beautiful girl.

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remember this pretty sister of mine? 
well, thursday night in the bathroom she changed up her looks a bit. she is now this 17 yr old smokin’ hot bombshell!
i applaud her bravery and courage. very few people can pull this off.  she is such a stylish individual.  i’d die to do this, but i am a wimp at heart and will never have that kind of confidence.

rebekah, i think you look fabulous and i love you.

my husband is cool…

…so cool in fact, they write his name like that at pinkberry. let’s be honest, they have yet to even spell “naomi” correctly on mine. 


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{sometimes i believe josh doesn’t know what to do with me. between my obnoxious laugh attacks to all my annoying voices. just look at his face. seriously.}
sorry, husband. guess you have all of eternity to get used to it.