a weekend in deer valley!

819783hgrwe spent last weekend up in deer valley utah together. the st. regis deer valley kindly reached out and invited us up for the weekend, and we had a great experience. every last detail was looked after during our stay, and i think we made some of our favorite memories there together.

a few photos from the weekend, if you’d like to see….


^^^riding the funicular up to the hotel! it’s crazy how high up in the mountains this space is…a highlight for samson was definitely riding this “train” up and down the mountain. there just might have been a throwing of the body onto the floor after his first ride when his excitement quickly plummeted as he realized it was over and we were all walking away from the train. sorry, samson. ^^^


^^^we enjoyed dinner our first night at st. regis’ j&g grill, and it was delicious. also, eleanor made a new friend. major plus that he was all blue. ;) ^^^


^^^when we got back from  our dinner, these sweet little reindeer were left in our room for eleanor and samson. they came with a cute little note telling them their names (regina and reggie!) and how they have always wanted to see central park and eat a big apple! i think my kids thought it was christmas morning! they have been carrying around their new reindeer everywhere this trip. in fact, at one point in the middle of the night, eleanor came to my bed and said, “mama, i can’t find regina!”, as she’d somehow fallen off the side of E’s bed. being woken up in the middle of the night is still not my favorite thing, but for my kids, and sweet reasons like this, i just can’t seem to mind in the least. ^^^


^^^we went to park city one afternoon to ride the alpine slides. riding up the ski lift was completely terrifying for me because i was so nervous about the kids (that thing is high!), but the slide made up for it. it was a blast! samson rode with me, and the entire ride down was full of the loudest “weeeeee!!!!” “yay!!!!” and “whoooohoooooo!” ‘s i have ever heard! my mama heart was about to burst! i loved getting to share that experience with him.  josh says eleanor was very similar, yelling lots of “yeee-haaaa!” these kids sure love a thrill!^^^


^^^about to take off!^^^


^^^this view is from the ski lift. so breathtaking!^^^


^^^roasting homemade marshmallows at the hotel one night was probably our favorite part. samson and eleanor really wanted to do each step by themselves, which was fun. but also, we lost a lot of good marshmallows in that fire pit. :-( ^^^


^^^we spent one morning on main street in park city where we ate breakfast at the eating establishment, one of josh’s favorite spots  since he was a little boy.^^^


^^^felt like we were back in nyc for a minute!^^^


^^^rocky mountain caramel apples! i live for these, you guys.^^^


^^^what fun is a hotel room without jumping on the bed?^^^


^^^enjoying some hot chocolate after nap time in our room…^^^


^^^deer valley’s weather was kind of all over the place, warm during the days, crazy chilly in the evenings. and there were a few big thunderstorms in there, too. so we were grateful we were able to take advantage of the heated pool one afternoon while it was on the warmer side! even if we were the only hotel guests crazy enough to attempt it!^^^


^^^the hotel offered a lot of fun activities for kids. we chose to fly a kite in the mountains one afternoon. we really enjoyed it despite the kite getting caught in a very tall tree at one point. (eh hem, josh.)^^^


^^^samson! it goes like this!” -said eleanor.^^^


^^^there it goes! thank you, wind!^^^


^^^and of course we made sure the kids got to ride horses! always a good time for them, getting on a horse! the horse handler asked samson what we say to get the horse to go and he said, “neeeeeiiiiggghhh!” haha. we kept having to remind him to say “giddy-up!” because he kept thinking he was just supposed to be the horse, or something. haha! i love these kiddos. ^^^

39587yurfhjw9021748hrwthis was a very special weekend for us, and we are so appreciative to st. regis for hosting us! thank you again to their amazing staff and crew. we had a wonderful time.

this post is in partnership with the st. regis deer valley resort.  and thank you to my readers, for following along and helping support the partners that help me keep this blog going.

ps- for those who have asked below, my coat is from Zara, and the kiddos coats are from Patagonia last season. :)

a few photos from utah…


^^^the kids and i spent a morning at the museum of curiosity at thanksgiving point. we were able to go once before when we were in town in the spring and i think all three of us were anxious to go back. that place is awesome!^^^


^^^a fun ride to dinner in a bucket bike! thank you to josh for pulling all 3 1/2 of us along, and thank you to madsen cycles for bringing one of their fun bikes down to provo for us to use during our stay…^^^


^^^these views don’t get old…^^^


^^^and the peaches don’t come better…^^^


^^^bike ride with my babes to get a candied apple and splash in the fountains in provo on morning…^^^


^^^bike rides, and teaching mister samson all about chocolate chip bagels with cream cheese (from einstein’s) and pretty sure he is converted. ;) and just look at that face! i could kiss it all day long, i love him so. ^^^

^^^you turn your back to them for 5 seconds while they linger behind you and suddenly, baam! they are in the water fountain fully dressed.  wasn’t sure what to do at that point but require they at least hand over their shoes. the ride home was a very cold and wet one. :/ ^^^

^^^running around the football field at BYU after watching practice. don’t get that sport whatsoever but the kids had a great time and keep talking about how they saw a football game!^^^


^^^my kids and peppers. they eat at least two every day (which is nice since they’ve also too much ice cream this trip). also, the kiddos met their great granddad who just turned 100 a few weeks ago!^^^


^^^sharing some shaved ice from the yuki stand (if you’re in the area, this is the best shave ice we’ve happened on here! you must go.)^^^


^^^my ma and pa’s garden is something i’ve grown to admire and appreciate as the years have passed. i hated that thing as a teenager because weeding it was a beast, but you just can’t beat the big bowls of fresh vegetables my parents bring in each night from the garden. ^^^

^^^since i was a little girl, the raspberry shake at granny’s in heber and also at bear lake has had my heart. still so good, after all these years. and ps. i wasn’t kidding about this baseball tee from a few weeks ago. i ended up going back and buying one in every color.^^^


^^^you can bet i’m hoarding up a stash of these for my suitcase back to nyc.^^^


^^^aspen trees from a scenic drive through the mountains last sunday…^^^

utah, you are beautiful.



at 3 1/2, eleanor has proven she is my most favorite person to talk to. each conversation is nothing short of entertaining and full of thought and wit.  i love being her mama.

“i was a little girl once. i was two.”

“maybe he left his listening ears at home…” referring to samson when he wasn’t listening to mama.

trying to wake eleanor up one morning, she replied while rolling over, “ten more seconds…..” already such a teenager.

“my name starts with an E, but it also starts with an L. because ELLLLLLLeanor. see what i’m talking about?”

“look out for that boobie!” referring to a buoy we almost hit while kayaking at lake tahoe.

“samson, you’re my best favorite little boy brother ever.”

“i need to take my panda bear with me today because i want to show him the WHOLE WORLD.”

after i said something to her with an english accent, “that was very good spanish, mama!”

me: “do you need to use the potty before we leave?” eleanor: “no, i think i’ll just use the potty tomorrow.”

eleanor: “i speak spanish, so the ducks were speaking spanish to me.”
me: “oh! what did they say?”
eleanor: “quack quack!”
me: “what does quack quack mean in spanish?”
eleanor: “it means, ‘go faster!’ it also means, ‘hello.’ “

“mama, i sure love being your sister.”

more eleanorisms HERE.

baby #3 / 23 weeks


well, baby and i are chugging along and this time around, life is flying by 3x faster than it did when i was carrying eleanor and samson! december will probably arrive tomorrow at this rate. i’m OK with it. because let’s face it, i’ve been ready to meet this baby for ages.

i have one of those pregnancy apps on my iPhone, and it’s been fun to check in a few times a week and see what baby is up to! right now, he or she is the size of a large mango and since baby’s sense of movement and ears are fully developed, he or she can feel me dance! but actually, i think i feel this baby dance more than anything! a constant mover, shaker, a lover of the can can kick and maybe even the jumping jack? or some sort of move that seems to require all limbs flailing at the same time for a few minutes. i secretly love it. it’s the best reminder for me that this is happening. and baby is doing alright in there.

i find myself daydreaming a lot about life with a new little one.  what it will feel like to hold this little newborn close to my body and cuddle and sing and love on it all over again like when E and S were fresh and new. i love being a mother but i get really nervous around newborns because they are so fragile and i don’t hold them often.  i remember the first night at the hospital with eleanor, she was just an hour or two old, sleeping soundly in this little clear bassinet besides my bed. off the nurse went for a few hours, and josh fell asleep on the pull out sofa bed a few feet away and i was like, “wait! what do i do?!” i was in so much pain and very tired, but i was so nervous this new little life beside me might stop breathing, so there was no way i was just going to roll over and sleep!  every ten minutes or so, i’d reach out as far as i could to poke the bassinet a bit so it’d move and i’d be able to see eleanor move in reaction to my poke and take a deeper breath or move her head a bit or just do something to show she was alright. i just needed that confirmation that she was OK over there. no one ever told me how nerve-wracking those first few hours would be.  i only share that story, because it was in those moments at the hospital in the middle of the night, awake and exhausted and afraid and entirely overwhelmed, that it dawned on me how this new baby was in my care, for the remainder of my life… this was it. it’s a feeling that is bundled with a million other feelings, this new great love, this crazy excitement, this joy of seeing and holding and kissing this new tiny baby after all those months of carrying her. maybe it’s because we’re so hormonal during the entire process, but you feel and go through a lot during the moments following birth. at least i do. it’s incredible and terrifying and amazing and the craziest part is that i can’t wait to do it again in a few months!

happy 23 weeks, davis baby!


ps- more baby bump posts HERE.  also, shirt info here, legging jeans here. (although this is probably the last week i will get away with my regular jeans and the old pony tail trick around the button. it’s getting to be a tight fit around those parts if you know what i mean.) hat info here and sandals here.

lessons learned in swimming, and have a wonderful weekend!


we are in utah right now, spending time with our families, and it’s proving to be the perfect little goodbye to a wonderful summer.  we’ve been stuffing ourselves with the ripest and most delicious peaches (allred orchards is where it’s at!) and have been working on helping the littles practice their “swimming” in the pool each day. that’s one disadvantage of new york city living, it’s easy to fall behind on our swimming skills.

on our first evening in the pool together, we had quite the scare getting out.  we’d just taken samson’s floaties off as we prepared everything to go and somehow he ended up back in the pool and swallowed a lot of water before josh got to him to pull him out. fortunately, he is just fine. but there was a solid hour of worry and tears, and a trip to the urgent care to double check everything out before we all calmed ourselves.

there’s this thing that happened to me once i became a mama, where i swear my mind can just wander voluntarily to the most extreme and terrible place when my kids are close to danger and before i know it, i’m thinking the worst. i hate that part of this whole thing, because sometimes i just can’t shut it off and there i am envisioning my stroller falling down a steep set of subway steps with my littles inside it or someone scooting into a busy new york city street.  the pool incident reminded me just how lucky we have been that all of our close calls have been just that, and all week as i have looked at my two little babes i can’t help but kiss and love on them extra.

hope you have a wonderful (and safe!) weekend with your loved ones! thanks for checking in here on occasion and for all of your constant love and support towards my little family and also with what i share here. happy friday! xoxo