Happy day, Happy Thanksgiving!

husband and i are off to williamsburg, virginia to spend the weekend with family and have a colonial thanksgiving! we are very excited! and i have this little feeling we might have lots of crazy photos to post once we return home to new york. {you never know…}
in the meantime, today i am especially thankful for {in no particular order}:
  • husband {bet you saw that one coming}
  • parents, sisters, isaac….family {i sort of have the best}
  • society’s crab cake sandwich, 40 carrot’s fro yo, the grey dog’s blt
  • french toast everywhere¬†
  • cell phone chargers, batteries
  • sprinkles cupcake mixes
  • friends, strangers, taxi drivers, street performers, people everywhere
  • cuddles, kisses, smart wool socks
  • laughs, health, no cavities
  • this book
  • warm apple cider, cheese¬†danishes
  • my faith, service, babies, children, future family, eternal families
happy thanksgiving!
{and this photo doesn’t have anything to do with thanksgiving,¬†
but it’s an old one i just found from way back in 2006 and it made me happy.}

because he is really good at cuddling. and he brings me treats.

husband and i had a slight miscommunication last night about what time we were meeting up for dinner.
needless to say, we didn’t have dinner together {so much for cell phones, schedules, meeting places. sometimes we’re lame.}
but he did walk through the door last night with some lovely flowers, and a little grocery bag of all my favorite treats.
it was very unexpected. and i was delighted.
so in honor of thanksgiving this week, i am thankful for husband. he’s my favorite person ever. and i love him.

baby steps, lovely faces & edward.

i went to juilliard yesterday.
and by that, i don’t mean walking by 65th and broadway…¬†
i mean i actually went inside.
walked in, went to a performance, saw and chatted with all the faculty and students, made my way down familiar hallways and actually hung out inside a dance studio. 
oh my gosh i can’t tell you how my heart was pounding when i stepped into the lobby.
but i did it.
i swear that place can do things to you by just being in its proximity 
{good and bad}. 
call me crazy, but you’ll just be right.
it sounds so silly, right?
but i’m so proud of myself. baby steps, you know…
{these people made it easier. i told sarah before walking in that she wasn’t to leave my side at anytime.}
and then we went and saw it.
and i sort of loved it. {yes, do judge. i’m ready for it.}
but meg laughed the whole time.
and sarah added commentary through the entire film.
and collin, well- he actually hadn’t read the books prior so he was just there for moral support.
i think the best part was being in the company of my dear friends.
how i love them.
{and the construction at juilliard is looking beautiful. just walk into the lobby. it’s lovely.}