happy halloween!

sister and me. when we were little. 
and of course, our pumpkins. 
{can’t you tell my mom’s an artist?}

happy halloween!

first aid kit.


about two months ago, carolyn sent me this youtube video
{she’s always finding the best stuff}.
i think i’ve watched it almost every day since then
and have also fallen in love with fleet foxes.
but it’s these two sisters from sweden, who call themselves first aid kit,
that really get to me. pure talent. watch out for them.
we are obsessed.

new york’s #1 cheesecake.

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josh took me out on a date saturday night to brooklyn to have some of new york’s finest cheesecake at junior’s, which has been rated #1 in cheesecake in new york {and the world}!
we were only able to eat a few bites– so rich!– which is saying a lot about its goodness since you know i never leave a crumb on my plate when it comes to desserts.
so we have lots of leftovers in our fridge.
the chocolate mousse cheesecake was incredible.

thank you husband for taking me out. i love you.
and a video for you.
“the vanishing/disappearing/where’d-it-go/magic cheesecake.”
by husband.

alice’s tea cup polaroids.

this lovely lady {miss sarah dancing roberts} came in from chicago last week and we had a lil’ reunion of sorts @ alice’s with the girls. 
and now i miss her more than ever. 
she’s one of the silliest and prettiest girls i know.