my birthday boy

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Happy 25th birthday, lover.
you are the cheese to my macaroni, husband. i love you.
10 things you probably don’t know about my lover:
  1. he claims his favorite candy bar is Snickers but to this day i have never witnessed him eat one.
  2. he’s probably dated your sister, cousin, second cousin, childhood best friend, secret rival. although he says it was never dating, but you know. 
  3. he is officially the best fort builder i have met in this lifetime.
  4. he doesn’t like anything on his toast. and he eats toast every single morning. (except for today, which was just weird.)
  5. when he’s dancing, you’ll usually find him performing alot of body-half’s to the beat. signature josh davis move.
  6. the first time he called me was around 3am after we both had gotten home from the same party. but we had never talked before, even at that party, so obviously we had never exchanged numbers. thus, i thought he was slightly crazy.
  7. his last semester at Columbia, he took a ballet and modern dance class. it was awesome.
  8. he’s secure with being his crazy and obnoxious self everywhere, which i love more than anything.
  9. he is curious about everything in life and loves to try new things, learn and explore.
  10. he takes care of me in every way and never complains about all my moods and drama.
  11. he says “i love you” accompanied with sweet kisses and cuddles more than once a day… which i pray never goes away.

(okay, so it ended up being 11 things. i couldn’t help it.)

Happy birthday, Josh. I love you.

The world is my living room (not oyster, Naomi)

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but women aren’t the only ones who can wear UGG Australia shoes.  Men can too!  I’m living, breathing (and walking) proof.  Their slipper line is a marvel.  I highly recommend these furry little pillows with soles to anyone who wants to feel like Fifth Avenue is his living room, while he lounges in his slippers all day outside.  

Look out world – here I come.  
And you won’t hear me coming either, because I have Iroquios-style moccasins made of Australian sheepskin and sheepskin fur on my feet.

P.S.  Naomi says she’s not going to write about me anymore.  She says she’s only going to write about food and herself from now on.  So if you don’t hear about me anymore, we haven’t separated.  She’s just mad at me for not writing on the blog more often.  And yes: that was an orange peel that she just threw at me.

thank you for listening.

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so not eventful. but i had a fabulous week.

not that it’s a big deal, or that you even care, but Josh wore a bowtie to church on Sunday. It made my day.

cockroach infestation found inside the motor of the fridge in the dance hallway at Juilliard. Witnessed thousands of little roaches fleeing for their precious lives as the Janitor sprayed. And I quote “I haven’t seen anything that bad since the housing projects.” -the Janitor.

heath ledger dies.
enough said.

I get my fingers stuck in the hand held blender as I try to make some dessert crepes before bed. And I wasn’t even thinking about Heath.

my name is Matilda for the day. I am mostly human, but I’m also part kitten and panda bear. It started at 9am in acting class and somehow followed me around the rest of my day.

skipped my afternoon class to get aquainted with my new shampoo. which, by the way, I’m fully endorsing. Brilliant Brunette, by John Frieda.

i have sneezed a whopping total of 14 times already today and it’s not even noon. guess that means I’m going to be wayyyyy rich. show me the money.

I also spit 8 feet and 4 inches outside. Josh measured. Record for the Davis family.

and I’m still inlove with this one. forever and ever.