back to city air, litter everywhere and just a little bit more longing for a move out west.

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it’s true. whenever you spend time away from harlem, be it all summer, a few weeks or a little under 4 days, that first taxi cab ride back from jfk airport always does seem a little sketchy, scary and “do we really live here?” type feel. the streets seem a bit more dirty, there’s more trash on the sidewalks, the smoke and pollution in the air is far less breathable and for some reason, you wonder how you got conned into living here.
we spent the weekend in promontory, park city, utah. it’s very different from harlem. it’s more of a fresh air, stunning mountain views and no litter to be seen kind of place. a place where you don’t see unattended kids on the street at 1am or hear dirty cat calls the minute you step outside your apartment building. it’s just…. different. and yes, all our family is back out west. another reason why it’s starting to look better than ever. we’d hate to say it’s growing on us, but… well, it is.

anyway, we’re adjusting back to city life. we still love it here… and at the moment, we’re here for good.

and a few favorites from the weekend:

park city davis family reunion t-shirts. thanks elaine!
main street, park city, utah. 

elaine and darling 5 month old baby austin. 

josh and austin. 

josh’s neice, samantha.

 little josh and elaine.

josh and samantha. {p.s. i am very good at jenga.} 

the stunning salt lake city temple. 

naps on a hammock are incredible.

this was scary…


he just keeps getting bigger.

i truly miss breakfasts outside on the deck. fire escapes don’t cut it.

oooh la la, rocky mountain carmel apple. my love.


rebekah. {the tennis stars have taken up guitar as well. i’m jealous.}

matching! elaine designed t-shirts for everyone. they are darling.

and a little tennis…

the alpine slides.

isn’t that beautiful???¬†
i’m suddenly a nature girl. and i’m totally willing to pack my bags and camp right there the rest of my life.¬†
not kidding.

what i love about you…

dear josh,

i love meeting you for lunch when you are at work. i love that you take time out of your crazy busy day at the bank for me. i love that you run when you see me and hug and kiss me like we’ve been apart several years and you just came back from the war. i love that this goes down at a crowded intersection at 51st and park ave. i love that you never notice the crowds who stop and stare. i love being in your world and not caring either.
you made my day.
(p.s. ¬†i’ve decided we should run away together. what do you think?)