i think i missed my calling in life.

did you see this? i want to know these girls. better yet, i want to be them. i think i missed my calling in life. dancing in the water? yes please. i’m obsessed.

  1. Sarah

    HA! Yeah. I see you doing this…. you should get into it. And since youre already a Juilliard grad dancer who has won like everything, you’d score perfect tens on the technical routines.

    I’ll cheer for you. And hold parties.

  2. E.F.G.

    i’ve become totally fascinated with this sport. i couldn’t do it in 2 feet of water, let alone 20. i’ve been youtubing. did you actually get to see it on TV? i’m looking into a documentary.

  3. Oh please don’t do this! I think it’s terrible.