taza’s new york city guide: soho + nolita


hi everyone! i wanted to continue my nyc guide this week and share a few of our favorite spots in soho and nolita! and we have another fun video highlighting a few spots by jenner brown below. if you missed the last few guides, see my guide to the upper west side HERE, a guide to union square to midtown HERE, and the village HERE.  this is of course just a small sliver of what to do in the city, but hope it’s helpful!  soho and nolita are some of our favorite areas to shop and eat and explore (and people watch!) it’s really worth making a full day out of both little pockets.

ps! don’t forget to leave any of your own soho and nolita favorites in the comments below for us and others to check out.


video by jenner brown. music in video is by hugo hans.

some things to do around the soho/ nolita:

morris hotel gallery
116 prince street 212-941-8770

angelika film center
18 west houston 212-995-2570

vesuvio playground on thompson street (also has a public pool! though we’ve never swam there)
thompson street

thomas sires
243 elizabeth street 646-692-4472

amarcord vintage
252 lafayette street 212-431-4161

pearl river market
477 broadway 800-878-2446

sabon (i have been obsessed for years with their patchouli lavender dead sea salt scrub. it’s worth going in just to get your hands washed!)
123 prince street 212-982-0968

mcnally jackson books
52 prince street 212-274-1160

piccolini (a fun children’s shop which originated the “(i) hotdog (heart) pretzel ny shirt!”)
167 mott street 212-775-1118

trico field (a fun children’s boutique to dream inside!)
65 west houston street 212-358-8484

some things to eat around soho/ nolita: 

cafe gitane (get the avocado toast!)
242 mott street 212-334-9552

parm (a favorite of ours! UWS location opening this summer, too!)
248 mulberry street 212-993-7189

la esquina the basement (need to call several weeks in advance to try and get a reservation. worth it!)
114 kenmare street 646-613-7100

georgetown cupcake (originated in DC and in my opinion, the best cupcake in the city)
111 mercer street, 212-431-4504

fanelli ‘s cafe
94 prince street 212-226-9412

taras bulba
357 west broadway 212-510-7510

150 prince street 646-998-3800

pepe rosso to go (it’s teeny and not many places to sit. we like to take it to a nearby playground or park to eat…)
149 sullivan street 212-677-4555

rice to riches
37 spring street 212-274-0008

cafe habana (the corn on the stick is what to get here!)
17 prince street 212-625-2001

tacombi (i love their corn in a cup, and crispy fish taco!)
267 elizabeth street 917-727-0179

80 spring street 212-965-1414

32 spring street 212-941-7994

for a nicer meal, try mercer kitchen
99 prince street

eleanorisms (all about the baby!)


“so, is the baby just swimming around in there? …. is she wearing a swimsuit?”

overheard eleanor telling a friend, “we’re going to have a baby but i do not know WHAT we are going to do about the name.”

after i took her into the bathroom with me at a doctor’s appointment where i had to pee in a cup, i explained it to her. after my appointment as we were leaving, i asked her if she needed to use the potty before we left. she stopped quickly in her tracks and replied firmly, “i really don’t want to pee into a cup, mama.”

starts scratching my tummy, “i’m scratching the baby’s back!”

me: “what do you think the baby is going to look like?” eleanor: “um. probably a rectangle.” (i’ll admit the baby DID infact look a bit like a rectangle in our first few ultrasound photos we gave to eleanor, so i see where she gets it from.)

“my tummy doesn’t have a baby in it. my tummy is just full of vegetables.”

“i’m pretending your belly button is a microphone. HELLO IN THERE!”

several times a day, “i wanna check on the baby…” and pulls my shirt up and gets really  close to my tummy.

after i finished eating a piece of chocolate, “well, it looks like the baby really likes chocolate!”

see more eleanorisms HERE. also, i feel like i’m kind of on top of photos, but i need to pull out the video camera more and capture her talking. samson too, since he’s talking so much more these days and really forming sentences we can understand. their mannerisms and the way they enunciate specific words or pronounce others, it’s just so good. i want to always remember it.


a few snippets from life lately…


july just keeps chuggin’ along, full speed ahead! here are a few iPhone photos from the last week or two…


^^^mister samson was enlisted by eleanor and her new friends at the park to push their tire swing.  he gladly accepted! anything to be included! poor guy.  but it’s not all bad. he had the time of his life pushing that tire around.  what a fun age. ^^^


^^^cookin’ up dinner for me and my littles while papa was out of town. please note how much food samson’s plate holds (he eats more than i do) and how i have to separate eleanor’s rice/potatoes and meat. things can’t touch on her plate. it’s always so interesting to me as a mama how different my kids are when it comes to food.^^^


^^^anxiously awaiting their polaroid strip to finish processing! and the cherry cheese strudel from zabars is delicious! we finally tried it the other week and plan to have more this weekend!^^^


^^^passed by this beautiful sign in brooklyn outside of BAM. samson and eleanor slid out of their stroller seats and ran to play in the letters so fast i couldn’t hold them back!^^^


^^^when you trek all the way out to ikea, you gotta eat a plate of meatballs. am i right – or am i right? also, eleanor and samson adore having aunty hannah here so much. her return flight to utah this past tuesday was cancelled due to that crazy crazy storm and after spending over 2 hours at the airport trying to reschedule, nothing was available until saturday. so we get to have her here a few extra days! not ideal for her and her work, but super ideal and wonderful for me and my kiddos!^^^


^^^we went out to the brooklyn flea last saturday. i love that place. mostly, i just love the dough donut stand. ;) ^^^


^^^it’s like i don’t even exist when their aunts are around!^^^


^^^one of the best perks of summer! snocones!^^^


^^^sister sister date!^^^


^^^jacobs pickles.  always amazing.^^^


^^^music time with the drums at art class! i simply cannot wipe the smile from my face as i watch them sing and strum and steal giggly looks at each other while they sing.  also, i’m finally learning all those silly verses to “down by the bay” and E and S think i’m the funniest person ever during the day when we sing that song together….. “have you ever seen a shark walking his dog in the park?!” “NOOOOOOO mama!!!” cue the laughter and me feeling like a million bucks. haha. i love them.^^^


^^^a few more photos from art class because it’s just so fun for all of us.^^^


^^^from our sister sister date the other night. (we started at the smith for dinner and ended with cafe lalo for dessert. we like to do food right.) sadly, hannah doesn’t love the hot chips with blue cheese fondu from the smith the way i do.  i was almost like, how are we related?! but it’s ok. more for me? ^^^


^^^josh spent the weekend in colorado for an old high school friend’s wedding. he also spent some time with his cousin on a ranch. below are a few beautiful photos he would text me through the weekend. this top photo here pretty much makes the nyc skyline look meh. i mean, those trees!^^^


^^^old high school friends… and how fun is that waffle dome for the wedding party?^^^


^^^this looked too wonderful not to include here. this plate makes me so hungry right now and also in the mood for thanksgiving dinner.^^^


^^^just a little something different from my regular new york city postings. that ranch is breathtaking.^^^


^^^josh did a little catch and release fishing while in colorado!^^^


^^^and horseback riding too! don’t tell my kids!^^^


also, here’s a quick video of josh trying his hand at skeet shooting. 5 for 5! i was maybe just a little bit impressed. ;) this boy does not belong in the city. glad he had a good time!

there you have it, a few snippets from the last little while. thanks for following along! hope your summer is treating you well and you’re staying cool!

pistachio gelato and late night baths.

naomidovecampaigni’m really excited to be working with Dove to help spread the word about their purely pampering pistachio cream with magnolia body wash and beauty bar. i’ve been using Dove since the teenage years but the pistachio cream with magnolia body wash reminds me so much of my favorite gelato that i kind of cannot get enough of it.  in the campaign, i talk about how important it is for me as a mama of two small toddlers to find time to feel pampered. sometimes that’s treating myself to a tasty dessert while we’re out or keeping fresh flowers on my table when we’re home. simple things like that go a long way for me. i also really enjoy taking my time in the shower or bath at the end of a long day with the littles where i can just have several minutes of quiet. there is something about treating yourself to a calming late night bath when the entire apartment is asleep that makes you feel so very pampered. it’s my me time, and i love it. using the dove purely pampering pistachio cream with magnolia beauty bar has been an extra plus, since its scent is one of my favorites and its mild cleaners are gentle on my skin, leaving it feeling really soft and nourished.

ps. if you’re interested, visit dove.com for more info.  this post is in partnership with Dove. thanks!

baby bump #3 / 18 weeks


the human body is a funny one. at least mine is. it’s like, “oh you wanna have a baby in here again? no problem, i’ll upgrade this baby bump from a 1 bedroom to a 3 bedroom mansion this time around for the little one. you’ll look like you’re already far into your third trimester, but it’s cool. it’s cool. i got this.”  and i’m like, hey wait a minute, really? you had to pop my belly button back out at just 8 weeks along?!  let’s all just be kind come september or october when i’m looking like i’m due any day even though i still have a few more months to go…. ;-)

it has become routine for eleanor and samson to kiss my tummy each night before bed and say, “good night, baby!”  eleanor came to one of my earlier check ups with me and helped my doctor find the heartbeat as she acted as her “assistant.” my doctor printed off a little ultrasound picture for eleanor at the appointment and eleanor has since hung it beside her little bed. if anyone comes over to our home, she takes them to the wall by her bed to show them the picture right away. she is so proud of it.  when i tuck her in at night she kisses the picture goodnight, too. and as her mama, witnessing that night after night does not get old.  this baby is going to feel so very loved by his or her older siblings.

i’m getting terribly giddy over little realizations like adding a new towel hook with baby’s first initial to our family’s current towel hook situation in the bathroom. or adding another little name ring to my stack of rings with family names on my ring finger.  nothing says “baby is here!” in my mind like engraving initials into something and hanging it up on the wall… now if only we could think of a good name.

speaking of names, the naming game is killing us this time around.  it doesn’t get any easier the more kiddos you have. in fact it gets harder because you’ve already used your favorite names.  we’re open to all and any suggestions. please and thank you. keep em’ coming.

my biggest surprise this pregnancy is just how magical each step remains, even if i’ve been here once or twice before.  that moment where you see that tiny heartbeat on the ultrasound screen, to those first flutters and kicks you can feel as the baby moves inside! it brings me to tears the way it did the very first time.  i’m grateful for that, too, because it is a constant reminder what a gift it is to carry a life, and gets me more and more anxious to hold and cuddle this new little baby like it’s nobody’s business.  i seriously cannot wait until december.