this is embarrassing, but…

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…i don’t really care. i’m dedicating an entire post to food. because really, after husband and my family, {and maybe my old red cowboy boots,} it’s what i love most.
so, a few things…

my love made me this feast of a breakfast saturday morning. he takes such good care of me!

vanilla french toast and sausage. it was heavenly.


i finished my last box of girl scout cookies for the year.

i guess 4 boxes didn’t get me very far….

and last but not least…

…this is what happens when we’re still awake at one in the morning.

it’s sad, but true.

it’s become our style to do things after the fact…

i finally hid the easter eggs for josh this morning. we had a little easter egg hunt before he left for work. i would just like to say, i have never seen that “little boy” side of my husband before. it was amazing. you bet i’m planning numerous hunts before the actual holiday comes around again next year…. because that’s a side of josh too adorable to wait 365 days to see again.

i prefer this.

it’s opening night tonight of a really boring juilliard dance concert. and i’m totally not feeling it. i’ll be the one onstage with bleach trays in her mouth. i’m taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. …just don’t tell anyone.

i think i got a good one. he brings me presents like girl scout cookies, chinese take-out, and orange gatorade late at night. he also willingly runs in the cold to pinkberry for me during the previews at the movie theater. i feel special. these are the little things that get to me.

today feels like thursday. i was anticipating buying my apple and cider at the farmers market outside school, but it wasn’t there. stupid wednesday. where is thursday?

i still have not hid the easter eggs for josh. i thought dying them was enough. but i’m beginning to think i’m not going to hear the end of it until i do.

some friends asked last friday “so we probably won’t be seeing naomi this weekend, right?” i decided to be honest, “probably not.” no offense, but when i’m not with josh, i do things by myself. so introverted. i like it. and i prefer it.

the dreamy giraffe.

carolyn introduced me to these prints and i am obsessed.
especially with the one below… probably because it sums up my life.

yep, never been a fan of any dance teacher (or person anywhere for that matter) telling someone “you can’t.” it doesn’t sit well with me.