dear 2008: i’ll archive you away as a favorite year forever…

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today is the last day of a wonderful year.
we won’t say 2008 didn’t have its challenges and trials,
because trust us, it did–or still does…
but you know…
and a little recap, because we *did* love ’08!
in 2008…
and we are so excited for 2009!
because honestly, it’s only going to get better.
{regardless of this poor economic crisis…}
and we’d like to thank you– fellow bloggers,
for the surprising love you have shown husband and me.
your emails and comments make my day…
we sure have grown to love you all!
see you in 2009!
{photos by nicole hill gerulat.}

little weekend in DC.

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husband and i took a little trip to DC last weekend. believe it or not, i’d never been {i know, i know} and believe it or not, i LOVED it. DC is beautiful {especially those stunning little neighborhoods}. so clean and dainty. we decided we wouldn’t mind it in the least if someone offered us employment there and we were to move.

see what i mean? charming. so charming.

oh i don’t know, i like kissing waterfalls.

i also like kissing things that remind me of my husband.

we rented a little mini cooper while we were there. 
if you haven’t already, you should really join zipcar.

and this is what i mean by charming… i wouldn’t mind living in this teeny tiny blue house in oldtown alexandria. i maybe have already started packing in my head.

after a lovely little seafood lunch on king street in oldtown, 
we found a nice old ice cream shop and i was happy.

we really liked this blue brick siding and sign. 

we also went to the national gallery of art.

..and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

husband is my favorite person to travel with. 
he’s also my favorite person. period.

again, so adorable. do they color coordinate neighborhoods or something?

we’re saving the more detailed tours and monuments for next time…

husband was ashamed that i was once again documenting our mcdonalds obsession.
i do promise we ate some lovely healthy meals in DC too. 
{i just have a problem photographing a salad.}

anyway, we like DC.

pre-holidays in st. george, utah.

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{the davis family christmas tree was beautiful!}

{i loved the white snow on the red rock! this is the davis’ backyard!!! stunning!}

{these photos are from last week, when we were in utah. we miss our families so much already!! thanks to husbands parents for all the fun we had in park city and st. george while we were there. xoxo.}

las vegas bowl {aka, naomi went to a football game.}

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{finally getting to a few of the last posts from our trip out west last week…}
last saturday, husband and i ventured out to las vegas to see BYU play Arizona in the vegas bowl with husband’s parents. i’ve never understood football or one’s obsession with the sport…. but between my 4 layers of thermal underwear and hot chocolate, i LOVED it!! {p.s. byu lost…}

and maybe my favorite part of the las vegas trip was eating at mandalay bay’s all you can eat buffet. see my dessert 2 platters? oh yes, i was in heaven. 

{i wasn’t able to eat ALL of it–shocking, i know— but sampling everything was delightful!}

yay! football!