energy, mood swings, nice rugs and dance parties.


this picture is blurry (sorry), but i’m a happy camper lately because i’ve been getting my energy back (finally). however, my mood swings are full blown crazy right now so that’s awesome. yes, i did cry 3 different times on sunday and yes, i am blaming it on pregnancy hormones.

my “nesting” mode has also kicked in full force.  our narrow tiny 2 bedroom new york city apartment suddenly needs to be entirely rearranged.  we have to turn the bed this way and put the dresser here…. i kept telling josh over the weekend. he kept replying, but i just measured the bed and dresser and wall for the fifth time and it will. not. fit.  josh really likes being married to me right now. i know it. ;)

i want to know how people with young children are able to have nice things in their apartments. even things like rugs. or plants on an end table beside a sofa.  how do you have a rug with no spills or stains or pen marks and young children at the same time? since we live in a city apartment, we don’t have any rooms off limits to our children. our space is wonderful, but small. so i have always wanted my kids to feel free and safe to play wherever they desire when they are home because city living can be hard.  and with no backyard or porch or other areas to really be free and play, i wanted to make our space as kid friendly as possible. and i think it is, for the most part. but i’d still like to own a nice rug in my front room.  or place a plant on an end table without having to clean it all up by tomorrow.  is it all about having more firm rules? are my kids just crazy?  these are the questions that keep me up at night. ;) but no really, i want to own a rug by golly.

the other night when josh was working, i downloaded a few new songs so eleanor and samson and i could have a dance party before bed. (and i’ll have you know, i hadn’t heard one single song from the top ten charts on iTunes when i was browsing  for new music. we are not very cool these days at the davis house.)  anyway, we still downloaded a few new pop-y dance-y songs and moved back all the furniture from our front room and jumped around together.  eleanor was living for it but every time i caught samson’s eye he’d get shy and stop dancing. haha! it was so darling because i haven’t ever really seen him react that way before.  as long as i didn’t make full eye contact with him and kept pretending i wasn’t watching him as i danced, he’d go at it and bust out some of the sweetest little moves. i just think kids personalities at this age are the sweetest. they are still so innocent and untampered with (unless they are intentionally knocking plants off end tables and ruining your living room rug!), if you know what i mean.

we have just a few weeks of summer left in the city before we head out west for a bit to see our families. i feel this need to knock everything off my summer city to-do list. there is still so much we haven’t done! new york city summers are winning a very special place in my heart. they are almost outdoing autumn in the city, and that is saying something.  but seriously, how incredible is summer? i’m such a broken record.

new orleans! (part II)


we arrived home  late last night from new orleans and i wanted to share the last of our photos from our time spent down south! once again, there are a quite a few! see the first post on new orleans HERE.


^^^for dinner one night, we ordered an entire red snapper fish to share at peche! the entire dinner experience reminded me of my grandpa who could catch and fillet a fish without a single bone in sight when i was little! i remember sitting beside him once watching in awe. josh and i weren’t as successful as my grandpa with our fish, but it was still a fun and delicious experience!^^^


^^^speaking of food, this little guy downed an entire bowl of gumbo everywhere we went! even the spicy stuff i couldn’t handle. my mama jaw dropped every single time. i don’t know where we got him from!^^^


^^^and this little girl, such a great travel companion. she takes everything in with such thought and asks so many questions as we see and do new things together. it makes traveling all the more special when you have these little ones to share it with. i really believe that. ^^^

(click the CLICK TO SEE MORE for the rest of the pictures. sorry once again, it’s just not my specialty to edit our pictures down to a few…) click to read more

new orleans!


we’ve been in new orleans the past few days! earlier this summer, the city of new orleans invited us down for a few days to explore and we decided it was too good of an experience to pass up! josh and i had never been before, so we were excited at the chance to explore a new place full of so much history (and good food! who are we kidding.) thank you to everyone who gave us such great recommendations via twitter and instagram this past week on where to go and what to do! we have done several of your recs and you have not disappointed!

several photos below if you’d like to see…


^^^breakfast at elizabeth’s in the bywater. if you go, the biscuits are a huge must. (we put honey on them.) we keep talking about them.^^^


^^^we grabbed beignets at cafe beignet on our way to a concert one evening and they were delicious.  a tiny bird landed on our table while we ate and eleanor tossed him a little piece of her beignet so he stayed and ate with us for a good 30 seconds! the kids were so thrilled to have a birdy join us for dessert! when he flew away we were all a little bummed, but we sat a few feet away from the steamboat willie jazz band, so it was all good.^^^


^^^quick walk past the famous bourbon street on our way to dinner one night. that’s an interesting place! ;) ^^^


^^^we saw a jazz concert at preservation hall, and hands down, our favorite part of the trip! i will never forget eleanor and samson’s faces as they listened to that music.  they clapped and clapped and samson kept asking if he could give them money (he’s used to tipping the street performers in new york city because we love them so much, and he takes his job of supporting the arts very very seriously.  haha!), so we let him tip them a couple times during the show. eleanor has also requested clarinet lessons, so that was kind of adorable as well.  but seriously, what incredible music!^^^

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taza’s new york city guide: soho + nolita


hi everyone! i wanted to continue my nyc guide this week and share a few of our favorite spots in soho and nolita! and we have another fun video highlighting a few spots by jenner brown below. if you missed the last few guides, see my guide to the upper west side HERE, a guide to union square to midtown HERE, and the village HERE.  this is of course just a small sliver of what to do in the city, but hope it’s helpful!  soho and nolita are some of our favorite areas to shop and eat and explore (and people watch!) it’s really worth making a full day out of both little pockets.

ps! don’t forget to leave any of your own soho and nolita favorites in the comments below for us and others to check out.


video by jenner brown. music in video is by hugo hans.

some things to do around the soho/ nolita:

morrison hotel gallery
116 prince street 212-941-8770

angelika film center
18 west houston 212-995-2570

vesuvio playground on thompson street (also has a public pool! though we’ve never swam there)
thompson street

thomas sires
243 elizabeth street 646-692-4472

amarcord vintage
252 lafayette street 212-431-4161

pearl river market
477 broadway 800-878-2446

sabon (i have been obsessed for years with their patchouli lavender dead sea salt scrub. it’s worth going in just to get your hands washed!)
123 prince street 212-982-0968

mcnally jackson books
52 prince street 212-274-1160

piccolini (a fun children’s shop which originated the “(i) hotdog (heart) pretzel ny shirt!”)
167 mott street 212-775-1118

trico field (a fun children’s boutique to dream inside!)
65 west houston street 212-358-8484

some things to eat around soho/ nolita: 

cafe gitane (get the avocado toast!)
242 mott street 212-334-9552

parm (a favorite of ours! UWS location opening this summer, too!)
248 mulberry street 212-993-7189

la esquina the basement (need to call several weeks in advance to try and get a reservation. worth it!)
114 kenmare street 646-613-7100

georgetown cupcake (originated in DC and in my opinion, the best cupcake in the city)
111 mercer street, 212-431-4504

fanelli ‘s cafe
94 prince street 212-226-9412

taras bulba
357 west broadway 212-510-7510

150 prince street 646-998-3800

pepe rosso to go (it’s teeny and not many places to sit. we like to take it to a nearby playground or park to eat…)
149 sullivan street 212-677-4555

rice to riches
37 spring street 212-274-0008

cafe habana (the corn on the stick is what to get here!)
17 prince street 212-625-2001

tacombi (i love their corn in a cup, and crispy fish taco!)
267 elizabeth street 917-727-0179

80 spring street 212-965-1414

32 spring street 212-941-7994

for a nicer meal, try mercer kitchen
99 prince street

eleanorisms (all about the baby!)


“so, is the baby just swimming around in there? …. is she wearing a swimsuit?”

overheard eleanor telling a friend, “we’re going to have a baby but i do not know WHAT we are going to do about the name.”

after i took her into the bathroom with me at a doctor’s appointment where i had to pee in a cup, i explained it to her. after my appointment as we were leaving, i asked her if she needed to use the potty before we left. she stopped quickly in her tracks and replied firmly, “i really don’t want to pee into a cup, mama.”

starts scratching my tummy, “i’m scratching the baby’s back!”

me: “what do you think the baby is going to look like?” eleanor: “um. probably a rectangle.” (i’ll admit the baby DID infact look a bit like a rectangle in our first few ultrasound photos we gave to eleanor, so i see where she gets it from.)

“my tummy doesn’t have a baby in it. my tummy is just full of vegetables.”

“i’m pretending your belly button is a microphone. HELLO IN THERE!”

several times a day, “i wanna check on the baby…” and pulls my shirt up and gets really  close to my tummy.

after i finished eating a piece of chocolate, “well, it looks like the baby really likes chocolate!”

see more eleanorisms HERE. also, i feel like i’m kind of on top of photos, but i need to pull out the video camera more and capture her talking. samson too, since he’s talking so much more these days and really forming sentences we can understand. their mannerisms and the way they enunciate specific words or pronounce others, it’s just so good. i want to always remember it.