Does school really start next week???!!!!

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Senior year is finally here. I am almost done with Juilliard forever…..
I go back and forth debating if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
At the moment, it’s oh-so-very-much-a-GOOD thing!

I fell asleep and when I came to, I was trendy…

Last December, Husband and I went to a party
with my lovely friends Claire and Trent in Provo… yes…..
We ended up in the bathroom, taking pictures like this….
What does that tell you about the situation???
Yes….exactly what I was thinking.
But hey, if the four of us ever start a band together,
we already have the photo for the CD cover.

Josh and I have found a few random photos from our “courtship” or “friendship” or
consisting of bathroom shots.
Such as this one my old roommate Sumaya took back in maybe January.
… obviously we were cool. bahahaha.


This is my husband.
We laugh…. alot.


There is no reason really for this post, except that I love this polaroid photo of my husband and me and it makes me very happy.
It’s on our fridge, along with a few other polaroids of the two of us.
I bought Josh a polaroid camera for his birthday in January before we were married… it was meant for him to take lots of polaroids while he was in Italy over spring break (he was supposed to use his travel journal as well which I also bought him—never happened)… but the camera has actually begun to serve other purposes… like, taking silly or random photos of the two of us.
We didn’t take this polaroid with our camera though. This one is from Caitlin’s wedding. Technically, we stole it.
Not really… but sort of.
I love husband. And polas.