The Davis Home

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Our Pretty Lil Studio.

You have no idea how great it feels to come home to OUR HOME. ahhh. We’re pretty proud of her….

  1. Janalyn

    BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT!!!!!!! (and thanks for getting back to comment boxes…. I know you missed me…)

  2. Rebecca

    Naomi, I had to laugh becuase I read your post on loving Christmas and then scrolled down to see pictures of your studio. And I swear, are those Christmas lights dangling above the sink? Right next to the pumpkin? Maybe you guys always have lights up, but still, all this festivity. I’m very impressed. And a huge congratulations on Josh’s job. Levi told me last night. I was really happy for him.

  3. Yes those are indeed Christmas lights…and no, they do not count. Those are more an all-year thing… i need a Christmas tree now!!! gah!!! And thanks Rebecca, we’re so excited about Josh’s job too!!! And it means we’ll be in the city for a few more years too!

  4. Kitty

    So jealous! I'm waiting for mine to get a transfer so we can focus on getting a place of *ours* :)