taza & the prince.

taza & the prince will officially open monday morning (feb 2nd). thank you all again for your positive feedback and kind words. i have LOVED making these headbands for you and hope you’ll like them too. 

p.s. a few of you emailed or commented regarding shipping outside the US. i would be happy to ship them anywhere you’d like. there will be more detailed info on etsy. {i’ll post the link to the shop monday morning.}

why don’t you sit right down and stay a while?

thank you to everyone for such a positive response to my etsy shop! you have made me so excited and your encouragement and kind words mean a lot to me. {the shop is almost ready!}
have you seen the movie lars and the real girl? husband and i watched it the other night. i’d forgotten how much i love that movie. i especially enjoy kelli garners quirky and awkward take on her character margo in the film. i just love the way she rolls up onto her tip toes to say “hello lars” in the beginning… it is simply darling. 
i filmed carolyn dancing in the street in soho yesterday for a little project we are doing. wait until you see the footage. she looks just beautiful.
and it is my handsome husband’s birthday tomorrow. i love him.  last saturday as we were riding the subway together, i watched him help out a homeless man who was singing for money on the train by singing a blues duet with him. it was beautiful and i fell in love with him a little bit more {if that is even possible.}

and i am dying for summer to begin. our apartment is freezing and i have a cold. i cannot wait for a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park or a nap on a hammock with my love. mmm.

because a girl can never have too many headbands.

i am obsessed with across the forehead headbands and since quite a few of you commented or emailed asking about my handmade headbands (thank you!), i’ve decided to open up a little etsy shop just for a few weeks to sell some of the ones i’ve made. 
the online shop isn’t open just yet, but here is a little preview of what you will find there later this week {or possibly before then, i’m sort of really excited about this}: 
{sorry for the lack of quality in these photos —and lack of model. 
i’ll have better detailed photos up in the shop… 
and hopefully will have found a better model by then too.}