a little bit :), especially "Un Petit Jardin". Best wishes, as always!

  195. Celeste

    It's hard to decide between "Plates for Sale" and "In the Spring I." I love the burst of vibrant plate colors and the delicateness of the pink flowers. Either of these would be beautiful near my desk for a burst of color and life while I work on my long college papers!

  196. karajean

    lovely! I would love one for my newly decorated room :)

  197. tamsterg

    I love Brooklyn Abstract or the first photo in The Wheel Series. Absolutely amazing photography!

  198. Wowza. I am LOVING this giveaway. I absolutely love the print she has of Florence. I studied there several years ago and it has my heart. Someday I will go back, but I feel that looking at that print helps me feel as though I'm already on my way.

  199. Rose Red

    Amazing photos, I love them!

  200. Ali

    I love "In New York Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices"…so cool.

  201. Jillian

    Beautiful photos.

  202. autumn

    Wow, so much talent! Husband and I's bedroom is lacking one of these beautiful works for sure!

  203. Sarah

    wow – I love the History in Some Bottles. Beautiful!

  204. Krista

    love the little red bike

  205. Leah

    these are all so beautiful! i especially adore the little red bicycle! what a treat this would be!

  206. allison

    i love love love your blog and all of your fun giveaways!

    my husband and i just moved into a cute little house just outside of boulder, co. our neighborhood (of 11 houses) is called silver spruce and it feels like living at camp!! currently we have bare wall…so a beautiful print from ciao chessa would really "spruce" things up at silver spruce! hehe!!


  207. Olivia

    Her work totally wowed me! My favorite is "you pick the place and i'll choose the time"…. amazing!

  208. EA

    Oh I love! Already dreaming of some fotos in my living room!

  209. …………………………………………………………………………………………………….**speechless**……………………………………………..:0

    such prettys!

  210. I love her work!

    My fave would have to be a tossup between Paris Vintage, Abandon, or Prelude to Summer.

  211. Emily

    pick me please!

  212. Emily

    pick me please!

  213. Leah

    these are lovely prints! i especially adore the one of the red bicycle. i would love to have one of these! :)

  214. Kate8085

    I love the shadows of ourselves print in her shop!!
    Awesome giveaway!! Thanks!

  215. I was meant to win this giveaway! I am a third year law student, but my real passion is photography! Pick me!

  216. ohh man! I would love one of those!!! please bless I win!

  217. alex

    the ferris wheel, the oranges, the doors… it would be hard to choose a favorite, but i'd love to win!{at}gmail{dot}com

  218. Em & Gar

    absolutely gorgeous! would love one!

  219. i'd love one!! oh oh please!!

  220. Jeni

    They are all beautiful works of art. I'm a pink girl and so my favorite is In the Spring II. I love those pink blossoms. Thanks for sharing her work.

  221. kylie

    these prints are beautiful! i absolutely love them!

  222. oo they're all so amazing.
    i think i would definitely choose the bicycle one. its fantastic!

  223. Kelly

    you always have the best giveaways!
    the little red bike is darling :)
    it would look so cute hanging up in my sister's room! she's a big fan of it!

  224. Jen

    They are all so pretty, just what I need for moving into my first house! Pick me!

  225. oh, i love photography!!!! and her beautiful prints!

  226. greta

    how beautiful. i'm moving wouldn't they just be wonderful to hang in a kitchen?

  227. Kelsie

    Oh wow! I love her work!
    Pick me! Pick me!
    Her work would look just fabulous hanging on my bedroom wall!

  228. I love her alter ego and I love these prints!

  229. Shauna

    after about 30 minutes of looking at the gorgeous prints! i think i've chosen Rain! these pictures are beautiful!!! i would love to show off one of these in my house!!

  230. Beautiful photos! This is a great giveaway!

  231. Mary

    these are AMAZING! (and would be a VERY nice addition to my new dorm room)
    i love them all!!!

  232. Bonnie

    Oh wow, I'd love to win!

  233. Shawna

    How breathtakingly beautiful these photos are. They make you want to just dive right into them and live. Considering the week, (yes, I know it is only Tuesday) that I have been having, it is very tempting to do just that. I love all of them but am particularly drawn to the red bike and the laundry ones.


  234. Greta

    Such beautifully captured moments! I'd be proud to hang on one my wall.

  235. d.

    what a talented woman.
    My favourite is the bike!

  236. i wish!

  237. I would love to win "Air Dry", but they are all beautiful!

  238. Caitlin

    i LOVE on the way up, on the way down. What a gorgeous print! great shop!

  239. ooooooh! Tres, tres jolie!!! Picking just one is well tough! She is so talented and truly inspires me to forget law school and pursue something else!! I love History in Some Bottles!!

  240. Ooh all the prints are absolutely breathtaking! I'd love to be able to add one of these to my photography wall.

  241. Erica

    As an aspiring photographer I would love to win one of these pictures. Beautiful!
    XOXO, Erica

  242. Katya

    what beautiful photographs! i'd love one for my new apartment!

  243. Mandy

    I love these prints… especially the bicycle. Thank you for being so cool Taza.

  244. Maggie

    These are awesome! They would look great in my new house I'm moving into this weekend! =)

  245. how fun! such gorgeous prints. we just redecorated, i'd love to choose one to match my apartment's new living room!!

  246. Would love one!

  247. It is so hard to choose just one but my husband is an engineer so I think he would like looking at Brooklyn.

  248. how do you choose just one?! they are all amazing. i think my bedroom needs to be filled with all of them.

  249. Jamie

    How can you choose just one.

  250. Mich

    These really are beautiful! Thanks!!

  251. love the color on these. my wall is so bare, a print would liven it right up!

  252. her photography is gorgeous!! there are quite a few prints that would look great in my apartment! i just moved to a new state by myself, and need something to make it more at home :)

  253. Gidget

    Absolutely stunning! Would look great on the wall of my new apartment! My fingers are crossed!

  254. i love these! its hard to choose just one! they would be so great for my bare and depressing apartment walls (which i am not allowed to paint!).

  255. love great photography :)
    "Un Lago en el Cielo" is my favorite. Crossing my fingers.

  256. AlliJean

    can I just jump inside one of her prints instead? oh, and it's my birthday today – hope I win!

  257. I absolutely adore PARIS VINTAGE! My husband and I were able to visit Paris for Christmas…of course it was fantastic…but I never had the opportunity to capture a photo like this. It's stunning! Please pick me for the give away! This piece would be a beautiful reminder of our lovely Christmas!

  258. they're all so beautiful!

  259. I love "The Aloof" – so gorgeous. xx

  260. Andrea

    my birthday is friday. what an awesome birthday present one of these beautiful prints could make!

  261. I like History in Some Bottles. It's great.

  262. Jade

    I am ob.sess.ed with "On the Way Up, On the Way Down." Completely breathtaking!

  263. I think it's impossible to choose just one, but I am a sucker for Brooklyn Bridge photos.

  264. So lovely! My apartment needs this! :)

  265. Sarah

    i love "un petite jardin"! it reminds me of the three weeks i spent living in a parisian hostel my junior year of college: sharing a tiny room with a snoring 55-year-old canadian woman just a few blocks from sacre coeur with open markets everywhere. ahh, bliss.
    all these photographs are splendid though. such gorgeous colors.

    hope you're enjoying your tuesday!

  266. Sarah

    i love "un petite jardin"! it reminds me of the three weeks i spent living in a parisian hostel my junior year of college: sharing a tiny room with a snoring 55-year-old canadian woman just a few blocks from sacre coeur with open markets everywhere. ahh, bliss.
    all these photographs are splendid though. such gorgeous colors.

    hope you're enjoying your tuesday!

  267. Those are just lovely! I would just die to have one of those country landscapes for my husband's upcoming birthday. He would LOVE it.

  268. Great prints…they all make me want to go traveling!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  269. jess

    Very lovely. It would make a great bday present for myself, no? ;)

  270. Absolutley beautiful photography and would go perfect in my new apartment!

  271. Taylor K

    I love 'air dry'! How cute.

  272. Angie

    I love them. They are so fun and beautiful. I especially love the red bike. Oh to have one of those . . . or just a print of one!

  273. Amy

    I love the colors in Prelude to Summer!

  274. Amy

    The Little Red Bike would be my choice, lovely images! Would be a dream to win.

  275. These are FAB!

  276. such dreamy prints! i love the bottles!

  277. Her work is delightful! I am really digging the wheel series. I'm a sucker for a ferris wheel.

  278. Camille

    Love 'em! Besides, her name (Chessa) is super cool!

  279. Kelly

    I <3 them all! But, I particularly love "Abandon." I have a thing for countryside pictures!

  280. Bekah

    They are all gorgeous, but the Abandon photo calls to me. I moved to LA from Kansas 10 years ago and I miss Kansas more than I ever thought possible. This beautiful photo reminds me of home.

  281. Sofie

    I really like that one titled "Lost in translation". G

  282. There are so many good ones to choose from. I love "Hanging In", "Paris Vintage", and "In New York Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices." They all make me wonder and wish I was there. Beautiful!

  283. @

    very admirable to follow your heart! my little love burrow would love to display chiaochessa!

    i LOVE 'Air Dry', very eco-friendly and definitely reminds me of my laundry days!

    oh and 'The little Red Bike' is lovely! our bikes were just stolen, this could be a tribute to them!

  284. OOOOHH pick me pick me pick me!! they are delicious!

  285. Erica

    I just looked at these yesterday for the first time and imagined about half of them in my little apartment…Would be thrilled to own one!

  286. caitlin

    these are beautiful. my husband and i have been collecting original art for our wall since we got married, but so far we lack any photography…could be a great addition.

  287. Sara

    I have the perfect place for it!

  288. ooh I love those. Especially the black and white ones! :)

  289. Melissa

    Those prints are gorgeous! And would look lovely in my room ;) Haha, I love your blog and all your giveaways. Thanks for keeping us all entertained!

  290. wonderful photos! I would love to win abandon!

  291. Dear Little Red Bike… I love you. Thanks for looking so perfect.

  292. Whits

    I am currently a corporate lawyer so chessa's story inspires me! Her work is beautiful.

  293. Caitlin

    These are gorgeous. They make my heart miss Paris.

  294. melissa

    "History in Some Bottles" is SO beautiful <3 <3 <3

  295. Rebecca

    how does one choose one beautiful thing over another? If you twisted my arm, i would take Green in Tuscany.

  296. Rachel

    Oooh, I LOVE 'Rain' and 'The Little Red Bike'!! All the photos are absolutely beautiful.

  297. i never win anything,
    pwease let me win one of these!!!!

  298. I would never dream of being lucky enough to win, but if I were, I'd love to have "In New York, Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices".

  299. Tara

    Fingers crossed!!

  300. kayla!

    there are so many beautiful ones! how do i choose? i would love to have one of these prints hanging in my room… so, so fabulous.

  301. I have the perfect place for one of those prints :) Awesome giveaway.

  302. Tania

    this is so funny–I just stumbled upon one of ciao chessa's New Orleans photos last night on flickr! She is amazing.

  303. EmCee

    OH how WONDERFUL. I just painted my room and am on the prowl for some beautiful prints and these really tickle my fancy… she has such a wonderful eye!

  304. Kate

    I am loving 'History in Some Bottles'. What a gorgeous photo! It reminds me of the old perfume bottles of my grandmother's that I played with when I was younger.

  305. i love these pictures and i'm sure one of them would look amazinggg in my new room!!

  306. oh wow… all of those prints are lovely!! LOVE the abstract spring!!

  307. rebecca

    school is starting. time to redecorate the apartment. these are beautiful!

  308. oh oh good giveaway!

    It was hard to pick, but my favorites are:
    "Un Petit Jardin"
    "The New Yorkers"
    and "Plates for Sale"

    my fingers are crossed!! :)

  309. adin_22

    these prints are just brilliant…..

  310. Lori

    These photos are so crisp and rad. i love them!!!

  311. Jessica

    Wow she is so talented and I LOVE her photographs. I would love to own Spring I or Abandon.

    Thanks Naomi!!!

  312. Nicole

    I just moved to a new place and the walls are bare! This would look sooo perfect in my apartment!!!

    I love your blog, you and your husband are too cute!

  313. The prints look beautiful!

    I'm graduating pretty soon, and I will need plenty of prints to fill up the empty wall space of my apartment!!

    Love the blog BTW!! I painted my door with chalkboard paint after seeing your entries about it!!

  314. she's amazing! i would love the one titled "in new york freedom looks like too many choices".

  315. Alicia

    There are just so many, I can't choose! I really love Prelude to Summer and The Little Red Bike. I hope, I hope!!

  316. Sara

    I am about to move into my first apartment post-college and one of these would be perfect for my first "grown up" bedroom! Too hard to pick a favorite, but I love all the Paris ones!

  317. bethani

    i absolutely love her photos. they all capture beauty in things typically not captured as "beautiful."

    my favorite of all is "In New York Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices" because when people look at New York they think Times Square or Manhattan because that is what comes off as "pretty," but the apartments/fire escapes captured in this photo takes beauty in nature to a new level.

  318. Maren

    I absolutely looove her photography! and we just moved into a new apartment and we sure would love to hang one of chessa's beautiful prints on our wall.

  319. they're all so beautiful, it's cruel to make us choose! Vivo is just breathtaking, it's my absolute favourite.

  320. Gorgeous prints! She is so talented!

  321. l love "hanging in" and "air dry". So lovely :)

  322. Flora

    I can think of many places in my home where these prints would fit perfectly. If only I could photograph this well…

  323. Kristen

    For a second there I thought you were giving away that awesome bike! But a picture of it would be cool too :)

  324. {b}

    wow! any one of her prints would look fabulous in my house!!!

  325. sara

    LOVE these! I'd love to put one in my new apartment :)

  326. I love the way that these prints turn such simple things in life into something so striking. Somehow… it makes me wonder if I'd rather see life through ciao chessa's lens than through my own—hmmm…. yes. Definitely through hers.

  327. Hannah

    This would make my dorm room a home! My walls are bare… plus my roommate would think I was a rockstar if I had them.

  328. ooooh my!

    Air Dry????


  329. buttons

    beautiful things are my forte

  330. Wow!!
    What talent!
    If I won I don't know if I could choose between the "Un Petit Jardin" "Prelude to Summer," for a sunny kitchen or "The little Red Bike" for my brother, who is obsessed with riding MY vintage bicycle.

  331. its my friends birthday soon and she reads your blog everyday and comes in to work to tell us stories of Taza and husband which we all love and today she was saying how much she loved all the floral prints, I would love to give her one for her birthday. xxxxx

  332. I think the History in Some Bottles photo is awesome! Gotta love a good antiques market :)

  333. i love them all. they are very inspiring!

  334. lavinia

    These photos are absolutely beautifuls! And by the way, I' m a law student too but in september I'll start studying to became an illustrator and a photographer, so I just love her :)

  335. such beautiful images! i love the "history in some bottles" and "looking at brooklyn" (how i miss brooklyn!)…

  336. BMarie

    Wow! I love it all! She is extremely talented. I know just the one and the place for it.

  337. Reinz

    Oh Taza! The print "plates for sale" is amazing! The colors make my heart leap! Thank you !!!

  338. Monica is so talented! thank you Naomi for introducing me to her work. I adore the city prints– vintage paris, NYC…I love them all!

  339. jamie

    I love "The Pair"…but they are all SO pretty. Hope I win!!!

  340. Kayla

    I love these prints! So beautiful! They would be perfect for my room I'm planning on redecorating! The wave one is outstanding :) But I love all of them.

  341. the aloof! my sister has a heart for horses, she'd fall in love with this image.

  342. oooh i just adore these! i have a big white wall in my new bedroom that i would flip to hang some of these simple beauties on. your blog never fails to brighten my day! :)

    sarah, nashville TN

  343. I absolutely love the black and white wave prints! The ocean has a way of taking me to a completely different level of consciousness…reminds me of my childhood and summers by the beach. Just the picture takes me away again XoXo

    Have a blessed day!

  344. These are beautiful! And just what my fiance and I need for our new apartment. :)

  345. Dani

    ohh yes please! these are beauties!

  346. Love them! Wanted for my new condo!

  347. Oh wow…Chessa is very talented. I just love "take a seat" and all the Brooklyn abstracts…beautiful!


  348. Janis

    LOVE 'EM!

  349. جميلة! انا اريده في بيتي

  350. The print Abstract Spring II is so enchanting–I would love to have that on my desk. ;)

  351. Chelsi

    My house is so void of art, this would help tremendously :)

  352. Randi

    I don't know if I'd be able to choose one! Love so many.

  353. Amanda

    Such gorgeous photos! I love hearing about people who have left the corporate world behind in pursuit of their dreams. It warms my heart!

  354. Whitney

    Oh my I would love to hang the one with the plates on my bare kitchen wall!!

    Or any of the spring ones! I also love "la fille et le chien"

    They all are amazing.

  355. KDB

    What an inspiring story! i loveplates for sale and florence dream!

  356. Jessica

    I hope I win–Air Dry

  357. LG

    These are fantastic!

  358. gorgeous! i can't believe the personality that these pictures have.

  359. PICK ME!!

  360. I love "rain"! It would match my new room SO well! Absolutely brilliant giveaway!

  361. 0o0o i absolutely love walking from the past. suits me so perfectly in everyway.

  362. Katie

    They are all so beautiful. Shadows of Ourselves, Prelude to Summer, Hanging In, and un petit jardin are my favorites from this brilliant collection.

  363. Katie

    They are all so beautiful. Shadows of Ourselves, Prelude to Summer, Hanging In, and un petit jardin are my favorites from this brilliant collection.

  364. umama

    Omg … when I first started blogging I came across Ciao Cessa and have been in love! She has such gorgeous prints, both artistic and journalistic!

  365. Ashley

    ciao chessa is so talented! I love violet, spring, summer and little red bike, hard to choose!

  366. jb

    those glass bottles are amazing! i love this style of photography. there's a sense of home in it.

  367. Meagan

    Awesome talent, I love un petit jardin or the ferris wheel!

  368. Carrie

    Oh my. These are just beautiful. I would LOVE to have one. Thanks!

  369. Shelly

    OMG. These are incredible. I just got a new apartment with my boyfriend (first time living together) and we definately need something in our living room! Thanks for putting these giveaways together for your readers and thank you Monica! :)

  370. mali

    Sweet beeyoutesfullness~ So hard to choose just one…but I could if I must:)

  371. ::SWOON:: Lovely Work!

  372. So hard to pick just one..I like Abandon, Green in Tuscany, and Walking from the Past. She does terrific work.

  373. TEA

    Another inspiring artist! Absolutely wonderful!

    "History in Some Bottles" is my favorite because it reminds me so much of going to antique stores with my grandfather. We would search for hours just to find the perfect glass jar or tin for decorating his barn. It was such fun and I miss him dearly (he lives in a different state).

  374. Linh

    I wish I could take pictures this beautiful!

  375. I love her work so pretty! I would love 'Air Dry' it so lovely but all her work is amazing.

  376. ~S~

    I love these prints!!!
    I may soon join her….corp lawyer drop out to pursue more creativity!

  377. oh my goodness, i know that i have very little chance to win, but i LOVE all of her photos! Especially the new yorkers, the sea, the ones of the brooklyn bridge… all of them! I am definitely dreaming of hanging these in my home…husband will definitely will love more photography in our house! :)

  378. these photos are amazing! this would look great in my dorm room. I love the spring ones!

  379. I love all of them…beautiful! I have just the place to put it!

  380. All of these prints are so gorgeous. each page was more breathtaking and beautiful.

  381. megan f

    I would love this to liven up the boring logan, ut college dorm room!

  382. These are perfect! I've been trying to decorate my little apartment with beautiful landscape and still-life photography. Love these!

  383. dlp

    I adore 'Abandon.' This embodies my heart and soul in a single frame. I can't believe my eyes.

  384. lar

    these are amazing. fingers crossed. again and again and again…

  385. Tara

    what A-dorable prints…i would LOVE one!

  386. CC.

    yayyy! id love one :)

  387. beautiful photographs! winning one of these would make my week!

  388. Cath

    We're redecorating our apartment and Ciao Chessa would be the perfect addition to our walls.

  389. Lisa

    She's so talented!

  390. leahrae

    The walls of my apartment are so bare.
    It would be lovely to have a brighter piece on the wall (such as "Prelude to Summer" or "Staring at the Sun".
    So talented!

    PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME, pretty please.

  391. Mary

    Do you still use the random generator?
    Love these prints.

  392. How stellar! A print would look fabulous on my new room. the "in the spring" set would look absolutely fantastic on my new yellow wall!

  393. Rudi

    These are amazing photos!
    Props to Chessa for following her heart, and inspiring other people in the process!!

  394. Monica

    Oh how I would love to win. By the way, I have only been following your blog for a short time, but I really enjoy it, the dialogue and the visual.

  395. Tia

    I love these photographs! They are all so dreamy and mysterious. I would love to have ANY of them in my home, but I think that The Little Red Bike is my fave!

  396. Ooh love the hot purple lips one! Gorgeous!

  397. darling! I think I might need one………..NO…I DO NEED ONE! ~Steph

  398. Kelsie

    im dreaming of the 'air dry' picture it is so delightful! it makes me feel so happy! beautiful pictures… they take me on a mini visual vaca!

  399. These prints are spectacular! Staring in the Sun is my favorite!

  400. Carly

    I love "Air Dry" … it would be wonderful in our apartment.

  401. evelyn

    i love the one called
    'sea sea sea'


  402. They are all so beautiful! Great giveaway

  403. K Soucy

    Beautiful work!!

  404. Elle

    so beautiful !

  405. gorgeous!!!! i want!

  406. heather

    These are amazing. Abandon is my favorite, the colors are so so intense.

  407. heather

    These are amazing. Abandon is my favorite, the colors are so so intense.

  408. I love the "On the way up, on the way down". Thanks.

  409. E

    absolutely beautiful prints! i recently started college and my roommates and i have been dreaming of how we could brighten up the plain white walls of our dorm! we all agree the abandon print is the favorite!

  410. jysika

    I just redecorated my room and I need prints for my walls!

    oh please :)

  411. Melissa

    I love "On the way up, on the way down" and Paris Vintage. They are all beautiful though!

  412. oh my these are beautiful! my favorites are summer, staring at the sun and the beautifully simple el pisaje. <3

  413. You always have great giveaways!

  414. ahhhh so beautiful!! I think I know the one I want….I might change my mind a few times.

  415. J.

    Un Lago en el Cielo is so pretty! I'd choose that one!

  416. Sarah

    Such beautiful photos. I love how she takes on an alter ego to photograph, we all need to get in touch with our bolder selfs sometimes!

  417. Jessica

    Awesome. I love the bottles!

  418. Lindsey

    please pick me! i rent an apartment and cannot paint! i would love to grace one of my walls with one of the prints! thanks! :D

  419. Lindsey

    please pick me! i rent an apartment and cannot paint! i would love to grace one of my walls with one of the prints! thanks! :D

  420. Amirah

    I absolutely adore in the spring 1.
    It makes me want to step into the picture!!!

  421. Jessica

    great photos-i know one would look great in my apartment! THanks for the cool giveaway!

  422. printprintprintprintprintprintprintprintprintprintprintprintprintprintme!

  423. pick me pick me! they are so beautiful.

  424. Very unique! Im getting into photog myself, and it's great to know you can give up everything to do something you love/enjoy!

  425. Very unique! Im getting into photog myself, and it's great to know you can give up everything to do something you love/enjoy!

  426. Emily

    Un petit jardin and Plates for Sale are my very favorites. They are so colorful and stunning, especially the plates.
    This would be a lovely gift.

  427. logan

    Hope it's me. I would love one of those Brooklyn bridge shots on my wall.

  428. it's so hard to choose only 1 brilliant print. however, i do think that "summer" would look perfect in my baby's nursery.

    how lovely!

  429. Rosa

    the little red bike. i must have you!

  430. LOVEEEE the one of the house and field! Amazing photographs!

  431. I love these. They are all beautiful. love you and your giveaways!!!

  432. Britty

    Ahhhhh so pretty, I only wish I could take photos like these. But I guess with proper training I will!

  433. Amanda

    I have so many empty walls that are just calling for one of these prints! I love, LOVE them!!

  434. I love the Paris Vintage print. My husband and I spent some time there around Christmas and it was absolutely magical (as Paris always is!). This would be a splendid reminder of that wonderful/romantic time. =)

  435. These are beautiful! I would love one! What a great addition to my college apartment!
    Love it!

  436. Briauna

    There are so many incredible pictures. How do you choose? I did like the spring picture. But I also liked so many others. I hope I win!

  437. oh goodness… I can't stop gazing at "Air Dry" and "Your Wild Horses" though all are so lovely…

  438. I really love the one of the glass bottles. The green and blue are so vivid!

  439. Krissa

    Gorgeous!!!! I love the Ferris wheel series but that's a series so an individual would be the little red bike i think

  440. They're all so wonderful! I love The Little Red Bike!

  441. My poor bare do walls need a little color… These are lovely

  442. Nicole

    there is this dream i float around in on those days that seem to find me overwhlemed with everything and nothing worth feeling overwhelmed about…this dream is my happy place so to speak…it is in italy. there is a red bike and me,my husband and nothing but the breeze on my skin as i drive around and get lost. :)

  443. Tracie

    how would you ever pick just one!? I love them all! Pick me :)

  444. *jumps up and down enthusiastically, waving arms in the air* Pick me! Pick me! Ok, I know you use random number generators. But as someone who works in corporate America but is slowly amassing a portfolio of her own (while daydreaming in shadows and light, shape and texture – all the things I am interested in), I would use this photo as inspiration to dream big! I like Un lago en el cielo and Abstract Spring II. Gorgeous..

  445. Meghan

    Wow. What a talented woman. I truly admire her for following her passion. I absolutely love the "In New York Freedom Is Too Many Choices" print – I love urban photographs and quite frankly, wish I was a New Yorker:)

  446. chloe

    ooh, shadows of ourselves is my fave for sure.

  447. *Lesli*

    all definitely beautiful…but i choose number 3. The glass is magnificent! thanks for sharing!

  448. I love these photos! I need something for my new room in my new apartment for the new year! A picture like one of these would be fantastic!

  449. Briel79

    Love the prints!

  450. As a corporate slave myself that doesn't have the balls that Chessa has: to be a corporate drop out pursuing her life passion, u can just just SMELL the passion in these prints. Such an inspiration! Pick me Pick me!

  451. I sooo love the little red bike! There's something romantic with vintage bicycles, makes me feel pretty in love. I'm definitely day dreaming. :)

  452. the bike picture has me drooling!
    I know just where to put it, too!

  453. Lyss

    I would love to win! It will be a great day when I finally have artwork to put up in my apartment!

  454. Emily

    They are all so lovely! But I love the print, Un Lago en el Cielo. It reminds me of the days I lived by the sea and those days still fill my dreams!


  455. I love the "on the way up" print!

  456. blythe

    such pretty, pretty prints!!!

  457. Ill take Untitled with the Eiffel Tower!

  458. all i can even think is AMAZING!!! Seriously gorgeous and classy!

  459. These photos are gorgeous! I'm a photographer myself and adore her work. Breathtaking!

  460. Kristen

    great giveaway! so hard to pick just one :P

  461. AKWW

    The photos are fabulous! I am entering for my dautghter, who is leaving me to serve a mission in Washington DC. She is a big fan of your blog and it would mean the world for her to win the print.

  462. amanda

    girl! your giveaways rack in a tremendous amount of people. it's dazzling.

    i love ANYTHING new york based. so clearly i love monica and her wonderful work! i'd adore to have one of her prints hanging around.

  463. d.

    all the prints are amazing! I have a spot in mind for all of them :)

  464. i think the 3 you picked are perfect enough!

  465. Ashley

    Perfect for the empty space on my bare white wall!

  466. Hello Taza! I'm pretty new to your blog (started reading a week ago), but I'm loving every post.

    Out of all of Ciao Chessa's prints, I love "On the Way Up, On the Way Down" the most. It would look beautiful in any room.

  467. Whitney

    There's something so beautiful about an abandoned house, and I just don't know why.

  468. These are all beautiful!

  469. Cathi

    Beautiful pictures!! I want one!! :)

  470. i love those! very cute.

  471. Ann

    Un Lago en el Cielo is captivating. That would be my choice. Awesome.

    Ann in SC

  472. The ocean prints capture so much movement. So hard to choose…

  473. Caitlin

    These are great! I've been looking for something to put on my wall and all of these are beautiful!

  474. kelly

    i adore the glass jars! I collect photographs and prints and these are just so incredible!

  475. Sidney

    Love them!!!!

  476. Beautiful! I adore the Brooklyn Bridge lines.

  477. hands down spring II.
    relaxing yet cheerful for any time of the day.
    plus its my favourite colour!
    fingers crossed!!

  478. What gorgeous prints! The last one has me drooling.

  479. Chessa!

    Naomi! You made my day with this post:) I am in complete vacation mode and forgot that this was today… :)
    thank you EVERYONE! for your lovely and very kind comments. I really do appreciate it…support from amazing people like you motivates me and inspires me to keep going and doing what I love. xo

    AND..btw, if you're in NYC on Sept. 10th, pls come see me at the Opening Reception for a solo exhibition featuring me work at the Mercantile Exchange Gallery at One North End Ave in NYC from 5pm to 7pm…you can visit my blog for more info:)

    thanks, again Taza and Husband!

  480. halze

    i would love this!

  481. They're all so beautiful!
    The coloring, composition, and just the simplicity of many of them!!

  482. Leigh

    I adore Monica and her work!! It is so hard to choose but I just adore Paris Vintage :)

  483. love green in tuscany, abandon and freedom in NY….and the one with the bottles

  484. Exteena

    In Love. Plain and simple.

  485. Katie

    Wow! I love all these prints and my walls are so bare!!

  486. Brigid

    wow! steep competition! love love these prints! they are beyond beautiful and so inspiring.

  487. Lila

    love love LOVE! what beautiful photos!

  488. Jessica

    Those are gorgeous! So inspiring!

    I would love the "staring at the sun" print…or any of them! My sorority's flower is the sunflower and I'm taking a little sister soon…so that would be an amazing present!

  489. Ku'ulei

    it's all so REAL. i love chessa's style. i fell in love with "un petit jardin". so real and lovely.

  490. lil mama

    I love color!!! What an amazing example of living your dream instead of living to pay the bills. That's what I like to see!!

  491. air dry?! yes please!

  492. please please please!! xo

  493. Flutter

    oh wow, how lovely! Would love to adorn my apartment with one of these beautiful prints!

  494. Wendy

    Chessa- I don't know anything about your other self, but I like this one!

  495. her photographs are amazing!

  496. wow, she's talented! LOVE the bicycle print.

  497. they are absolutely lovely, there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. It would be a happy day to have one on my wall.

  498. Michal

    Any and all of these would go so perfectly in the vision I have for the future of my construction site of a room.

  499. Dani

    wow! those are so beautiful! i hope i win:)

  500. Kristin

    Beautiful!!! I'd love one of these!

  501. Katie

    The photos are wonderful!! Can I have them all?

  502. Jessica

    These are beautiful prints!
    and I have a recently empty spot on my wall where any of those would look perfect!

    Good Luck to all =D

  503. those water spritzers are perfect for the vibe im trying to cultivate in my new apartment here in oslo.

  504. I love the rain photo. My hubby & I just moved into our little apartment and any of these photos will add a special character to our home =]

  505. Louise

    The little red bike is adorable! I need something to liven up our new (and at the moment, rather beige, brrrr) little apartment and this would be perfect!!

  506. This comment has been removed by the author.

  507. eenie, meenie, minie, mo….hmm..they're all beautiful!

  508. almalu

    I could not decide the one I love the most!some would look great on the wall behind our new red sofa!:)

  509. I just got married, me and the hubs are having a time trying to get stuff on the walls that we both like. The pic of the glass spray bottles would be a fantastic way to start our new decorating project! Love Ciao Chessa's work!!

  510. katie

    first I found Bridgehampton, then many years later I found Flikr which led me to Monica who led me to etsy and a beautiful print now hanging on my wall, and a whole world of blogs I never knew were out there. I don't think she can taken a photograph I wouldn't love.

  511. Alyssa

    I would love one of these!

  512. Hanging in… theres something so endearing about those dense city photos

  513. Picking will be tough… but I would be so happy to have one of these beauties in my space!

  514. Lili

    Crossed fingers :)

  515. beth

    These are amazing – especially the use of color. I'd be honored to hang this in my little UES apartment! Thanks for spotting her work.

  516. these photographs are perfect!
    thank you for sharing.
    i can't decide which ones i love the best!

    for now, i think these are my top five faves:
    violet 1
    the little red bike
    air dry
    the french birds

    such beautiful work.
    i have just the place to hang such stunning photography. (wink wink)

  517. love love love the bottle pic! i hope i win!

  518. Noell

    Wow, what a great story about following what moves you! Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one!!!

  519. Lauren

    she sees such beauty in the simplest things in life, there is actually alot to learn from this amazing woman's photography.

    also,my roomie and I are addicted to this blog.
    and would love to rockstar-ify
    our apartment =)

  520. may-fly

    I would give up a quarter of my glass-working class to win the RAIN print!

  521. oh my. the vintage paris photo just made my heart sing – reminds me of my honeymoon! seeing that photo just reminded me of how much i love my life with him! gorgeous work.

  522. Wow, what lovely prints! I simply adore the fact that she gave up a secure, high paying job to go after a dream of being a phenomenal photographer. What a story, it's quite inspirational.

  523. Awesome that she left her job to purse her passion! Thanks for the chance to win!

  524. Heather

    wonderful prints! Keep up the awesome giveaways:)

  525. Chana

    One of these days I'll win!!! Let it be this one!

  526. i can't pick just one….i want them all!

  527. Reyna

    Ooo lovely things!

  528. Nikki

    would love a beautiful print for my home!

  529. Ashlee

    I love "The Bank" Pick me, please! Pick me!

  530. hi. this would be perfect for my family room. Soo you should pick me..please.. I love you guys and now have a new found love for hamburgers because of your blog.

  531. Wow love love love these! The colors are so bold and would make a great addition to my home

  532. Amazing Chess! You know I heart you! Such a phenomenal giveaway turnout…rock it out bubbalahhhhhh!

  533. I recently returned from Paris and out of all the pics i took, NONE compare to the Paris Vintage photo. I absolutely love it!

  534. Jacque

    Such beautiful work!

  535. Kat

    so i am obsessed with photography but i cant afford too much of the 'real deal' (as asposed to the online/on my computer kind!) i would love to have some real life art to put on my bare walls. I love the 'History in Some Bottles' image the most

  536. Kista

    With 5 boys and a husband all into sports I could SO use a girly or pretty print to hang!!!

  537. zanninon

    beautiful photos!! i love them all!

  538. snarfbot

    her prints give me chills, they are so beautiful!

  539. Xixi

    wow I cannot decide which one I love more!

  540. Gosh every one of those takes you someplace else, either to a far away country or someplace make believe. LOVE them!

  541. My goodness! These are all so beautiful! I'd have a difficult time choosing!

  542. Heather

    Oh, I would love the bottled print! My house is sorely in need of art; I've been slowly getting some off Etsy and this would go great in my kitchen!

  543. Excited to join in on the fun. I'd be even more excited if I won…say, a black and white of Brooklyn or Paris, perhaps. They are all just lovely.

  544. Shaina

    Oh my goodness, these are all so beautiful. I especially love "The Pair," the print with the horses. Breathtaking.

  545. Amazing! I would love one!

  546. Brenda

    They make me so happy!

  547. Brenda

    They make me so happy!

  548. Mara

    wow! what talent! good thing she decided to follow her true passion- the prints are fabulous. I love el paisaje and the Wheel series. They're gorgeous in b/w.

  549. I love love love "Staring at the Sun" and "Summer." Both are so perfect and simple but could hold the sensation of so much more!

  550. I love love love "Staring at the Sun" and "Summer." Both are so perfect and simple but could hold the sensation of so much more!

  551. I love love love "Staring at the Sun" and "Summer." Both are so perfect and simple but could hold the sensation of so much more!

  552. I love love love "Staring at the Sun" and "Summer." Both are so perfect and simple but could hold the sensation of so much more!

  553. I love love love "Staring at the Sun" and "Summer." Both are so perfect and simple but could hold the sensation of so much more!

  554. I love love love "Staring at the Sun" and "Summer." Both are so perfect and simple but could hold the sensation of so much more!

  555. I love "On the way up, on the way down". I've been there!

  556. Melissa

    just moved to a new apt and a new print like this is just what i needs!

  557. DM

    I just love un lago en el cielo!

  558. Micaela

    in LOVE with that last one- the beautiful bottles.


  559. c

    Oh love these especially summer and spring 1! enjoy your little blog break.

  560. Shelby

    yes please.

  561. I would love the one with the bike.

    When I was studying in Lucca, Italy, everyday I walked by this beautiful fresco that had a bike chained to it and that photo reminds me of it. It always made me so happy to pass it by!

  562. Monica, I'm so glad you left corporate law to focus on your photography– what talent! Love it all, esp. the Paris Vintage and On the Way Up, On the Way Down. I love Sacre Couer! I went up and down those steps exactly two years ago…an amazing place.

  563. hurray hurray for another great giveaway!
    my first home with husband could use some beautiful adornment…such as these prints!

  564. Holly

    'Rain' please!

  565. Amander

    She is one talented woman! Love to own one of these.

  566. Amanda

    LOVE these prints! They would look great in my new room!

  567. lynette

    I love the colour in her photography. Thanks for sharing!

  568. Jessie

    So beautiful! What a talent. And how I'd love to hang one in my new house….

  569. What a talented artist – thank you for sharing these!

  570. photography is near and dear to my heart. I adore them all. amazing giveaway<3

  571. Rie


  572. leelee

    Many nights when i come home from working or studying, i shut my door behind me, take down a book, open to some page, and begin reading. It's as if a knob turns in my head, and i enter a mental room, conjured up by my book and the inner life it provides. Like Meryl Streep in Out Of Africa, I become a "mental traveler". Though I've haven't been to many places physically, I feel as if I have visited them nonetheless. Chessa's print entitled, In New York Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices, makes me feel as if I'm smack-dab in the city. I would be honored to have it in my apartment.

  573. oh. my. gorgeous. the light! the colors! i NEED one! i absolutely NEED one!

  574. Shannon

    A-Mazing prints!

  575. Naomi

    I'd like to win the little red bike please!

  576. I would be so excited to win this, so talented!

  577. Erin

    I love Plates for Sale. It's a beautiful picture.

  578. those pictures would make my apartment sparkle! pick mE!

  579. Amy C

    Photography, an art I perspire to have, a skill I envy of yours, a talent in the works, my barren wall that needs to feel loved!

  580. Amy C

    Photography, an art I perspire to have, a skill I envy of yours, a talent in the works, my barren wall longing to feel loved!

  581. I REALLY need some art on my walls!

  582. Kristin

    love love love those pictures! i must have one!

  583. yayayyay. these are beautiful. i just moved into a real drab apt. would be amazing on the wall! would make my bones real real happy.

  584. CER

    oh, you will just have so many comments but i will throw my name in the hat — crossing my fingers!

  585. oooooo. my walls would look much prettier with one of these prints. pretty please?

  586. I love the wheel series! Thanks for the contest!

  587. Stella

    Would love one!

  588. I love your blog! My best friend Anna just moved to DC and sent me a link to it and it is wonderful! I also love the photos in this giveaway! Especially the one she has titled rain in her Etsy shop! I hope you are having a great break from blogging!

  589. this would be perfect for my new apartment! so hard to choose though…

  590. Leah

    oooooh goodness! love these!

  591. Chessa!

    I am so overwhelmed by the comments here! I wish I could personally thank every single one of you for your kind words and your support! It really does mean a lot to me and pls know that I have read every thing you've said here. THANK YOU!! xo I will definitely try to make my way through all of your blogs:) thank you, again, Naomi!

    ps–visit my blog to see more work too…

  592. Tiff

    Lovely pictures, they make me want to become a photographer!

  593. Simply beautiful!
    I love 'walking from the past' but my absolute favourite is 'Paris vintage'. They'd at a bit of beauty to my bare univerity flat :)

  594. YES, please! Totally beautiful.

  595. rora

    Wow! We are so lucky, what an amazing giveaway! Also, such gorgeous choices, that's that kind of hard decision I like….

  596. krysti

    oh lala! what talent!

  597. amanda

    These are so lovely! I'd go for Rain or History in Some Bottles!

  598. Jeff

    i love these! i love each one equally for different reasons so much, i would do eenie meenie meenie moe to choose!

  599. These photographs at gorgeous, they show a true passion for the art & craft.

    I could stare at them all day (*ejem* *ejem*)…

  600. i'm a student on exchange in stockholm, sweden. it's my first time away from home (singapore) and my room's bare now. as much as ikea is everywhere here, i'm looking for something comforting to put on my walls and one of these prints might just be my ticket to transforming my room into a home.

  601. Oooh! Lovely! I hope I win! xxx

  602. Oooh! Lovely! I hope I win! xxx

  603. Wendy

    I LOVE them all!!! They are awesome!

  604. Katy

    any of these would look so great in my new apartment. my walls are so blank right now!!

  605. Emily

    i'd love to win the print with the bicycle. it makes me want to travel the world on my bike!

  606. Izzy

    I love "New York Freedom". I am obsessed with the old brick building and the bright red shutters. It reminds me of the time I spent in China. I would love to own this print.

  607. These are so gorgeous! I would absolutely LOVE to win one!!

  608. christy

    I really want the print of the wooden house by the water!

  609. I love these prints! I love Your Wild Horses and Paris Vintage! They are wonderful!

  610. Annie

    I just redid my whole room and one of these would go SOOOO well!!!

  611. kelly

    no need to browse, i love the bottles. what an amazing artist!

  612. Paris Please!! I love black and whites and Paris is my favorite city in Europe. x

  613. my chances are minimal, but i would absolutely love anything with the name "ciao chessa" to be up on my wall! her work is gorgeous.

  614. bring it on girl! these rock!

  615. You can count me in for Abstract Spring I! Love it.

  616. plates for sale catches my eye because the bright colors would make my dorm room actually nice to look at

  617. plates for sale catches my eye because the bright color would make my dreary dorm room livable!

  618. Hannah

    please please pretty please, i need something pretty to look at instead of the awful view of construction from my window

  619. maggie

    i have a black&white; OBSESSION, and i love "shadows of ourselves". . . but the hot purple lips appeal to my inner barbie. . . we all have one :)

  620. Shell

    oh joyus day, i love giveaways! never win but i can't help but gamble, i have nothing to loose!
    fingers are crossed!

    - shell

  621. LOVE these prints! the yellow grass print has wonderful color!

  622. Lemon

    will definately have a looksie at her stuff!

  623. Please please me :)

  624. Ana

    I love these prints! I'm reluctantly moving into a new apartment next week and one of these gorgeous photos on the wall could definitely help ease the pain…haha

  625. Fab photos! A new shop to add to my favs.
    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  626. Kathy

    Her photos really make you feel something. Some have a calming effect, others make me think, and a couple bring back memories. She has a unique, creative eye. Very talented! I love the colorful joy of the "Plates for Sale" It lifts me!

  627. Prints are beautiful! Just what I need :)

  628. Goldibug

    I love the Prelude to Summer print! It looks so fresh and alive! She did a fantastic job!

  629. I'm getting married in a week and a half and would love a piece of art for our new home! Please pick me!

  630. i've been to new york once. i fell in love with the city. i know it will be a very a long time til' i can go again. the photographer has captured every part of new york and her beauty.

    the long island waves are gorgeous.

  631. Jen

    Come to me, lovelies.

  632. Dot

    mmm I would love one of these to put in my boring cell-like dorm room to cheer it up.
    Either way I like your blog and Kudos to Monica for the awesome pics.

  633. Now all we need is more wall space :)

  634. Sarah

    Oh dear. I am dreaming of Air Dry. I can see my mother's head poking out of the window and reaching for her favorite day dress.

  635. these are lovely

  636. awesome giveaway! thanks for the opportunity! i'm in love with her black/white prints, paris vintage might be a favorite…but they're all so pretty! fingers crossed! ;)

  637. Robin

    So gorgeous!

  638. These prints are beautiful and would give out totally bare, newly painted living room a bit more character.

  639. Kimber

    oh goodness i love it!

  640. they're so nice. i love the black & white ones!

  641. I LOVE!!! Absolutely Amazing!

  642. Emilee

    "Plates for Sale" is absolutely lovely. I also love the red bicycle print. Both are so pretty!

  643. if i had that red bike
    i'd cycle to london and tell my best girlfriend i miss her and give her a big hug and then share some fish and chips together in the east.
    where would you go?

  644. if i had that red bike
    i'd cycle to london and tell my best girlfriend i miss her and give her a big hug and then share some fish and chips together in the east.
    where would you go?

  645. These are gorgeous! I love the colors.

  646. These are gorgeous!

  647. ciupa

    plates for sale would look lovely in my kitchen! pretty please?

  648. Jessica

    Wow – Monica is one talented lady. I love 'The Pair' shot in Long Island with two horses and kind of erie sky. Beautiful and would LOVE for it to be mine!!


  649. OH! I absolutely love the Abandon print. It would look lovely in my kitchen!

  650. crystal

    history in some bottles!!!

  651. Heather

    I just love the abstract spring or the vintage paris. They are all so great! Love your blog, and love the giveaway! Thanks! Hope I win! (fingers crossed)

  652. So great. some personal fav's:
    -on the way up on the way down
    -lost in translation
    -Rain ( love this)
    - you pick the place i choose the time
    -un petit jardin

    all very lovely. i'v never tried this before.. so hopefully beginners luck works! :)
    Pick Me oh Please

  653. Brandy

    The Little Red Bike would hang nicely above my little boys bed.

  654. errign

    My favorite is "On the Way up, On the Way down" :]

    What an awesome giveaway!

  655. They are all so so beautiful! I think that my favorite is On the Way Up, On the way Down as it really captures Paris atmosphere.

  656. chloe

    i love paris vintage, it belongs together with my room. :P

  657. J. Bare

    I just moved into my first house and any one of the three prints would look fabulous above our couch!!!!!

  658. SoFiA

    Ooh! love it!

    enter me in this great giveaway please!

    I love the "Un lago en el Cielo"!

  659. Joanne

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope you're enjoying the Capitol Hill/DC area. I'm one of the swaths of young people who work on Capitol Hill… although.. I'd much prefer being on the beach, like the Un Lago en el Cielo print! Have a beautiful weekend.

  660. Gorgeous! These would look so good in my new apartment. White walls are so boring!

  661. They are beautiful . Oh how I love the rain one.

  662. Julie

    Fantastic shots! Though, I'll have to say the Brooklyn Abstract is my favorite. Ciao Chessa makes me want to pick up photography again.

  663. Anna

    Oh Oh PICK ME!!!!
    My little SLC apartment is in great need of something fantastic to hang!!!
    Pretty please with a cherry on top?? :)

  664. Anna

    Oh Oh PICK ME!!!!
    My little SLC apartment is in great need of something fantastic to hang!!!
    Pretty please with a cherry on top?? :)

  665. oh so lovely!

  666. Simply gorgeous photography! I love In the Spring 1! Spring is my fave season.

  667. Ali

    Beautiful Prints. They simply belong on my wall

  668. beautiful! love the vibrant colors and different textures.

  669. oh such beauties.
    dappled light & foreign text & colours galore.

  670. These prints are gorgeous. I'm going to have to bookmark her shop and save up my pennies to purchase a print or two of my own!

  671. Shiloh


  672. Natalie

    Love! I need things on my walls soo bad and I never have any idea what to put there.

  673. Aya

    Lovely photography. This would be a great 20th birthday present for my sister! She's loves everything about photography.

  674. Oh There are so many good ones! I ADORE "green in tuscany" and "Spring II" and "the new yorkers" and "Brooklyn abstract" is genius!

    Love, love love to have one. so hard to choose which!

  675. Kate

    I love how she is a corporate dropout. It shows how important it is to do something you love. Such beautiful photographs.

  676. Shawna

    I love love love your blog! It's so cute and brings me such inspiration, as do these photos. I think I like "The Little Red Bike" and "History in Some Bottles" the best. Enjoy your week off!

  677. aDeLiNe

    I'd love to get the "Your wild horses" for my mom, she'd love it.


  678. I hope I'm not too late to enter – I'd love to win one of these beautiful prints!

  679. Lara

    Oh geez. Gorgeous.

  680. Fufoo

    what a gorgeous point of view!

  681. M-Ware

    so fantastic!

  682. Kate

    Great giveaway! Would be the best thing on my wall!

  683. Lady P

    wow! that is quite some competition for one of those absolutely great photos – but hell
    put my name in
    maybe lady luck will be with me

  684. TJ

    I would love to win one for my home, they are beautiful

  685. Aw, I know the giveaway is over but I just saw this and had to say how much I love Monica's work. I have that beautiful print of the house in the Hamptons actually.