eleanorisms // samsonisms.

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samson walked out of the nursery into the living room early one morning where we were all gathered and said,  “wow. i was asleep for like 3 years.”

“that building is as tall as a dragon dinosaur!”

me: “hey samson!” samson: “just call me boy.”

“what my heck.”

 “i’m doing hanitizer.” referring to hand sanitizer.

after “reading” a book about trains he has memorized to my parents on facetime, my mom says “samson! who taught you to read so well?” samson replies, “my parents! just kidding. my body.”


“granddad walks like a grandfather.”

“every year, i turn a different number. it’s crazy to think about.”

“i was just putting on my defending suit so i can keep you guys safe today.”

on mother’s day, “when is children’s day?!”

eleanor is pretend hammering something. i ask her, “what are you doing?” she replies, “i’m just building up some scaffolding.” (spoken like a true new york city kid.)

eleanor has a habit of sneaking into our bed by 3 or 4 in the morning every night.  we’ve been trying hard to talk about staying in our OWN beds. “but i just can’t help that i like to cuddle.” she said. “i like cuddling with papa the most because his body is warm and he has hair…he’s like a bear.”

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summer reading list!


oh gosh, the days spent curled up on the sofa or alone in a cafe with a good book feel like they happened a billion years ago. sometimes i see people with books in their hands and i’m like, that looks dreamy. while i couldn’t be more thankful for a very packed and full life with my littles and work and everything in-between, i’ve been wanting to read more.

i feel like i enjoy life more when i’m discovering and learning new things through books. and i want to make it a big priority and not just something i do when i’m nursing a baby in the middle of the night.

and as much as i love holding and digesting a real physical book, it can get a little tricky carrying one around the city with me, especially when i’m hauling around everything i need for life with three kids on the go.

oyster recently reached out to see if we’d like to give their app a try. have you guys heard of oyster? it’s an app where you can discover and read books on your smartphone or tablet (or web browser). you can buy individual books to read or you can get access to oyster unlimited, their collection of a million books, by paying a small monthly subscription fee of $9.95. kind of like netflix, but for books! the app recommends books based on your reading habits, and it’s a great way to discover new authors and titles you would have never heard of before. if you’d like, you can try oyster unlimited for 30 days for free HERE!

it’s kind of amazing to think about having the option to browse and read several books at once wherever i am. while it’s probably not the greatest habit of reading more than one book at a time, it’s how i like to do it, so the app makes sense for me! best part is i’m not carrying several books around with me at once, but i still have the chance to read whichever one i fancy at that given moment through the app.



i’m gonna try to tackle a summer reading list and make it a priority to find me time to read this summer!  maybe i’ll treat myself to a date at a cafe where nothing but twiddling my thumbs while sipping a lemonade is on the agenda in addition to reading! ;)

here are a few books on my summer reading list, if you’d care to see!


around the world in 80 dinners

i feel bad about my neck



short stories of ernest hemingway

the life-changing magic of tidying up (ok so i’m actually almost done with this one and it’s truly changing my life, and home! have you read it?)

if you’d like to try out oyster unlimited, click here to receive your first 30 days free!  thank you to oyster for sponsoring this post, and to all of you for reading this blog and supporting our sponsors!

what’s on your summer reading list? any good recommendations?!

you’re invited!

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we are so excited to be hosting a fun event at the children’s museum of art here in tribeca next week with our friends from let’s playground! the event will be celebrating the launch of an exciting collaboration – limited edition love taza mats we designed for let’s playground! (i cannot wait for you to see them!!!)

while the event is private and space is limited, it wouldn’t be a party without including you! so please RSVP by emailing rsvp@lovetaza.com and share how many people (and how many children if you’re bringing any) will be in your party.

the night is shaping up to be a fun one!  you’ll  have the first look of the love taza collection of mats we designed! we’ll have activities for all ages, treats, music and some fun giveaways, too.  can’t wait to party with you in person!

***UPDATE! thanks to all who have emailed! the event is currently full and we’ll respond to all rsvp’s soon. thank you so much coming! i can’t wait. ***

the best summer hats!

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if you know me, you know i like my hats.  all year long, i live in them. mostly because i am lazy and hate doing my hair, but also because i find hats to be one of the better accessories that seems to complete any outfit. a few of my current favorites that i own, and a few i’d like to own, listed below:

1. casa blanca palm hat
love this hat! bought it last summer before our trip to lake tahoe and also lived in it during our time in puerto rico last fall. it’s the greatest sun hat, for sure.

2. panama hat
hard to have a favorite, but this one is probably close. own it in black as well and it’s just perfect.

3. fairland stripe sun hat
as a lover of the color yellow, this hat just speaks to me!

4. straw fedora with leather band
have been wearing this one on repeat the last few months.  also just snagged this madewell hat as well, which has a floppier wider brim that i am loving.

5. crushed top ranger hat
even in summer, you need a black hat. according to me.  and i’m a super reliable source. ;)

6. layla straw cowboy hat
like a cowboy hat but way prettier, right?

7. tonasket nail straw hat
this boxier hat is cool. the boxy ones always look silly on me but that’s probably because i am a mother of three and not at a music festival somewhere. but seriously, so cool.

8. lattice floppy hat
this hat is basically summer wrapped up in one hat. she’s probably holding a watermelon lemonade in her hand and everything.

where the day will take you.


when you head out together for the day without definite plans.  the weather says occasional showers but you ignore it and go (without the umbrella.) it only rains once in there for maybe 5 minutes anyway so you’re already winning.  it’s fun to see where the day will take you… a few different playgrounds, meeting up with old friends and running into others, wandering around neighborhoods while stroller naps happen and sampling a few different dishes as you go. this city comes alive for me in these warmer months and i feel more alive, too.

a few photos….


qw7437967349f qw8935895

busted out my old saltwater sandals that are seriously going on their tenth year of life for me and holding out strong.  also, didn’t even notice until i uploaded these images off my camera and saw this one larger that my foot and shoe is completely covered in something gross.  just hope it isn’t poop! but also, this is new york city. most certainly probably definitely poop.  awesome.

summer in the city! means cleavage! cleavage! cleavage! (ps i miss you regina. where have you been?!) it also means the prettiest contrasting colors in every direction you look.


might agree with this sign.




we are good at finding any excuse to go to popbar just because it’s a treat papa can enjoy with us and also, it’s just really yummy. first time trying the watermelon popsicle (i usually dip mine in as much chocolate and nuts as possible) and there’s something to be said about fruit all by itself, with nothing added. it’s kind of amazing.

qw837945fh qw829472 qw823865

this four year old! she gave the opening prayer in primary at our church on sunday all by herself and both her papa and i had to sneak into the back to witness it. it was the sweetest thing. she’s truly growing up and i’m so proud of the little girl she is becoming.


best buddies. (most of the time.)


she’s usually on the ride board these days since samson and conrad are in the stroller seats. but it is new york, and we do tend to stay out all day sometimes walking miles and miles.  so sometimes when i wear conrad, she sits in the seat and i just love how lady like she’ll be crossing those cute legs and sitting so proper.  also, baby birks. they are also the cutest thing.



up from a solid 2 hour nap and not quite sure if he’s ready to play yet.  i’ll just hang out here for a minute. okay samson! you do your thing.


kati roll for lunch.

qw8349g qw87483wf

playground hopping! ps. my linen pants are from anthropologie and i’ll probably never take them off this summer. because they are airy and forgiving and fun and i just like em. a lot.


we split a grilled cheese sandwich on the way home and it’s funny how your taste buds change over the years. for years, i hated grilled cheese. and i still just prefer the most basic and traditional kind if i do eat it, but yeah, it’s grown on me.

qw894j455 qw95hgjd5

balloons at the playground! and balloons filled with water, too! a bajillion thank you’s to the parents clever and fun enough to bring those along and also bring enough for all the kids. it was cute to see a group of about 7 or 8 littles all huddled around the drinking fountain trying to fill up their water balloons, and then race to wherever their nearest parent was to have them tie the balloon knot. good times were definitely had.

also, we definitely tested our good luck on this day by staying out til the kiddos bedtimes and the train ride back home was epic.  lesson learned. be home before 7!

ps. my lipstick is heatwave by nars. my hat is from madewell, t-shirt is an oldie from zara. pants from here and sandals here.  conrad’s hooded onesie from bit-z kids and eleanor’s dress and samson’s burger t-shirt c/o of kira kids. their baby birkenstocks from zappos.