a little bit of life lately…

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baby conrad started joining us at the table last week! it was an exciting day to have him off my lap and into the highchair. our family of five has six chairs around the table and at almost every meal, eleanor kindly suggests we need to have another baby (please note, a baby sister, and also please note, RIGHT NOW) for that lonely chair.

and conrad and i hung out at home most of sunday while josh took eleanor and samson to church. he hasn’t been sleeping as well at night, which means i’m up most of the night as well. the minute he crashed for his morning nap, i crashed too. and it was amazing.


little helper in the kitchen or raspberry thief?! you tell me. ;)


popbars for everyone after grabbing a pizza at joe’s with friends on saturday. cause we found out their fruit pops have NO ADDED SUGAR, which means josh got to enjoy as well!


and splitting a couple of rice balls at faicco’s cause it’s just plain mean to walk by without stopping in.

party on the nursery floor for three! and homemade lion house rolls by my super domestic better half who  knows his way around the kitchen better than i do.


just a couple things that are fun about having multiple children: 1. seeing them interact with their siblings. 2. seeing them in their siblings little baby clothes. ¬†this lion hat, man. ¬†i just refuse to let it go! also, can’t get enough of the gorgeous blossoms happening right now all over the city. I LOVE YOU SPRING.


street fair season has begun! and it’s rare these days to find these two napping, let alone at the same time, so when that happens it feels a little bit like¬†christmas morning. and i say that from a very loving place. :)


we saut√©ed some kale with steaks sunday night for dinner. saut√©ed kale is my new best friend. but with a little¬†oil¬†and salt, i guess anything can taste extra awesome. and sweet baby girl, you are practically too big for that stroller now. i can’t believe we’re at this point in life with you where we are researching and looking at schools! i’m just so proud of the people my kids are becoming. ¬†i love them so much.

so, let’s try this again, shall we? promise to not give too much attention, just enough water and light to do your own thing, but you do your own thing and stay ALIVE, okay succulents? and also, i’m sorry. but i don’t know if that’s conrad or samson in the photo to the right. sometimes i feel like they’re twins born 2 1/2 years apart.

happy monday, guys!

what we’re reading – chapter three!

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we can’t get enough good books over here at our house! we always enjoy reading together and it’s fun discovering new books that become the kiddos favorites, too. here’s a list of¬†a few we’re currently loving right now. would love any new suggestions you might have of favorites at your house in the comments below!

1. the curious garden by peter brown
this one has been a favorite of eleanor’s for a while now. it’s about a little boy who sees a garden needing attention and gives it just that. ¬†slowly, others begin to pay attention to their surroundings as well and the entire city that once was dark and colorless begins to bloom and grow! ¬†it’s a good read for learning more about your environment and taking care of our earth and home.

2. wolfie the bunny by ame dyckman
we got¬†this book around the time baby conrad arrived. it’s a very cute read that touches on sibling rivalry with new babies in the home and also standing up for each other¬†and loving each of our¬†family members no matter what or who they are. the illustrations are a lot of fun, too.

3.¬†edwina the dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct¬†by mo willems
i got this book from a sweet friend¬†at¬†my book themed baby shower for eleanor wayyyyy back in the day and remember reading through it for the first time and having a good giggle. eleanor wasn’t terribly into it the past few years but now, NOW! it’s requested by both eleanor and samson regularly. ¬†i think it’s the perfect book for their current ages and they think it’s so silly to say “reginald von hoobie-doobie!” but beware, you’ll want a plate of chocolate chip cookies after reading it. ¬†and your kids will too.

4. a sick day for amos mcgee by philip c. stead
this book has so many beautiful and meaningful messages in its pages (and gorgeous illustrations to match!) but one of my favorite take aways is the importance of taking care of and doing things for your friends or the people in your life who you love. it is a really sweet one.

5. dream animals Рa bedtime journey by emily winfield martin
i have been the biggest fan of emily winfield martin’s work since her first etsy shop way back in the day! we still have one of her prints¬†we bought when we first lived in harlem as newly weds hanging on our wall! anyway, this book is a great bedtime story all about imagining different dream animals. and of course the drawings on every page are just unreal. she’s one of my favorites.

more of our favorite children’s books HERE and HERE and a few of our favorite interactive books¬†HERE.¬†would love to hear any new recommendations you and your littles might be loving below!

weekend fun! (+ a $500 giveaway with love, hanna!)

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we’ve teamed up with the new beautiful women’s clothing line, love, hanna¬†from hanna andersson, to giveaway a $500 credit to one lucky reader! details at the bottom of this post!

here are a few fun photos josh took of us over the weekend as we were off on a mission to find some fun in central park (i.e. waffles to eat and trees to climb!)

the top photo is my favorite because we were in the middle of playing “hide and seek” which always makes the long city blocks more fun to walk because the days are long¬†and¬†the city blocks feel longer! we have this fun method down where josh or i will run ahead a half a block or so and hide behind a trash bin or parked car or brownstone stoop and then the rest of us try to find the hiding person before they can jump out and say “ROARRRR!!!” i don’t want to brag or anything, but i am exceptionally good at jumping out and scaring everyone before they see me, pretty much every single time. ;) anyway, that above picture josh captured¬†as we almost past him entirely before E and S spotted him! i tell you, this age with toddlers, while it’s¬†maybe crazier¬†than ever, it is most definitely ridiculously fun. that is for sure!

a few photos!


just waiting in line WITH THE REST OF NEW YORK CITY! for our first waffle and dinges of the season!


i think mister conrad has begun teething, because he loves to chomp on his hands all day long, as well as anything else he can hold or get his hands on! can you believe he turned 4 months last week?!

hanna7485 hanna47866hanna3781hanna83946hanna8327895hanna3794

yYHX_2-wapidbOXxpCh_HLZH2TL3k6tiLev0tv1uFYUour family has loved sporting hanna andersson’s fun christmas jammies the past few years (see an instagram from our last christmas here¬†and our christmas video from a couple years ago here. we know we’re crazy!), so i’m really excited about their new women’s line which i’m wearing in all of the photos above. if you check it out, you’ll have to let me know what you think!

to enter to win the $500 credit to use at love, hanna, please visit their site and then comment below sharing one piece from the collection you especially love!  the winner will be drawn at random and emailed directly. giveaway ends april 29th.

also, love, hanna is having a 20% off sale right now and are giving readers an additional 10% off with the code LOVETAZA on love, hanna items only (so 30% off officially!) now through may 9th!

good luck!!!

lincoln center with the family.

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the weather has been nothing but wonderful the last several days (except for the fact that it is POURING rain outside right now this morning. but that’s okay, because it’s spring rain, not winter rain. and spring rain we can handle.) this time of year always throws us for a loop though, because when the good weather comes, we tend to stay out far longer than we should. and then the 7pm bedtimes are ignored and we’re rolling in an hour or so later, because it’s still light outside and the city is alive again in every possible way and who wants to be inside when it’s glorious out?

a few photos from a family walk where we found ourselves at lincoln center the other day where we ate some hummus place take out and ran around the fountain a billion times.


favorite photo ever cause eleanor just PHOTOBOMBED conrad and me. she knelt down and scooted her little body over and then popped up in the frame just like that!



they love their vegetable soup! even on a warmer day, they wanted their vegetable soup!



you know what’s weird, hanging out right infront of my old school, juilliard, with my three kids around me. even weirder running into an old classmate who only saw me holding conrad and after we talked for a minute, was like, “oh my gosh! and you have a baby!!!” before i’m like, “yes! …..those two over there are my babies as well.” haha. it makes me feel old. but it mostly just makes me feel all sorts of proud. ¬†love this family of mine.

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performers, all over the city, is the best. ¬†sometimes you just get so used to hearing beautiful music or singing on every few corners that you don’t stop, but our kiddos always remind us to.

enjoying the music….

i’m wearing sunglasses so you can’t see how exhausted my eyes really are. because trust me, i’ve never been more tired. ¬†i think the lack of sleep in my life the past several months has probably taken ten years off my life, but it’s okay because sunglasses hide everything and also, we’ve got matching birks. ;)

love these people of mine. happy monday, friends!

ps. on me, sonnet james dress, karen walker¬†sunglasses, ergo baby carrier c/o and birkenstock sandals. on the little ones, e’s dress from target, fedora zara hat on s, and little birkenstocks on both.

a morning picnic!

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the other morning, josh and i took off on a bright and early breakfast date on our bikes. sometimes nights can be hard with the kids to break away, especially when your sitter has a social life too! so we try to get creative and change it up sometimes.

this amazing spring weather that is finally showing its face (THANK YOU SO MUCH SPRING!) it kind of felt too good to be true! i could not wipe the smile off my face all morning.


we started our bike ride with a stop on the upper west side’s barney greengrass to grab some breakfast to take to the park. we got some bagels and smoked salmon with eggs and¬†caramelized¬†onions and some cheese blintzes (they are supposedly the best in the city! they were good, but they don’t beat my own mama’s. ;)




we ended up sitting on a bench for a little while after eating breakfast on the bandshell just to talk. ¬†i don’t know if it’s the dancer in me or what, but i always somehow gravitate towards the floor and end up sitting on the ground at some point. i don’t ever notice until people mention it. ha! josh took this photo of me mid sentence just gabbing away while sitting on the ground. i was like, “what?!” and he was all, “i just really really like you like this.” and it kind of made my entire day. :)


you know what else made my day? BLOSSOMS.


NICE TO HAVE YOU, SPRING! here’s to a billion more bike rides and sandal wearing days and good moments in central park¬†for the next several months.

i’m wearing this¬†sweater¬†from jcrew ¬†(who, by the way, is having a huge sale right now through the weekend¬†up to 75% off using the code THEBEST). my sunglasses are from free people¬†a few seasons back but similar ones here.¬†shoes¬†here¬†and jeans¬†here.¬†we’re wearing bern helmets¬†and josh is wearing this windbreaker.