that glorious city we used to call home…

a few of my favorite diana’s i took last week in new york city. 
hopefully i’ll have just as much fun with the diana in dc this summer…

new york, we love you.

we were married here.

i took these diana’s of the manhattan temple last week in new york city.

this is the temple where husband and i were married…
and in less than a month we’ll celebrate our two year wedding anniversary.
i love this temple.

BGR-the burger joint

so far, this is the best burger we’ve had in dc.
{although technically, it’s in bethesda…}
thanks to a tip, we checked it out on our way to the dc temple
last saturday and we both agreed, AMAZING.

we can’t wait to check out all the other burger joints in the area.
we have a long list! and we’re excited.
p.s. i am learning to like a little ketchup with my fries. 
who knew it wasn’t so bad?

here’s to happiness {by liv}

it is obvious liv loves lav. and i think the way she writes about it is just too cute. . check out her happiness list below {and her blog…} and you will see what i mean…

liv’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. ice coffee
  2. swimming in the ocean
  3. rooftop parties in the summer until the sun comes up
  4. ripe mango
  5. counting the last sleeps before i will see my Lav again
  6. getting a handmade postcard from my granny
  7. brushing teeth “together” at the same time with my Lav, although we live in different countries
  8. dancing through my studio when i am alone
  9. taking photographs
  10. cuddles from my dog
thank you liv!
{photo via paper tissue}