still away…

i have so much to tell you…so many stories and photos to post…
but i’m also struggling for air right now & i don’t feel like talking about it…
perhaps someday.
when i’m more courageous and trusting.
when i’m a braver version of me.
please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 
and thanks for being my friend,
i’ll be back soon.
{photo via papertissue.}

boo boo’s {and giveaway winner.}

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i’m still on a blogging break {well, i think}
but i logged into blogger to post our giveaway winner
and before i knew it, i was uploading these photos of my twin sisters too.
sometimes i can’t help myself.
we spent a lovely few days together here in DC,
full of lots of outings, shopping, dining, and late night conversations.
i dropped the boo boo’s off at the dorm yesterday and like a proud sister,
i cried alone in the car on the 4 hour drive back to DC.
they are such intelligent, beautiful & courageous girls.
and i am so proud of how far they’ve come and who they are today
despite some serious hardships along the way.
i love you, boo boo’s!

and let’s not forget the main reason i’m blogging today:
our giveaway winner:
congrats! email me you which print you’d like & shipping address!
and to everyone else,
thanks for being awesome.
have a great weekend…
be back soon!


i’m taking a few days off from blogging…
have a wonderful week while i’m away!
and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
the winner will still be posted on friday!
*photo from a the most darling little backyard wedding
we attended in richmond virginia on sunday.

rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a giveaway by ciao chessa!
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the talent behind ciao chessa is the corporate dropout
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monica left her career as a corporate lawyer to focus on her photography.
chessa is her childhood nickname, and monica says it’s also
her much bolder & less shy alter-ego!

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