a little bit from our thanksgiving day…


hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday!  i didn’t leave our apartment once the entire day, despite putting on a dress and some lipstick!  which was amazing! it was a super low key day while we just cooked a ton and lounged and played and ate and ate some more while enjoying the company of some of our family! i also fell asleep on eleanor’s tiny toddler bed at one point in the afternoon while we were all playing in the nursery. everybody went to the playground and left me in the toddler bed sleeping. having that random nap was pretty much incredible, despite waking up to weird pains in my body due to accidentally falling asleep in the tiniest bed ever! but hey, i’ll take it.

my little sister hannah and her husband ryan moved to new york city this past week, and i have truly been freaking out every day since they arrived! it is just the best thing that could ever possibly happen right now, and we are all a little bit beside ourselves with excitement! we have never had the fortune of living near family, and we miss ours terribly.  when we went around the table today during thanksgiving dinner, each person saying one thing he or she is thankful for, eleanor started us off with “having hannah and ryan living here!” we all pretty much then said a similar version of that because we can’t stop talking about it! ;)

a few more photos from our day…


this was the best turkey yet, way to go, josh davis! i’m thankful for you and for your thanksgiving day feast making skills!

thanksgiving-18thanksgiving-15thanksgiving-11thanksgiving-7thanksgiving-8 thanksgiving-4

i keep telling the kids to be softer, gentler, whisper more when they are around these two. i don’t know why, i had to catch myself today. i’m so nervous we are going to freak them out because our family is so loud and crazy sometimes and i don’t want to scare them away just yet. i keep thinking, “oh my gosh it’s only day 3. be extra nice to them!!!!!” but i think they know what they are in for. and i’m so grateful they can handle it. ;)


i tried to snap a few really fast photos as everyone took their seats because i always love going back each year and looking through the photos of the same holiday through time. but i also appreciate a meal that is HOT. so this is as good as we got!

thanksgiving-5 thanksgiving-9

and also, i know i’ve mentioned this on instagram before, but i have to scratch my head throughout the day at how often i find a random apple with a few bites taken out of it on the floor in some random place. for example, the apple under the coffee table here. the amount of apples i find! this doesn’t happen with other food! other food tends to be eaten at the table or brought back into the kitchen when they are done with it. but apples? apples just tend to hang out everywhere.  my kids love to help themselves to them from the fridge and since they often take some time to eat, they prefer to take them with them while they go play and what not. i am always finding new ones around the apartment and rinsing them off and trying to finish them off before they go bad.  it’s a little bit hilarious though how often we find them. best part of this story is that the first night we all went over to hannah and ryan’s apartment this week, josh sliced up an apple for the kids over there to share and the next day hannah was like, “we found so much apple around the apartment after you guys left.” LOL. at least we are keeping the doctor’s away! ;)


not sure if you can notice in the back there how the bottom half of our tree is not decorated! HAHA. also, there are a couple of pairs of chopsticks hanging  randomly from the tree thanks to eleanor and samson who placed them there on their own the other day after we ate chinese food.  there was also a tiny pound puppy in there at one point, but he has since been put back the nursery. this tree is pretty much 100% decorated by them (with the bottom half bare for conrad’s sake) and it’s the best reminder when i pass it each day about what a fun chapter of life this is. it’s a good one.


happy thanksgiving!


i read some really beautiful words on social media the other night that said the practice of gratitude is 3 things.

1. notice. 2. savor. 3. express. 

i loved that. such a beautiful reminder.

i’ve learned over the years that one of the very best gifts i¬†can give¬†myself is my outlook on life. on finding gratitude and joy in what and who is around me. it’s hard sometimes. it’s hard a lot of the time. i’m human, and sometimes that stupid greener grass over there looks just so freaking green, that i start to forget just how blessed and fortunate i am to be standing on any grass at all over here. and what incredible grass under my feet it is! i’m thankful for it.

i’m thankful for this holiday that helps me pause and take notice of my blessings.¬†i’m thankful for so many things. for things like my warm coat to early bedtimes for the kids (praise!) to good friends and good health to coconut syrup that has changed the way i drink a diet coke. for this city that i sometimes struggle with¬†but¬†still can’t get enough of. for my faith. and for my courage (because it’s hard sometimes and crawling under that rock and hiding forever and ever begins to look mighty fine). for this blog that has brought on incredible opportunities¬†we couldn’t be more thankful for. ¬†for all of you who come to this space and share your support and love and encouragement and feel like a friend. ¬†but especially my family. my loving husband and my three beautiful children. i look at these people every day, my people, and i just wanna pinch myself. i seriously can’t believe they are mine.

when it’s one of those days where it’s hard to¬†keep a positive frame of mind, and it takes my all to just patiently and kindly put my little ones to bed and tidy up the¬†apartment¬†and try to begin my work at an hour where i just want to sleep myself, i often cuddle up beside my love, and i just wanna slap myself. because this life is so good!¬†how is this my life?!

i wish you the most wonderful thanksgiving with your loved ones. and if you’re in a place that doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving today necessarily, i wish you the most magical start of this holiday season!

outtake1photos are a few outtakes from when we took some pictures for our family christmas card. taken by the wonderful katie rain.

a little film: ship home for the holidays!


with the holidays here, i’m so excited to be working with FedEx this season as they help people ship home for the holidays! with the help of locals, FedEx curated a box filled with products that taste, smell and feel a little like home from small businesses around new york! something to send to those loved ones who can’t be home in the city with you for the holidays. ¬†we made a little video with jenner brown highlighting a few of the local businesses, including Sockerbit, Brooklyn Candle Studio, Fish’s Eddy, Mike’s Hot Honey and City Saucery. we sent the box to our good friends sarah and finn, who are big new york city lovers like us, although they are currently living in¬†LA. we miss them, but hope they can enjoy having a little bit of new york city with them this holiday season while on the opposite coast.

the full list of small businesses that locals helped fedEx pull together for the curated box include Joe NY, Sockerbit, City Saucery, Mike’s Hot Honey, Fishs Eddy, Cocktail Crate, Bellocq Tea Atelier, and Brooklyn Candle Studio.

what are some of your favorite things from your home town that you like to share with loved ones when they are far away during the holidays?

thank you again to FedEx for sponsoring this post.

prepping for the holidays!

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it was the weekend before thanksgiving, but we carried on with last year’s tradition and put¬†up the christmas stuff before our big turkey day this year. i feel like it just helps add to the wonderful spirit of thanksgiving though by having it all up! we also did a ton of rearranging in our little apartment, trying to find ways to make the most of our space. haha, it’s like the most awkward narrow space ever, but it’s the space that just keeps on giving. and every time we rearrange our furniture and try a new arrangement, we’re always like, “wow! this feels bigger.” (you can see how our apartment was last arranged¬†HERE.)

we worked on a few projects this weekend, made (and i ate) a billion sugar cookies, and listened to she & him’s holiday album that i also love so very much. (at one point, poor josh was like, “man, it feels like zooey is right here with us, with this album on repeat.” haha! sorry, but we have to make up for the whole past 11 months of no christmas music.)


nothing like taking a nap IN your cowboy boots. lol. oh, samson.


and speaking of naps, how cute is this llama bedding i just bought eleanor? she¬†needed new bedding so i had her pick it out herself and while we were browsing lots of options online,¬†she didn’t need me to scroll any further once she saw the llamas. i think our trip to peru has made a lasting impression on her! (ps. the bedding is from land of nod if you’re also into llamas.)


my mom is really on top of her game this year, and sent conrad his birthday present a few days ago! i didn’t know it was for his birthday, so we opened it up not realizing, but it’s a good thing because he LOVES it, haha, and has carried it around most of the weekend. thanks, mom!


so far, we’ve broken approximately 5 ornaments, but the biggest shocker is that conrad is not responsible for any of those little accidents! it was all us older people. ha! i’m determined to keep this tree¬†on the ground this year and not have it fall over. it is also mostly very top heavy in decorations, since we’re nervous to have any glass balls lower than conrad’s reach, but i still like it. it’s a good representation of where we currently are in life, and it’s a good spot to be.


this little gnome also joined the family over the weekend. his face is scribbled completely blue at the moment, but i don’t think he’s had a chance to look in the mirror so we’re good.


his favorite book right now, which was actually eleanor and also samson’s favorite book at different points during their first year or so of life. i love how they all have taken such a love to it. it really is a good one. (it’s brown bear brown bear, what do you see.)


at the end of the day on saturday, i noticed this baby nutcracker up on the kiddos mantle in their nursery. i think eleanor must have put him there. which makes me so happy.

wknd-5 wknd-6

after a red powerade spill and also a purple¬†smoothie one, our rug was a goner (it was actually a goner a long time before that, but those were two spills that despite my best efforts to scrub, still were apparent a few weeks later in our rug). ¬†this new one is a big deal because both josh and i¬†really like¬†it,¬†and we do not have the same taste when it comes to decorating. haha! (it’s by our friend caitlin wilson’s¬†beautiful textile company.)


more christmas spirit in the apartment! (my little vases are from west elm, ps.)


have a great thanksgiving week everyone! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

“i love you conrad, oh yes i do.”

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in a few short weeks, this little mister turns one!


while we were all gathered around the table the other day, eleanor leaned over to conrad and asked if he was excited to blow out his birthday candle and smash his cake. of course he has no idea what she is talking about, but i was like,¬†oh right. a birthday! shoot, i gotta figure out his birthday!¬†poor third child. he is most definitely loved just as much as the first or second (if not more so because he has the first and second loving on him too), but¬†sometimes little details like counting down to the birthday¬†aren’t top of mind this time around. (rest assured, as of today, we’ve¬†begun¬†planning a¬†birthday itinerary.)

i see so much of eleanor and samson in conrad sometimes. ¬†he lays his head down on his shoulder and smiles when he’s being cute. eleanor definitely did that. and his one foot dance move? a complete replica of samson’s one foot dance move! he has this mischievous “eh eh eh” sound he makes in the deeper lower back part of his throat the exact same way samson did when he was this age and sometimes he makes this dolphin sound that is the biggest throwback to eleanor once upon a time. it’s wild to see the similarities outside of physical appearance. i feel like i’m having deja vu and flashbacks all day every day.

but he’s his own little person too! there is so much of him that is him, and only him. it makes me anxious and excited and curious about¬†what he’ll be like as his little personality forms.

conrad always has something in his hand… he likes holding onto things, and carrying things. he can now play the maraca quite well, and really gets into it. ¬†he somehow always manages to have one of his hands in my shirt and we just got over the biting while nursing thing (HALLELUJAH! cause that was so not fun, whatsoever.) conrad¬†gets very frustrated that he cannot climb onto the sofa or piano bench on his own just yet, although he’s figured out how to climb into the tub on his own, which has made his life complete and my life much more complicated. he prefers to feed himself, and tries to brush his teeth standing on the step stool in the bathroom because that’s how he sees eleanor and samson do it. and he does everything they do. his main mission each day is to keep up with them in some way. i truly think this is the only reason he walked so early (9 and a half months!), because he¬†doesn’t want to be left out.

i’m just so thankful to know him. he’s such a happy kid.

i feel like babies are quite demanding in their first year of life*, but i’m so incredibly emotional about this first year coming to a close, i¬†don’t mind the demands. i hope these next few weeks drag out as long as they freaking can. ;) even with the sun going down before 5pm here in the city, i don’t care. you can be long, day. you can stretch out and slow down and just be as annoying as daylight savings always is.¬†i need that time before the birthday. before i blink and he’s potty trained and talking and riding a scooter around manhattan with his older siblings. goodness gracious, i need that time before the birthday. i need more cuddles during the nighttime feedings and open mouth slobbery kisses and hugs only for mama because stranger danger has kicked in. let’s slow it all down and just enjoy.

you’re a good one, conrad rex. i love you so.

*or all the years. lol.