you shall be missed, 2007.

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Hello 2007. You were really good to me. Thanks for the beautiful memories. You’ll forever be tagged in my head as one of my favorite years yet….

a few reasons why:

In 2007, I….

  • got engaged inside a secret blanket fort in my apartment
  • a ridiculous diamond ring was put on my finger (it wasnt even my birthday!)
  • got a husband
  • got bangs
  • made the very lady like decision to stop biting my nails
  • signed my intent to graduate form for May of next year
  • discovered pinkberry and found yet another new obsession
  • also discovered I like Britney’s new song, Gimme More. I don’t care if you judge me
  • got a new last name (even though it’s not exotic, I promise I’m still happy husband)
  • watched josh graduate from Columbia in 103 degree weather as I sunburned one side of my face
  • learned to just let things happen in life that weren’t on my “schedule”
  • got to prance and dance around in a big old vintage wedding dress
  • grew up alot

But then there are always the things that had to go in 2007:

  • Josh’s awesome beard
  • my 40% off discount at Sabon
  • my clean criminal record (darn you, bike)
  • my red cowboy boots
  • my firm mattress (oh lover, the things I do for you…)
  • my maiden name
  • my retainer (if only you could speak, and remind me to wear you, we’d both be happy)
  • my still-to-this-day-lost Davis Sedaris books on CD
  • Mr. Prices poetry class
  • my European audition tour
  • my pre-made grilled chicken caesar salad from Balduccis . (what genious decided to give it the boot? I was its most loyal costumer)
  • my entire life via computer when it crashed in March and I hadn’t backed anything up
  • the mom jokes (thank you, carolyn)

Looking forward to 2008 because….

  • I graduate from Juilliard
  • the presidential elections
  • I get to use my new Holga Camera everyday outside!!! (thank you josh, er, Santa)
  • summer will come
  • so will my 1-year wedding anniversary
  • I’ll cook more
  • I’ll change up my hair someway
  • learn more about film and photography
  • I’ll continue my search for new (but still worn) red cowboy boots
  • still take dance classes after graduation (uh huh. Can you tell I’m mixing a few new years resolutions in with this list?)
  • wake up next to josh every morning (not one of the new years resolutions. obviously)
  • decorate another Christmas tree with my awesome husband
  • have no affiliation with The Juilliard School after May 23rd

2008, Come out and show yourself, I’m ready.

I never take my vitamins, but I have a plastic toy camera that takes mind boggling photos.

Since this summer, when Leo, our photographer for our wedding whipped out this cheap plastic toy camera and told us to go stand facing the sun for a photo, I’ve wanted one. I admit, at first I was skeptical. We were paying him big bucks for wedding photos, and this rinky dink toy he was snapping my-really-big-day with made me wonder if everything was okay. But now I’m trying to figure out where I’ve been my whole life, not knowing a camera like this existed.

Josh, my lovely husband, who bought me way too many fancy things for Christmas, bought me my very own Holga. And I must say, this little thing, the plastic lens and all, is by far my favorite gift.
Now I get to go attempt to take photos like these…

I can’t wait.

holiday love.

We spent Saturday afternoon
at the Farmers Market
and little Holiday Market/ Boutique at Union Square.

My man bought me some hot apple cider.
I was really happy about this…

Here is my love admiring all the window decorations.

Union Square.

Husband again, he’s quite handsome.

I have always been inlove with little markets.
My hot apple cider, again.

We went to Fishs Eddy,

and I found this beautiful teacup display.

I was in heaven.

I’m starting to like dishes far more than I should…

And here is the ABC Carpet and Home store.

I had never been before.

But I’ll be back now… such pretty things and clever ideas.

I really love this man.

And, this chair. Yes, I love this chair, too.

And my life. I really love my life aswell.

I also love being on a 4 week Holiday break from school.

How thoughtful of them, really.